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Friday, June 17, 2011


Senator David Vitter [R-LA]* gives kudos to Rep. Anthony Weiner for manning up and having the decency [at long last] to resign from his public office after disgracing himself and his family.

*NEW ORLEANS — New allegations tie Sen. David Vitter to a high-priced brothel in his hometown, one day after he publicly apologized for his connection to an alleged prostitution ring in Washington, D.C.

On Monday, Vitter acknowledged being involved with the so-called D.C. Madam. A day later, new revelations linked him to a former madam in New Orleans and old allegations that he frequented a former prostitute resurfaced, further clouding his political future.

Jeanette Maier on Tuesday said Vitter was once a client of the Canal Street brothel. She pleaded guilty to running the operation in 2002. Vitter won his seat in the U.S. Senate in 2004.


dmarks said...

Prostitution is not legal in Lousiana, so Vitter's been linked to actual crime. Time for him to go for sure.

Mary Mayhem said...

No it's not legal and one of the things that Bobby "I'm the most Wholesome and Effective Governor ever by refusing Tarp Funds to my state that just lost most of it's largest city because of a natural disaster" Jindal LOVES to brag about the most is how he has CLEANED up ALL of the CORRUPTION that Louisiana has had for years in its ranks. He should have been gone already. It's past time to go Vitter. Why are you still here? As we'd say in LA, Shah you! PASSE! I've seen blogs and chats with petitions to get him out of office from the NO and Acadiana area dating back to 2007. The hypocrisy of republicans at the FEDERAL and STATE level pisses me off to NO END.

I mean just look at this shit! LIES Hypocrisy LIES

Sue said...

why aren't the Democrats screaming their lungs out about Vitter?? WTF!!! Dems are such pussies, they don't want to cause a stir?? Even O'Reilly said it on his show, thank God someone on the right is saying it...VITTER MUST GO if the hypocrites cried about Weiner going! It's mind boggling! 'course every thing the right does is mind boggling

Charlene said...

The right whispers Vitter must resign and the left ignores it.

I don't think Weiner should have resigned but I understnad why his leadership encouraged him to do so. Thing is the GOP doesn't think Vittner has any impact on the Congress, or something?

dmarks said...

Mary: Thanks for criticizing Jindal without bashing him for being "colored". That has happened in posts on this blog. There are valid criticism of people without resorting to racism.

Mary Mayhem said...

It's probably because I don't care about his race or ethnic background; his policies are ineffective regardless of his genome. I know Bobby Jindal isn't in charge of Vitter or anything, but come on now, Jindal had presidential hopes at once. Have a little gumption Jindal. Say something. All he did was "withhold his endorsement" for the 2010 reelection campaign, and that says he knows that what Vitter did was WRONG. Bobby Jindal was even brazen enough to slam adulterous, whore mongering politicians in his book, by name, but conveniently left Vitter out of the line up. Bullshit. Pure and utter bullshit.

I love Louisiana SO much, I miss my family, but I don't think I can ever move back there. It truly is a whole 'nother country as far as politics are concerned. Politics are run by $ and the mob. They love their whores and cash (think guv-nuh Edwards who we put into office multiple times). What other state would have a run-off election between convicted racketeer ex Edwin Edward and former Grand Dragon David Duke for governor? Jindal is just for show.

Jerry Critter said...

So Vitter was whoring before he became a Senator. Republicans call that job training. He was ready to hit the ground running when he was elected.

Shaw Kenawe said...

dmarks: "Mary: Thanks for criticizing Jindal without bashing him for being "colored". That has happened in posts on this blog. There are valid criticism of people without resorting to racism."


I looked throught my posts that had anything to do with Jindal and found nothing that referred to Jindal as "colored," or any other racial epithet.

You made an accusation about this blog but didn't link to the evidence.

I would be interested in seeing the evidence and then expunging anything offensive.

Please show me what you refer to.


Mary Mayhem said...

The rumor is that he was indeed whoring before becoming senator! We love whoring politicians in LA. I seriously cannot believe it isn't legal. Hasn't anyone seen Interview with a Vampire. It's just as glamorous. I think I have stated that Bobby Jindal goes by Bobby, rather than his "real" name, to distance himself from his Indian heritage, because the ingrained racism of Louisianans, especially those north of Ville Platte and deeeeeeeeeeeeeeep in the bayou, would eat him alive. But I don't think that was on this blog, and that is not racism against Jindal.

Seriously, a good portion of my family, not of blood, of marriage...(hard core coonasses from Lakeland...) that I met at our Landry Family Reunion, did not know he was Indian...they thought he was white...I had to show them on my smart phone, and then they were freaked out that they had voted for a muslim terrorist...I tried to explain to all of these people, who had been taught in the fine private catholic school establishments (you know, to keep them away from public schools that are overrun with those pesky "blacks," common practice around those parts), the history AND geography of Pakistan and India...but they had finished an entire keg of Budweiser by then....I had lost them...

Shaw Kenawe said...

Thanks for your input, Mary. I visited Louisiana only once, and I loved it. Went to Houma for a brief visit because my distant Sicilian relatives settled there--as they did in NO and other parts of Louisiana. Actually, the largest single lynching of a group of (11) was perpetrated on Sicilians in NO.

History here.

And the sublime muffaletta sandwich has its origins with the Italians who settled in NO.

dmarks said...

Shaw: It was a discussion a long time ago when Jindal gave some important speech on something. It was said he was chosen because he was "of color"... the modern semantic twist on "colored" (they really mean the same, and I don't use this term except to quote others using it).

Sorry, that's crap just like when those on the Right bash Obama as the "Affirmative action" President. It forces people to focus on someone's race, instead of (as Mary rightly does) their achievements and failings.

This is quite simply racist... just like the more recent story that was presented and supported which bashed Herman Cain for being African-American.

Mary Mayhem said...

@ Dmarks - I found myself defending Bobby Jindal to my freakish family after they learned of his Indian heritage! And I can't stand the dude, did not vote for him, and wouldn't have in a million years! But I had to! It was the right thing to do...

dmarks said...

Mary: Given a choice between Duke, Jindal, and the Zipper guy.. then who would you choose?

Infidel753 said...

Despite occasional careless use of terminology, it's absurd to think that any serious number of liberals are actually prejudiced against people from India on the basis of ethnicity.

Claiming that Republicans elevated Jindal because of his ethnicity is not a confession of racism; it's an allegation that Republicans were acting to camouflage their own racism.

On the other hand, if Jindal pursues national ambitions, he may run into some real, as opposed to imaginary, racism from Republicans, or at least birtherism.

My own evaluation of Jindal is that anybody who advocates teaching creationism in public schools is grossly unqualified for leadership in an age dominated by science and technology. Period. It doesn't matter what else he says or does.

Oh, and the reason most Democrats aren't pointing fingers at Vitter is that the public isn't interested in who can make the biggest noise about the other side's sex scandals. They want the government to focus on practical problems. Getting Weiner to resign was probably a good move because he was becoming a distraction. Most people have forgotten about Vitter by now; dragging that up again would just exasperate voters who would see it as yet another irrelevance the political class is talking about instead of job creation.

dmarks said...

"it's an allegation that Republicans were acting to camouflage their own racism."

In other words, an allegation that no non-white can succeed based on their own marits. No, I don't buy it. And it's happening with Herman Cain now, with leftists bashing him for his race along with more valid concerns.

Anonymous said...

dmarks, that is not what Infidel means.

Infidel753 said...

No, it isn't. The people saying this about Jindal clearly know that many other non-whites have succeeded on their own merits. An allegation about Jindal is not an allegation about all non-whites. It doesn't even necessarily imply that Jindal personally is without merit, only that whatever merits he has are extraneous to the real reasons why some Republicans support him.

Mary Mayhem said...

Jindal! and Edwards over Duke....Anything to keep Duke out of office... My parents voted republican the for the ONLY time in their entire lives in that famous election (they swear)! They voted for Romer first and then Edwards in the Run-off. This election almost ruined longtime friendships. Cajuns call their parents' friends since childhood their "tante" and "l'oncle" and consider them family...and their children are I almost lost an asston of cousins....because my parents were shocked to find out how many Duke supporters were among them. (We all came from a few families that settled here anyway, so we are all probably related a little bit anyway...yuck!) I remember this sooooo clearly even though it was so long ago.

No, it's an allegation that racist people in Louisiana suck. My "real" uncle (by marriage), who was a lifelong democrat, wouldn't even vote for Obama because, and I quote verbatim, "If I vote for him, the niggers in New Roads will take over the whole damn city. The will take over big Cajun, and I will lose my job! Then who in the hell will provide for us?" Now suddenly he doubts global warming, and is venturing over to the dark side of politics...WTF?
Seriously, Obama is going to give a shit about New Roads, population 4,997 (almost to that 5,000 mark)? But if you drive through the white side of town there, yes the town is still segregated, there are racist signs everywhere about Obama, you would think he is still running for office. It's disgusting.

okjimm said...

So... what I wanta know.... did Vitter 'tip' well?

Jerry Critter said...

Tip!?! Hell, he gave her the whole thing!

Mary Mayhem said...

They take gift cards for sex in LA. you can buy them right next the the lone star, outback, bath and body works, starbucks, and itunes gift cards etc. at the local winn dixie...

w-dervish said...

I'm siding with Infidel753 against dmarks regarding the Jinal issue.

Republicans certainly do act to camouflage their own racism.

We elected a black (or half-black) president and they elect a black man to lead the RNC. But it wasn't too long after Steele began his reign that a serious case of buyer's remorse set in.

Now he's gone, replaced with another white guy. This despite the fact that it was during Steele's tenure that the Republicans retook the House.

dmarks, non-whites can and do succeed based on their own merits... the comment you were responding to doesn't suggest that Democrats think otherwise -- and I haven't a clue regarding how you deduced that.

BTW, I also do not understand why Vitter is still in Congress.