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Saturday, February 22, 2020

Like a good little tin-pot tyrant,

Trump threatened to pull MSNBC's and CNN's licenses at his latest mob gathering in Las Vegas, because they don't kiss his fat, greasy ass.


Isn't that what Communist countries do when media don't suck up to their leaders? 

Yes. That's exactly how authoritarians and Commies operate.

So here we have the GOP's hero, telling his followers that the media that don't flatter him enough, who dare to report all of his lies and corrupt actions should have their licenses taken away by the government.

Folks, whether it's a joke or not isn't important. Here we have an American POTUS talking like a dirty Communist leader, and his followers are too stupid to be outraged by the mere suggestion.

Certain trolls from a certain rabid right wing blog come here on a daily basis and label me a Commie. I have no idea what possesses these trolls; they certainly are not operating from a position of knowledge or rationality. I'd love to ask them how they'd explain Trump's musings about taking away the licenses of media he doesn't like. I'd love to know how those GOP trolls square that threat from Trump with our Constitution and our rule of law.

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Rational Nation USA said...

In 2 words... They Can't. As well they're too damned stoopd to realize tyranny will affect themm also. Even if it's THIER very owb Dotard.

There is no explaining or understanding the trumpian cultists. Other than to ssy they would peobably be happier in Russia.

Anonymous said...

Bernie,Bernie he's our man.....if he can't do it no one can!!!

skudrunner said...

I don't remember hearing him pulling their license but do remember that they will be marginalized which is true. CNN and MSDNC have been the spokesman for the left for several years and MSDNC has switched to all attack trump all the time. Trump will not always be in office and they will have to change their plan. If the bern wins they can become the howler monkey channel.
Has the DNC come out with a platform yet because we hate trump is not a platform to work for the American people.

Shaw Kenawe said...

skud: "Has the DNC come out with a platform yet because we hate trump is not a platform to work for the American people."

You're obviously not paying attention, skud. A MAJORITY OF AMERICANS hate trump's guts. He's NEVER been able to break 50% approval. When will you trumpers understand that he is a minority president who is disliked here at home and around the world.

Rational Nation USA said...

He is a minority president alright. But as usual his minority cultists ontinue to believe he's well liked. Were it not for the outdated EC Trump would not be president nor would he have a prayer of reelection.

Hopefully the independents go all in AGAIST Trump in November.

skudrunner said...

This is not about trump and your hatred of him. You seem to stretch the truth, the majority of Americans disapprove of trump but that doesn't mean they hate him. My question is has the DNC developed a platform or is it just we hate trump. How does this serve the American people. It does seem that enough people disliked the DNC princes to vote against her and vote trump in. You do realize that trump did not win the election, she lost it and there is a big difference.

RN, Not sure bernard can win so it is back to the drawing board for the DNC. If they dump bernie there are a significant number of voters who will sit it out. Outdated EC, that is spoken like a coastie which you are not. The DNC gave trump the presidency by anointing someone who was worse than trump, go figure.

Rational Nation USA said...

FYI skud, I am a coastie, born in the Great Pacific Northwest (17 years) followed by a brief 2 years in Illinois then on to Massachusetts. I agree HRC was not a good candidate and her lack of awareness cost her the election. But as poor a candidate as HRC was (it ain't because she lacked qualifications) she still is more honest, has more integrity, and us by far a more decent person than Trump. PERIOD!

Now, if you want to understand the individual candidates positions (platforms) simply go to their websites. When a standard bearer is selected you know tat candidates priorities and the dems certainly will be talking about their platform at and after after their convention.

BTW, love your new header Shaw. It is EXACTLY spot on!

Shaw Kenawe said...

skud: "My question is has the DNC developed a platform or is it just we hate trump. How does this serve the American people"

If you were serious about that question, you would have found out the information yourself. The Democrats have been clear about their priorities, issues, and platforms that they want to see put forward should one of them become the POTUS.

One of the biggest is HEALTHCARE! The disgusting Liar-in-Chief PROMISED while campaigning 4 years ago, that he had a bigger, better, less expensive healthcare plan that would be afforadable for everyone and would not throw people with pre-existing conditions off any plan.

That was a big, fat lie. Trump has delivered exactly NOTHING. Not even a plan.

The wall isn't built; and Mexico isn't paying for it.

More farmers have gone bankrupt because of Trump's idiotic trade wars than in the past 10 years.

Wages are stagnant. The rich have become richer thanks to trump's PERMANENT tax breaks for the 1%. The middle class tax breaks are NOT permanent and expire in 7 years.

30% of the VOTING population support the Lying Liar. That 30% is okay with a serial adulterer who had to pay off two mistresses to keep their mouths shut during the 2015 campaign (a crime) so no one would lear about his marital infidelities. He's cheated every contracter he's ever hired; had 13 bankruptcies, cheated with his fake Trump Foundation and Trump U.

How in the hell anyone with a functioning brain could think that a corrupt, immoral conman could be good for America is the biggest question of this century. The rest of the world sees him for what he is.