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Monday, September 21, 2009


Now will the rest of the extremists out there believe Bohner or will we hear "YOU LIE!" from some another fact-challenged true believer?

RNC Chairman Michael Steele recently sent out a fundraising letter saying that President Obama and Democratic leaders in Congress are attempting a “socialist power grab.” Today on NBC’s Meet the Press, host David Gregory pressed House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-OH) on whether such language was appropriate. Boehner tried to dodge the question, insisting that “you can call it whatever you want,” but the fact is that Obama’s the one scaring the American public. Gregory continued to ask whether Boehner believes Obama is a socialist, to which he finally admitted he doesn’t:

GREGORY: Do you really think the President is a socialist?

BOEHNER: Listen, when you begin to look at how much they want to grow government, you can call it whatever you want, but the fact is —

GREGORY: What do you call it though?

BOEHNER: This is unsustainable. We’re broke.

GREGORY: That’s fine. Do you think the President is a socialist?


GREGORY: Okay. Because the head of the Republican Party is calling him that.

BOEHNER: Listen, I didn’t call him that, and I’m not going to call him that.



Arthurstone said...

Of course Boehner could have continued by urging all his crowd to stop the name calling but didn't. But that would have involved taking the higher road. And weepy John rarely finds himself there.

Ruth said...

Boehner is 'crossing the line' as we used to hear down South, he's for sure going to get a dressing down from party leaders Rush, Beck and Hannity.

(O)CT(O)PUS said...

Anything that drips from the lips of John Boehner is tantamount to a division by zero error. It doesn't mean a "dayum thang."

TAO said...

Here is my favorite part:

"Boehner tried to dodge the question, insisting that “you can call it whatever you want,” but the fact is that Obama’s the one scaring the American public."

Sounds like RACISM to me....

JohnC said...

When Bush Jr. was expanding the government at an historical rate where were the cries of socialism from the right?

Granted there were some cries but no where near the volume we see today.

TRUTH 101 said...

Your next post will be about Boehner having to apologise to Limbaugh for saying President Obama is not a socialist.

dmarks said...

Tao: Thanks for your great leap of imagination, in which you conjured racism out of a statement completely devoid of it.

John C: George W. Bush is not a Jr. While, oddly enough, Al Gore actually is.

Truth: It might be a safe bet. Limbaugh might get 4 days of show material out of this one.

TAO said...

Boehner said I could call it anything I wanted...

He also said Americans were 'scared'

Scared of what? That the reality is repbulicans cannot run an economic system? That all their talk about free markets and joys of capitalism is just a cheap trick to get benifits for their corporate buddies?

Or is that that Obama is a liberal? Like we haven't had liberals in the White House?

Don't remember anyone calling Clinton a Socialist? Good Lord, COBRA, HIPPA, ADA, and FMLA...

So, you care to explain it dmarks?

Or is it that its like Goldilocks and Three Bears and Americans like socialism but not too hot, and not too cold....

Is it that we want socialism in little steps and obama's steps are too much for us?

Healthcare is socialized and we do not have the freedom to pick our doctors and our doctors do not have the freedom to select the best treatments...our health insurance company takes care of all of that...

dmarks said...

Tao said: "Don't remember anyone calling Clinton a Socialist? Good Lord, COBRA, HIPPA, ADA, and FMLA..."

Were you born in the year 2000? I remember the socialism word tossed around a lot for Clinton. Even for Hillary when she was First Lady. And then, like now, that particular label was not race-related.

The "Clinton is a Nazi" or commie or whatever crowd even had their pet spelling for Clinton: "Klinton". I think it comes out more now for reasons including a combination of Obama being a little more to the left of Clinton, and people like Beck and Wilson just being plain rude.

Thanks for the rest of the list of (debatable) debate points, none of which were race-related.