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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

They're Not the Solution; They're The Problem

When the IRS shytenews hit the fan, hundreds of rabid rightwing bloggers and idiot pundits tripped and fell over themselves trying to outdo each other's hysteria by calling President Obama "Nixonian," "corrupt," and then, at the top of their squealing, puny little lungs, called for President Obama to be IMPEACHED!

Where did that IRS scandal end up?  

On the ever-growing trash heap of rightwing fanatical nincompoopery.  

I can't count how many wingers promised that the truth would come out and that, like Watergate, the evidence would point right up to the executive branch and to President Obama himself as the Nixonian culprit who orchestrated and commanded the IRS to illegally harass the poor put-upon Tea Baggers and their god-given right to organize fake non-profit entities.

Turns out their partisan frenzy over the IRS non-scandal was a big, fat failure.  Turns out that President Obama had NOTHING to do with the machinations of the local IRS bumblers, and that Darryl Issa is a liar, who was exposed as nothing more than a damnable partisan hack.

Do you remember the rightwing blogs that screamed bloody TREASON! over this bloated story coming forward and admitting that they were duped and too stupid to wait and see what the, y'know, EVIDENCE would reveal?  

No.  Neither do I.

But that is the political world we live in today.  A George Zimmerman world where you make assumptions about people you don't understand and people you hate because of your bloated bigotry and then destroy the object of your hatred.

This is why I say these crazies are a problem.  They think with their hatreds, not their reason.  And we can't solve our problems with their hatreds. 


From the Huffington Post:

Remember the IRS scandal? How the tax agency improperly singled out Tea Party groups for extra scrutiny in a nefarious political vendetta against conservatives because the agency is either inherently liberal or was acting on orders from the Democratic President? 

 Well, as it turns out, that whole scandal is entirely bogus. False. A fiction. The entire notion that the agency singled out groups with “Tea Party” in their name in simply wrong, we learn today, thanks to new documents revealed by the Associated Press.

The documents, and confirmation from officials, show the IRS targeted groups with other keywords in their names, including “Progressive” and “Occupy.” “There was a wide-ranging set of categories and cases that spanned a broad spectrum” on the lists, newly appointed IRS Commissioner Danny Werfel said on a conference call with reporters.

Darrell Issa Furious After Democrat Releases IRS Transcript That Blows Up His Investigation

Darrell Issa's McCarthyist Tactics Might Just Save Obama From the IRS ScandalBy cherry-picking evidence, overstating his case, and violating the principle of presumed innocence, the GOP rep only weakens himself.


Darrell Issa backtracks on IRS scandal

"The news that progressive groups were also targeted by the IRS should, in theory at least, prompt reporters to press leading Republicans on a simple question: Do you still stand by your insinuations that the White House or Obama campaign were somehow behind the politically motivated targeting of conservatives?

In a key moment, Rep. Darrell Issa — the chair of the Oversight Committee and a lead investigator into the IRS scandal — is now claiming he never, ever said the White House or the Obama campaign was behind the targeting. In an interview with CNN’s Dana Bash,  he said this: “I’ve never said it came out of the office of the President or his campaign. What I’ve said is, it comes out of Washington.”

And yet, later in the very same interview, Issa said this: “For years, the president bashed the Tea Party groups. He was very public against these groups. And on his behalf — perhaps not on his request — on his behalf, the IRS executed a delaying tactic against the very groups that he talked about.”

This is utter gibberish, and reporters (kudos to Bash for doing a great job here) need to hold Issa accountable for it.

Indeed, the juxtaposition of the two statements neatly captures the increasingly untenable nature of Issa’s stance. He claims the IRS targeting was done “perhaps” not on the president’s request — seemingly dangling that out there as a possibility – right after flatly stating he has never said the targeting was directed by the White House or the president’s campaign."


skudrunner said...

Not that the leader would ever do anything wrong but didn't it take a year and a half to get tricky dickey and that was with a democratic congress.
Say anything against the policies and management of the great one like bengazi, fast and furious, irs, data mining, handling of Egypt, attack on personal success, disaster of obamacare and you are just a racist.

Anonymous said...

Our police State gets worse and worse led by Obama:

Ducky's here said...

The IRS thing is so last season.

There's one floating around that has him admitting to an Egyptian diplomat that he's a Muslim. They're down to seeds and stems again.

LOL Anonymous said...

"Say anything against the policies and management of the great one like bengazi, fast and furious, irs, data mining, handling of Egypt, attack on personal success, disaster of obamacare and you are just a racist."

thats what...sniveling little whiners one else

KP said...

@Ducky ... "down to seeds and stems again".

There was a time when the only thing worse than being down to seeds and stems was an empty baggie.

Rational Nation USA said...

The problem is larger than you might think.

Dave Miller said...

Skud, it took a year and a half on Nixon because he kept firing everyone involved in the investigation.

Remember the Saturday Night Massacre? Has anything close to that happened with Pres. Obama? No.

No one here charges people with racism if they oppose the policies of Obama. It is when they veer off into birtherlandia and start sending watermelon tinged emails, both favorites of conservatives, that we call racism.

dmarks said...

I think its scandalous to go after "Occupy" non profits to punish them with a tax as well.

Dervish Sanders said...

Maybe I'm wrong, but it sounds like dmarks is acknowledging that the IRS "scandal" is manufactured? Liberal groups were "targeted" along with Tea Party groups. I put "targeted" in quotes because the word implies something improper was done. dmarks says the improper thing being done was "punishing" with a tax. dmarks is wrong, as I pointed out in my blog post on the topic. The issue isn't a tax, as politicking groups can apply for a different tax exempt status (527 instead of 501c4). The issue is the hiding of donors.

But dmarks says these groups SHOULD be able to hide their donors. He has some conspiracy theory concerning contributors to these groups getting "harassed" by the government based on who they give to. But the people have a right to know who is spending money to influence our elections.

Shaw Kenawe said...

DS, I commented over at your blog where various people were saying things about me (and name-calling) that are not true.