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Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Oh. My. Gawd!

This is not a joke. This is not a fake. 

The Republican's president actually wrote and sent this letter to Turkish President Erdogan:


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So if you didn't catch the presser with Trump and Italian President Sergio Mattarella, this is what you missed:
Trump claimed the US has been allies with Italy since ancient Rome.
He called President Mattarella, "President Mozzarella" several times.
He bashed NATO while praising Putin.
He said AG Barr met with Italian Intelligence to investigate crimes he is certain lead to President Obama.
He was noticeably slurring his words. Again.
Is it any wonder the Italian translator was looking at Trump like this??

A campaign video showing Trump murdering the media and others was shown at Trump's Doral Golf Club

 The video was shown at Trump's Miami golf club, the Doral, 

The people who created the murderous video are the people who support Trump. The video was shown at Trump's Mar-a-Largo.   Trump's Doral golf club in Miami. 
This is who they are and what Trump has encouraged in his cultists:

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The New York Times reported today that a video mashup depicting Trump slaughtering a church packed with his "fake news" enemies, from Barack Obama to the BBC, was shown last week to supporters at one of his Miami resorts. 

The video, which includes the logo for Mr. Trump’s 2020 re-election campaign, comprises a series of internet memes. The most violent clip shows Mr. Trump’s head superimposed on the body of a man opening fire inside the “Church of Fake News” on parishioners who have the faces of his critics or the logos of media organizations superimposed on their bodies. ... The disclosure that the video was played shows how Mr. Trump’s anti-media language has influenced his supporters and bled into their own propaganda. Mr. Trump has made attacks on the news media a mainstay of his presidency, and he tweeted a similar — but far less violent video — in 2017. In recent weeks as he has confronted impeachment proceedings, he has ramped up his attacks on the news media, repeatedly calling it the “enemy of the people.” 

 It's evidently a scene from Kingsman: The Secret Service with Trump's head (among others) crudely superimposed on characters from the film. The mashup is incredibly, cringingly dorky— but it's also a video depicting the president on a killing spree in a church posted on the anniversary of one of America's most infamous white supremacist church massacres.

Monday, October 14, 2019



The North End held a its biennial Columbus Day parade (we switch-off with East Boston every other year). We also have A Christopher Columbus Park. 

As a first generation daughter of Sicilian-born parents, I can understand why Italians, especially southern Italians and Sicilians, grabbed onto Columbus as a hero so that they could attach to themselves pride in a huge contribution to the founding of America. Italians, especially those from the south and Sicily were considered non-white and treated as shamefully as African-Americans were treated.

When I was a child in school, we learned Columbus "discovered" America. But of course, we now know he never set foot on the North American continent, and he was responsible for the genocide of indiginous people, the Arawaks, for example. Here's Columbus in his own words from his diary: 

 In his journal, Columbus didn’t mince words about his intentions after meeting the Arawak natives in the Bahamas in 1492. He described the encounter thusly: “They ... brought us parrots and balls of cotton and spears and many other things ... They willingly traded everything they owned ... They were well-built, with good bodies and handsome features .... They do not bear arms, and do not know them, for I showed them a sword, they took it by the edge and cut themselves out of ignorance. They have no iron. Their spears are made of cane. ... They would make fine servants. ... With fifty men we could subjugate them all and make them do whatever we want.” Columbus would add: “As soon as I arrived in the Indies, on the first Island which I found, I took some of the natives by force in order that they might learn and might give me information of whatever there is in these parts.” 

Too bad it takes a lifetime to learn the truth and leave the myths behind. Also, as a schoolchild, I did NOT learn how the early Pilgrims, Puritans, and colonial Americans treated the indigenous peoples in North America, or how they treated the Africans they brought to America to slave for them, or how they treated the Americans who were descendants of those Africans -- they were born here and treated like chattel, tortured, and murdered. I had to learn for myself the shameful history of how Europeans enslaved and slaughtered indigenous people and people they took from their native lands. 

I think eventually, Columbus Day will become Indigenous People's Day all over the country and that Italians will look with pride to all the Italian-Americans who've made enormous contributions to this country and its culture, and that Columbus will be an agent for our understanding of how humans debase themselves when they devalue, degrade and even kill people they do not understand.

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Yes, you have that right.


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Only a willful Trump cultiest refuses to connect the corruption dots:

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The Republicans' idiot president said the Saudis are paying for our troops. 

Our military are now mercenaries for Trump to rent out to any of the countries he has financial interests in. What do you think about Trump renting our troops to the Saudi’s? How much is the rent?

This is what the Republicans' president did to our military in Syria:

U.S. forces say Turkey was deliberately ‘bracketing’ American troops with artillery fire in Syria

Do you have relatives in the military? I do. This alone should be enough to kick his traitorous ass out of office. He put our military in harm's way. I want to know why he did this.

Wm.Kristol: "Who wanted Trump to withdraw U.S. troops and abandon the Kurds? Not the Defense or the State Department. Not the foreign policy establishment or the American people. Not Republicans or Democrats. Who wanted Trump to abandon the Kurds and withdraw U.S. troops? Erdogan. And Putin."

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