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Monday, February 22, 2010


WASHINGTON - California Republican Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger played Conan the Contrarian Sunday, pummeling his party for hypocrisy on jobs and health care.

With the one-year anniversary of the $787 billion stimulus bill last week, Republicans chorused that it had failed, and created no jobs.

But Schwarzenegger, who finishes his term this year, sang the Democrats' tune, claiming the recovery act was vital, and mocked members of his party who crow about the money they get in their own districts.

"I find it interesting that you have a lot of the Republicans running around, and pushing back on the stimulus money and saying, 'This doesn't create any new jobs,'" the Govinator told ABC News' "This Week."

"Then they go out and do the photo ops, and they are posing with the big check and they say, 'Isn't this great,'" he said.

"It doesn't match up," he added, pointing to 150,000 private and public sector jobs funded in California.

"I think it's kind of politics," he added.

He also agreed that the GOP was the "Party of No," as Democrats have branded it.

FL Gov Charlie Crist: Stimulus Did Create Jobs

Florida Governor Charlie Crist says Republicans who say the stimulus has not created jobs are simply wrong.

"That’s not the case in Florida," he said speaking after the National Governors Association meeting at the White House, "It created or maintained at least 87,000 jobs, 27,000 of those jobs are educators and teachers throughout our state. I dare say what impact the would have on the students if those teachers were out of work, unable to put bread on the table for their families."

The governor said accepting stimulus funding was "the responsible and right thing to do for the people and it puts people above politics." He went on to say that lawmakers in Washington need to put their constituents ahead of partisan bickering.

Many in his own party have criticized the governor for publicly supporting the stimulus plan, even appearing at an event with the President last February on the issue. Former Florida House Speaker Marco Rubio is running against Crist for Florida's GOP Senate nomination, and has gone after the governor repeatedly on this issue.

Republican governors of two of our largest states admit that President Obama's stimulus plan has created jobs.


TAO said...

It appears that the moderate republicans are starting to fight back against the conservative radicals of the right...

Sanity is starting to do battle with absurdity....

But what the conservatives really want is absolute power: a coup.

When you boil it all down they really hate democracy and believe it is our biggest failure.

No compromise, no debate, no working together to solve problems; nothing but absolute ideological purity.

Shaw Kenawe said...

I believe most Americans would agree with the Generals Powell and Petraeus, and with the Governors Schwarzenegger and Crist.

And this about the great hope of the GOP, Scott Brown:

Tea Party members are angry over Sen. Scott Brown's vote for a jobs bill

Unfortunately, the cynics in the GOP make the most noise and produce the least amount of solutions to this country's problems.

Mr. Darcey said...

With the two Generals, the two GOP governors, and now Scott Brown speaking for and working with the administration things are looking a bit sunnier.

the loud mouths like Limpbaugh and Beck, and the no-brains like Palin make a lot of noise and grab a lot of attention but Amiricans get tired of their nonsense.

Jim said...

A teacher's job was "saved". A job that doesn't add anything to the economy, no matter it's importance to students. A government union job. A Democrat vote was saved.

My job was not saved, along with 20 million other jobs. Entrepreneurial jobs that contributed to the economy by producing and transporting goods for market. Job holders not inclined to vote Democrat generally.

Two RINO governors of two failing states. One from the most populated state and technically bankrupt. A spineless actor. Not many jobs "saved" here.

Opinions: I Have Them said...

Can I just get this off my chest please. I love Michelle Obama.
Best First Lady evah.
I am thoroughly sick of people who constantly criticize her.

I'm proud to have her representing the US when she goes abroad and more so when she's here at home.

What an intelligent and worthy FLOTUS she is.

geezer117 said...

Tens of thousands of our military have been waterboarded during training. It is absolutely against the law to torture our military trainees. So, will the officers who did this be prosecuted, or is waterboarding only torture under some circumstances?

Anonymous said...

Yes, Jim...

Lots of jobs have been lost and some of us small business people wake up every morning and wonder what the future holds for our companies...

I watched for eight years as the prior conservative administration did everything it could do to benefit special interests, lower taxes on capital gains and interest income, and then waste money freeing the Iraqi's from a despot...

All of which created our current financial situation and accounted for 53% of our current deficit.

So, excuse me if I am not all that sympatheic to the 'complaints' of conservatives in regards to current economic policy (its not great but it is no where near as bad as the crap that passed for economic policy over the last eight years).

Right now conservative solutions appear quite similar to the economic policy of the last eight years.....and I am not willing to jump on that bandwagon because we see where it got us in the past.

One employed teacher is still one person who can go out and spend money that will create production and transportation...

Its the real trickle down theory of supply and demand...not this quackery of supply side economics.

Shaw Kenawe said...
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Shaw Kenawe said...

geezer117 said...
Tens of thousands of our military have been waterboarded during training. It is absolutely against the law to torture our military trainees. So, will the officers who did this be prosecuted, or is waterboarding only torture under some circumstances?

geezer117, this question is a joke, right?

Arthurstone said...

Always nice to hear how 'useless' teachers are. Parasites who feed off the noble efforts of those who do the real work of delivering goods. What a crock. Both are important contributions.

As for teachers I firmly believe they shouldn't be judged by the huge number of folks who passed through our educational system unscathed only to emerge as tea partiers and 'real Americans'.

Anonymous said...

@the Scott Brown report under your header, this is what the conservatives, who only a month ago thought he was the Second Coming, are saying about Brown on facebook now:


"What a bummer dude. We didn't need another Olympia Snowe," and




The revolution apparently will be twitted on facebook.

bluepitbull said...
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Jim said...

Arthurstone I did not say teachers were useless. (must be very moldy in Seattle right now I suppose)

I certainly found lots of fault with the economy as provided by GWB. I fail to understand the reasoning to do a GWB economy on steroids with BHO. A sure disaster for the small business person.

For those of you who never spent a day in a military uniform, you just don't get it.

BTW - it is near 65 and mostly cloudy today. Will this winter never end? ;-)

Shaw Kenawe said...

bluepitbull has left a new comment on your post "GOVERNOR SCHWARZENEGGER, GOVERNOR CRIST":

Once again you LIE like a rug!

Posted by bluepitbull to Progressive Eruptions at February 26, 2010 1:31 PM

And once again, bpb, you're coming to a blog where you are not welcome. You seem unable to mitigate your urges.

Try some self-control. It's good for the soul.

One other thing:

The text you so inartfully accuse me of lying about was not written by me, because I've linked to where I found the information.

Go find some other blogger to annoy.