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42% of the American people want President Spanky impeached.

39% of the American people approve of the job he’s doing.

More Americans want President Spanky impeached than like the job he’s doing!


Friday, June 22, 2018

It's Friday...

I'll be in the great state of Maine for the weekend, but I'll leave you with this thought from Charlie Pierce, because he always speaks truth to power; and, in these times, it is depraved power headed by a degenerate, morally diseased POTUS:


The president* is gleefully indulging in inhumane practices that would shame a cockroach.. His idea of a “compromise” is a bill that keeps families together in detention camps and funds his stupid boondoggle of a wall. He’s going out of his way to snipe at political opponents who already are dead. He is a fool and a coward, and he’s sounding like he’s half-mad.

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Thursday, June 21, 2018


I checked several sites, including Snopes, to find out if this is true. It is! WTF???

My friend Vicki wrote this:  · Look—you don’t wear a jacket like this if you don’t intend to send a subliminal, or blatantly overt (for that matter), message. Of all the clothing she has and with all the money she has, she could have worn ANYTHING other than this jacket. This is a big “fuck you” to people who actually care about the issue.

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President Porn Star Shagger said the message on Melania's tasteless jacket is for the "fake" media. FLOTUS wore it on her way to see children held in detention camps. The jacket had no reference to media. FLOTUS appears to be as callous and stupid as her monstrously stupid husband.

How many jackets does the wife of a billionaire own? And why did she wear this one on her way to visit children in her husband's detention camps?


"FACTS ARE STUBBORN THINGS" -- President John Adams

Don't be fooled by what the Porn-Star Shagger-in-Chief did yesterday. Children may not be separated from their families, now, but there's nothing in the E.O. that Trump signed yesterday that makes it permanent. Trump now has made it possible to incarcerate whole familes.

A typical bully, Trump retreated as soon as loud, determined, and strong resistance to his inhumane policy manifested itself and threatened the GOP's chances in the fall elections. I don't believe for one minute that the Porn-Star Shagger-in-Chief cares about the chaos and misery he caused thousands of families. One needs human decency to feel for the families who suffer. We all know that #45 hasn't a drop of human decency in him. 

"On Wednesday, Donald Trump signed an executive order to do what he, and every Trump surrogate who appeared on every form of media, spent the previous week insisting that he absolutely could not do—stop separating kids from their parents at the border. But after claiming that breaking up families was ordained of God, beating his chest over the need to enforce The Law, making careful distinctions between his child-stealing and that carried out by the Nazis, and mostly just blaming everything on the Democrats … Trump found that he could change the policy with a stroke of a pen after all."


"But just because Trump signing that executive order was a defeat for Trump—and it was a defeat for Trump—doesn’t make it a victory for immigrant families. Trump still maintains his zero-tolerance policy, and the document decorated with his latest magic-marker contains not even a hint of a limit on executive power. Not even when that power is being used to … separate parents from their kids. The order leaves open the idea that families can still be separated over “concerns,” and unlike the bill that was signed by every Democratic senator, those concerns don’t have to rise to the level of actions that would, in other legal circumstances, lead to the severance of parental rights. In truth, Trump’s executive order declares and preserves his authority to separate families for any reason at all. Or to detain them as a group. What it doesn’t offer is any limit on his power, or hint of judicial or congressional review."


Trump is a lying bastard, a disgrace to America and all her ideals. Never let the American people forget what the Monster Trump did and is doing to thousands of families seeking refuge from muderous regimes in their countries. Never allow the American people to forget the sounds of children crying for their mothers and fathers. Those sobs will haunt every American's conscience and every American will associate children crying out in fear and agony with the Trump administration. 

#45's supporters bear responsibility for terrorizing children.  

Wednesday, June 20, 2018


"Stories of children being taken from their parents and images of teenagers in cage-like detention facilities have exploded into a full-blown political crisis for Mr. Trump and Republican lawmakers, who are desperate for a response to critics who have called the practice “inhumane” and “evil.” 


Trump acknowledges his policy is wrong!

He lied to the American people when he said it was "the law" and Democrats needed to come to the table to change it. He lied, as he usually does. All that was need to change HIS policy was an executive order.

America and the world looked in horror at what Trump's policy -- not a law -- was doing to babies and children, and forced the monster to end it!

Trump Retreats on Separating Families, Signing Order to Detain Them Together

Migrant Children Drugged Without Consent At Government Centers

Court Documents Show The allegations center on a mental health facility in Texas that has had problems in the past.  

Staff working on the behalf of the Office of Refugee Resettlement are routinely drugging detained child migrants with psychotropics without their parents’ consent, according to legal filings.

Trump:   An ill-prepared, incompetent lunatic.

Trump's America: "...the kids — who have no idea where their parents are — were hysterical, crying and acting out."

If this doesn't make your blood turn to ice; if this doesn't make you sick to your stomach, then you're not worthy of being called an American -- you're not even worthy of being called a human being.

What have we become under the monster Trump?

City leaders in Houston, Texas -- HOUSTON! Denounce this inhumane cruelty:

Trump administration officials have been sending babies and other young children forcibly separated from their parents at the U.S.-Mexico border to at least three “tender age” shelters in South Texas, The Associated Press has learned.

 Lawyers and medical providers who have visited the Rio Grande Valley shelters described play rooms of crying preschool-age children in crisis. The government also plans to open a fourth shelter to house hundreds of young migrant children in Houston, where city leaders denounced the move Tuesday.

 Since the White House announced its zero tolerance policy in early May, more than 2,300 children have been taken from their parents at the U.S.-Mexico border, resulting in a new influx of young children requiring government care. The government has faced withering critiques over images of some of the children in cages inside U.S. Border Patrol processing stations.


By law, child migrants traveling alone must be sent to facilities run by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services within three days of being detained. The agency then is responsible for placing the children in shelters or foster homes until they are united with a relative or sponsor in the community as they await immigration court hearings. 

 But U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ announcement last month that the government would criminally prosecute everyone who crosses the U.S.-Mexico border illegally has led to the breakup of hundreds of migrant families and sent a new group of hundreds of young children into the government’s care. The United Nations, some Democratic and Republican lawmakers and religious groups have sharply criticized the policy, calling it inhumane.

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Miserable coward! The people supporting Trump and Sessions are worse than miserable cowards. They are traitors to America's ideals. Damn them all!

Damn the inhumane law! 

The law, in this case, is a ass! It is immoral! Those who support this immorality are complicit in abusing families and children.

From Daily Kos:

Trump and Republicans are losing on this immigration and child abuse issue. There’s video, audio, pictures. There are five First Ladies. You can’t fight that. Sure, you can dig in. No point in a compassion appeal to someone who lacks the gene, but that’s separate from losing the public, and Trump is losing the public.  

Republicans, your cowardly inhumanity will haunt you to your graves. 

Quinnipiac: Stop Taking The Kids, 66 Percent Of U.S. Voters Say, 

Quinnipiac University National Poll Finds; Support For Dreamers Is 79 Percent