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Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Willard wins by 8 votes over Little Ricky, and Ron Paul comes in third.

Gingrich angrily gets fourth  place; Perry's and Bachmann's campaigns are over.

UPDATE:  Rick Perry says he's still in the race, so I guess he just wants to prolong the agony.  He couldn't do better than 5th place  in a state where his brand of conservatism should have won over Willard's. 


From the Washington Post:

"[Romney's] Iowa showing — finishing just eight votes ahead of former senator Rick Santorum (Pa.) — highlighted the big problems that still dog Romney: suspicions about his avowed conservatism, struggles to connect with voters and an inability to rally more Republicans around his candidacy."

"Suspicions about his avowed conservatism?"  How does a  mature, grown man change his core values in less than 10 years and not create suspicion in hard core rightwingers?  Romney is on video telling the voters in Massachusetts that he will always protect a woman's right to abortion.  Romney was pleased to work with the late Senator Ted Kennedy and deliver universal health care for Massachusetts citizens, a health care program that was the basis of the ACA, and which Romney now runs away from.  And those are just two of his monumental flip-flops on core issues that keep the base of the GOP from falling in love with this moderate, progressive Republican.

And that explains the Santorum surge late in the process.  The extreme right in the GOP does not like Williard.  He's not one of them.  But Rick Santorum will never get the nomination either.  Santorum is a covert Dominionist, seeking to impose religion-based doctrines on our secular country.  He's a war mongerer and the newest shiney object for the extreme religious rightwing of the GOP.    He'll never be president.

And who's surprised by Perry's and Bachmann's weak showing?  Their candidacies were a disgrace to any American with a working intellect.  Perry can go back to Texas and let its citizens deal with the embarrassment known as their governor, and Bachmann can go back to the House and pretend she knows anything about our American heritage.  Good riddance to both of these inept and ill-prepared charlatans.

The Iowa caucuses are a reflection of who a small group of people in the midwest believe should be the challenger to President Obama.  The results don't tell us anything about what will happen in November of 2012.

Willard can't be truthful even on his own predictions:

Mitt Flip-flops again:

Romney: When I Said I Was Going To Win Iowa, I didn't Mean I Was Actually Going To Win Iowa

"Mitt Romney told the 'Today' show Tuesday that he’s not predicting a victory in Iowa, after telling a crowd of supporters last night he was   'going to win this thing.' ”

Lastly, this from Andy Borowitz:

Romney Jubilant After Finishing in Dead Heat with Walking Joke in Sweater Vest

Mitt: ‘The Eight People Have Spoken’



Infidel753 said...

Santorum is a covert Dominionist, seeking to impose religion-based doctrines on our secular country. He's a war mongerer and the newest shiney object for the extreme religious rightwing of the GOP.

He's also a Catholic, something I suspect most of the fundie base doesn't realize yet, since he's gotten very little media attention until recently. Once they do, it will be almost as big a turn-off as Romney's Mormonism. Religio-fascism and bigotry don't bother fundies, but heresy?

billy pilgrim said...

Romney, Santorum, Paul and Gingrich need Bachman and Perry to stay in the race to make them look presidential.

my pet turtle looks presidential compared to bachman and perry.

Rational Nation USA said...

My three year old grandson is more presidential than Gingrich, Bachmann, Perry, and Santorum.

He also is running a very tight first place race with Obama. ;)