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Wednesday, July 23, 2008


This really isn't satire. What is depicted is realism. Cindy was prescription drug dependent and stole from a charity she worked for. Bush's picture over the fireplace is believeable, since McCain supports the Bush administration's agenda, and advocating for torture (he was against it before he was for it) is unConstitutional. And finally, McCain is the oldest candidate to run for president. (OK, he doesn't need a walker--but he could use a geography lesson.)
Satire by definition is A work, as a novel, play, or cartoon that exposes folly by the use of humor or irony.
The cover depicted by the New Yorker showed Sen. and Mrs. Obama as the wingnuts see him--and it is folly (satire), since they are not at all what was lampooned--but what the righties think they are, and probably worse.
The McCains, OTOH, are/were (Cindy has recovered from her drug addiction) exactly--except for the walker--as shown.


Patrick M said...

You really have a problem recognizing satire, don't you?

Riverwolf said...

Meh. Not really much to get excited over on this cover. Ho-hum. Certainly not satire.

Crian said...

I would never have though Vanity Fair would create a cover like that however I find it suprising that I haven't heard about it in the media at all, maybe the media isn't in the tank for Obama after all?

shaw kenawe said...

In 2000, McCain called the media "my base."

His campaign have been goading Obama about not visiting Iraq--even to the point of a countdown clock on how many days it had been since he visited.

Obama goes to Iraq, lots of people are very interested, including the media.

McCain whines and has a childish hissy fit over something HE DEMANDED.

People are interested in Obama. McCain been around for a long, long, long, long time. Obama is new on the world stage.

McCain doesn't get it.

The more he and his followers bitch about Obama's press coverage, the more they look like WATBs.*

*Whiney Ass Titty Babies.

shaw kenawe said...

"...his campaign HAS been goading..."

Patrick M said...

Crian: The media's in the tank for him. Really they are. And the reason you haven't heard about the cover is that the McCain camp ain't whining about it.

Shaw: In 2000, McCain called the media "my base."

Well that came around and bit him in the ass, didn't it. And the conservatives he's pissed off over the years could have told him that would happen.

Also, considering what I have in store for tomorrow's post, I'll have to liberate "WATB's" from you (with credits, of course).