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Tuesday, June 3, 2008



The world reacts:

Indonesians were rooting for the man they consider to be a hometown hero. Obama lived in the predominantly Muslim nation from age 6 to 10 with his mother and Indonesian stepfather and was fondly remembered by former teachers and classmates."He was an average student, but very active," said Widianto Hendro Cahyono, 48, who was in the same third-grade class as Obama at SDN Menteng elementary school in Jakarta. "He would play ball during recess until he was dripping with sweat."I never imagined he would become a great man."

In Mexico City, hairdresser Susan Mendoza's eyes lit up when she learned Obama had clinched the nomination."Bush was for the elite. Obama is of the people," she said.

The German government's coordinator on U.S. relations, Karsten Voigt, said many Germans "find (Obama's) mixture of Martin Luther King and John F. Kennedy very attractive."

In an editorial, the Times newspaper of London said Obama's campaign "has rekindled America's faith in its prodigious powers of reinvention — and the world's admiration for America."


Obob said...

game on

Patrick M said...

Congratulations to the Senator on his historic victory.

Can we take a week off from campaigns now?

Guess not.

Obob said...

sorry patrick, hillary didn't quite bow out

Patrick M said...

I know she's not officially out, but at this point, she's merely playing spoiler. I'll giggle as she makes trouble, but it's really Obama's ball to play with now.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Jeffrey Toobin appearing on MSNBC said it best. He referred to her as a "deranged narcissist."

Someone had to lose in the race. It was close, but by anyone's count, Senator Obama won. I've seen many close races in politics, but I've never seen an ungracious, selfish speech such as hers, ever in my life.

She is so diminished as a politician and human being.

I do hope McCain and Obama stick to their pledges of keeping the vitriol and slime out of this race.

Let's hear their positions on the issues and make our informed judgements on them.

Handsome B. Wonderful said...

I'm still buzzing from the excitement of last night and still digesting the night.

I just saw on Countdown that Clinton will move to end presidency on Friday.

Obob said...

thank you for seeing her as we have for years.
As for the slime and vitrol, it'll be up to the 527s to behave. And maybe us. But that would be boring

Patrick M said...

Oh yeah, the 527's. Those groups empowered due to the rape of free speech known as McCain-Feingold. Ah, sweet irony.