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Wednesday, November 5, 2008


A reader from Andrew Sullivan's blog wrote this, and I'm passing it on because it echoes my feelings as well as the feelings of friends and family:

"Nothing in my life has actually changed in the 30 minutes since it was announced Obama will be our next president. I have the same bills, the same amount of money in the bank, my dishwasher is still broken, and my 5 month old beagle won't stop peeing on my carpet. Everything in my life is exactly the same as it was 30 minutes ago; and yet I feel as though everything is different.
I feel so much hope. I feel so much pride. I feel like my one vote was a single drop of water in a great Tsunami of change. I feel like I was one of a million voices screaming in the night, " I love my country and I'm taking it back!" I'm so proud of the country that I love and have so much hope in my heart that we can together heal the wounds that have been such a source of pain and anger to us all.
I know Obama isn't going to fix the economy overnight, I know he won't be able to provide healthcare to all Americans by February '09. I know Obama isn't a Messiah who four years from now will have turned this country into a fabled utopia. But I also know Obama will make moral decisions. I know Obama will try to unite where others try to divide. I know Obama will help to make America the beacon of hope it once was to others. I know that at 27 years of age, I witnessed one of the most important and hopefully glorious chapters in American history.
I know hope."


TAO said...

Gee, I remember when I was 27 and Ronald Reagan was President.

Lets not fool ourselves, this country faces some HUGE problems. Some where in the 1990's we lost our way but last night I saw the America I used to remember.

I do have alot of respect for John McCain and I am ashamed that he got dragged through the situation that he did, a situation that I believed started in 2000.

He is an honorable man who got dragged down by the ignorant forces of fascism that has become the conservative wing of our political spectrum. When the Terry Schiavo issue arose in Florida that was when I realized that the conservative right had gone too far.

Sadly, because of Iraq and the mismanagement of this country over the last eight years Obama will have a really hard time making any of the changes that are necessary. If we are successful in saving this country then we will be a smaller player in world affairs. But lets hope that we are wiser than we have been in the last eight years.

I have always thought it was a sick joke when Bush called his education plan "No Child Left Behind" when at the same time supply side economics was leaving quite a few people and families behind...

It is once again, OUR country!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you have hope.

I have very little

Shaw Kenawe said...

throwing stones,

Obama isn't even president yet. And you and many of the rightwing blogs I've visited have nothing but gloom and doom to report.

You understand this makes the rightwing look foolish. And bitter.

If you read a bit of history, you'll see that is how a certain group of Americans felt when Lincoln was elected.

They were sure he would be a horrible president and the end of America as they knew it was over.

Well, South Carolina contributed to the near demise of our country by seceding immediately after Lincoln was inaugurated, followed by others in the Confederacy--and then our bloodiest war.

Thanks to Lincoln, the Union prevailed and the country survived.

And it survived even with the thousands of negative, hate-mongering people who made his job unbearably difficult.

You have a choice. Be the loyal opposition and criticize the policies that you disagree with or try to destroy what chance this country has to heal itself by seeking to destroy a presidency before it even begins.

Your choice, my friend.

Shaw Kenawe said...


Does mike at mike's america allow your comments?

I posted some the other day, and he never allowed them on his blog.

He's banned me.

What a complete wussy.

Can't stand to have anything that contradicts his stone-headed preconceived gooper talking points.

What a loser.

Anonymous said...

Sarah suffers from Palinoid Ditzophrenia: