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Monday, March 27, 2017

Steve Bannon, Strategic Adviser to Trump

Trump bragged that he'd have only THE BEST people around him if he were elected president.

Here's his close adviser on strategy, Steven Bannon.

That "ruddy" facial look is what others would call a "gin-blossom" complexion.

(IMO, he looks like he washes his face with a cheese grater.)

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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Saturday Night Poetry

A day or so ago a wingnut left a poem in comment moderation, at the conclusion of which he or she called me a "Commie."

It was a childish, poorly written poem, but never mind that. What is witheringly tiresome is that whenever a wingnut is upset with a Liberal, he/she resorts to red-baiting and labeling the Liberal a COMMIE!

Funny, that, because the leader of their shambolic party and his friends and associates have been playing footsie with former Commies and Mafia-type Rooskies. Trump has embraced, praised, and extolled the ex-Communist head of Russia's KGB for his leadership qualities, and the person who wrote the poem belongs to a group that thinks Vladimir Putin is a better example of western values than former President Obama!

These are the same people who claim Liberalism is a mental disease. Srsly. They actually believe that an ex-Commie thug who murders his opponents and opposition journalists, who controls all Russian media, who threw a female rock band in jail because he didn't like their songs, and who invades countries -- that guy is a better model of western values than Barack Obama.

A blogging friend and fb buddy, Stephen B., wrote the poem below, and he is far more clever than the person who admires Vlad "The Mad" Putin ever hopes to be.

Brave Sir Donald ran away
With Paul Ryan ran away
When came the vote they counted heads
Then bravely turned their tails and fled
Brave, brave, brave sir Donald!

He said he had a secret plan
The greatest healthcare in the land
But when folks noticed that it stunk
With tail between his legs he slunk
Brave, brave, brave sir Donald!

And now he leaves his plan behind
"It wouldn't pass so never mind
Why play the game if you're gonna lose"
He whines and moans and Boo-hoo-hoos
Brave, brave, brave sir Donald!

With acknowledgement to the Monty Python players: