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President Bush Golfing After 9/11 Attack

Presidents and Vacations

"But...but...Barack Obama's golfing and the world's in a mess!"

The critics of vacationing presidents only notice these things when the guy from the other political party is the president, and HE's always doing it wrong!

BTW, presidents are NEVER on vacation because they bring the duties and responsibilities of the presidency with them wherever they go.

But the dear right wingers never miss an opportunity to bash this president because it's what keeps their fires lit.

Monday, May 12, 2008

George W. Bush More Damaging than Jeremiah Wright? YES, SAYS NEW GALLUP POLL

I only have time for a drive-by post.

This is interesting (From Talking Points Memo):

Gallup: Bush More Damaging To McCain Than Wright Is To Obama
By Greg Sargent - May 12, 2008, 10:32AM

New Gallup numbers shed some light on the question of whether Wright is really going to turn out to be a major liability for Obama in the general election.

Amusingly, the poll finds that McCain's association with George W. Bush is more damaging than Obama's association with Wright.

Number of likely voters who say Bush makes them less likely to vote for McCain: Thirty-eight percent.

Number of likely voters who say Wright makes them less likely to vote for Obama: Thirty-three percent.

In other good news for Obama, the poll finds that a very large majority -- 64% -- say it won't impact their vote.

There is one caveat, however: Nearly one-fifth of Dems -- 19% --say Wright makes them less likely to vote for Obama, meaning that Wright could create a bit more of a problem with a small segment of his base than Bush will among McCain's base.

Overall, however, the poll suggests that Wright might not shape up as the general election problem some have predicted he will be.

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