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From the BBC:

Early indications suggest the Republic of Ireland has voted to legalise same-sex marriage in a historic referendum.

More than 3.2m people were asked whether they wanted to amend the country's constitution to allow gay and lesbian couples to marry.

Government ministers have said they believe it will pass, while prominent "no" campaigners have conceded defeat.

Counting started at 09:00 BST on Saturday morning. An "unusually high" turnout has been reported.

A result is expected by mid to late afternoon on Saturday.


If the change is approved, the Republic of Ireland would become the first country to legalise same-sex marriage through a popular vote.

Minister for Equality Aodhan O Riordain said on Twitter: "I'm calling it. Key boxes opened. It's a yes. And a landslide across Dublin. And I'm so proud to be Irish today."

Monday, October 20, 2008


In the wake of Colin Powell's endorsement of Barack Obama, conservative critics offered some pushback on the General's decision, with several, most notably Rush Limbaugh, suggesting that the decision was based purely on race.

But this morning, CBS' Bob Schieffer made it clear that behind the scenes, Powell's words echoed the criticism of many Republicans, saying, "What Colin Powell said yesterday and why it was so riveting to hear him, he was saying aloud what a lot of Republicans are saying privately."

RODRIGUEZ: To hear Colin Powell saying he's not sure John McCain can handle the economy, he's not sure Sarah Palin is qualified, he doesn't like the nasty tone of this campaign, how significant was that, Bob?

SCHIEFFER: I've never thought endorsements are game-changers but this just adds to the good news that Barack Obama has been getting lately. Things seem to be breaking his way. This just adds to the momentum. I don't think it's going to change the election in any way, but I think it's very good news for him.

RODRIGUEZ: What do you think privately the McCain campaign is making of this endorsement?

SCHIEFFER: Well, I'm sure they don't like it but, you know, this is -- what Colin Powell said yesterday and why it was so riveting to hear him, he was saying aloud what a lot of Republicans are saying privately, I think, or at least what I've heard some Republicans tell me. They think the pick of Sarah Palin reflects on John McCain's judgment, they think the campaign has turned too nasty and is not inclusive. I think Colin Powell said aloud yesterday what some Republicans, at least, are saying privately.


Patrick M said...

I will have to agree with you on this one. Rush got this one wrong saying it was primarily about race.

But I also think General Powell was slightly disingenuous when he said race played no part.

The fact is, if I were black, there were two candidates who were, in my view, not that different, and one of them was black, I'd lean toward him. Not if his views were significantly opposed to mine, but if I could justify voting for him on other bases.

As for the CBS (Channel for Barack Sainthood) assessment, I'm so glad to see Scheiffer is so riveted. I'm sure if I looked back to before McCain defaulted into the nomination, they were probably singing his praises.

Half of this story is the media reaction, and the media reaction has been that this is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Do you even question it anymore when the pro-Marxist (Obama) narrative is the same on every network?

Myself said...

Patrick said:
But I also think General Powell was slightly disingenuous when he said race played no part.

Slightly disingenuous? Come on now Patrice why did you use the word "Slightly"?
It was race and nothing but race. You know it and I know it.

Patrick M said...

My: I give the general the benefit of the doubt that he didn't look at the two candidates, say "He's black," and go with it. I give him credit for thinking a lot of things through and arriving at a place where he was comfortable.

Although I'm starting to suspect it's more a power play for himself. Can't prove that until The Marxist names him to something, though.

Shaw Kenawe said...

to the commenter "myself:"

You have powers to read people's minds?


You think you know exactly what motivated Gen. Powell?

Why don't you go to Las Vegas and try your "special" powers there?