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Several conservative bloggers have been repeating this misinformation (which they probably read on other rightwing blogs and news sites):

"We do know from every media source that three representatives from the White House will attend Brown's funeral tomorrow. I think that at least one of those representatives went to school with Michael Brown's mother back in high school.

In contrast, there was not a single representative from the Obama administration at the recent burial of Major General Greene at Arlington National Cemetery."

The above claim is TOTALLY WRONG. This is what happens in the right wing blog sphere. They read a false claim and it spreads like wildfire.

The fact is that President Obama's cabinet officer, Secretary of Defense, Chuck Hagel attended Major General Greene's funeral.

Will the right wing blogs and news sites retract their abominable lie?

Of course not.

"Right-wing media outlets criticized the Obama administration over news that three administration officials planned to attend shooting victim Michael Brown's funeral, citing the myth that the White House failed to send representation to the funeral of Maj. Gen. Harold Greene, who was killed in Afghanistan -- In reality, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel attended the two star general's service."

Friday, November 30, 2012

Jon Stewart Pwns Sens. McCain and Graham on Ambassador Susan Rice


Kevin Robbins said...

Very nice, Shaw. I'm totally stealing the link. Jon Stewart does this sort of thing so well.

KP said...

This is SO good! I particularly enjoyed the comparison to another "Rice" and the Grand Torino reference.

If I had to name one single favorite performer, of any kind, in any medium, I think it would be Stewart.

S.W. Anderson said...

Stewart is good, of course. But he's getting a lot help. McCain has become a caricature of himself, a cranky old buffoon. And his understudy, Lindsey Graham, seems intent on becoming one before his time. More and more, the two of them come across as a latter-day political Laurel & Hardy act.

Anonymous said...

We can't wait for that smoking gun to become a mushroom cloud.

Talk about misleading the American people! And thousands and thousands died.

Ms. Rice then became US Secretary of State.


Anonymous said...

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