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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Why Are Most GOPers Wrong on So Many Issues?

Because they get their information solely from FAUX NOOZ, an organization that has been proven to keep its followers uninformed. 

In fact, in the last survey of FAUX NOOZ followers, it turned out that people who watch NO news are better informed than those who watch FAUX NOOZ. 

Also, FAUX NOOZ trails the fake news comedy, The Daily Show, in viewership.  More people watch Jon Stewart than those who watch FAUX NOOZ.  FAUX is losing its viewers as people begin to understand that watching a cable news station that is unfair and imbalanced only contributes to further stupidity, not enlightenment. 

The recent example of  newz-barbie-bobblehead, Megyn Kelly, going after Andrew Sullivan's Newsweek article on President Obama, further proves how ineffective and shallow their reporters and reporting are.  Kelly discounted Sullivan's article wIth lies and disinformation.  Sullivan challenged her to have him on her show to debate the article, to which she and FAUX NOOZ answered in cowardly silence. 

Craven lily-livered weasels. 

Sullivan proves again that FAUX NOOZ withers and folds under a real challenge, just like so many bullies do. 

A new PPP poll confirms what many have long suspected — that many Americans get their news from sources that hew to their pre-existing beliefs.

But this phenomenon was not balanced on both sides of the ideological spectrum. While Democrats trust most news outlets, to varying degrees, Republicans trust only a single one — Fox News. While a massive 73 percent of Republicans trust Fox, the next highest rating among any major TV news outlet is PBS, which just 30 percent of GOPers trust, according to the PPP poll.

The numbers show just how powerful Fox can be in setting the agenda and influencing the world view of conservatives, with virtually no competition or accountability from the outside world. This monopoly on news penetration for an entire half of the electorate would be bad no matter the network, but it’s especially troubling considering Fox’s shoddy, and often agenda-driven “reporting.” And unlike an openly-ideological news outlet like ThinkProgress or the National Review, which freely advertise their perspectives, Fox insists it’s a traditional “fair and balanced” news outlet.


And this from Andrew Sullivan's blog:

"In the latest Pew poll, FNC is both the most trusted and the least trusted of media outlets. It's most trusted because Republicans trust it; it's the least trusted because Democrats don't trust it at all. But here's what's interesting. Republicans won't touch any other outlet at all apart from their propaganda channel. 73 percent of Republicans trust Fox, with only 17 percent not, which gives FNC a positive rating +54. The next most trusted outlet for Republicans, PBS, comes in at - 30. And that helps explain the complete disconnect between the GOP and, er, reality.

But the real danger for the GOP's propaganda channel is that Independents, the fastest growing political identity, side with Democrats more than Republicans on Fox. 73 percent of Republicans trust it, while only 36 percent of Independents do - closer to the Democratic number of 25 percent.
No other media outlet has this kind of distrust from non-Republicans. And no other media outlet has this kind of trust from Republicans. The more paranoid they get, the more closed their media cocoon."

Tweet of the day (h/t Andrew Sullivan):


Jerry Critter said...

When you lie and distort the facts, truth is your enemy.

BB-Idaho said...

..cognitive dissonance...

Truth 101 said...

What I'm trying to figure out is what the 36% of independents who claim to trust FOX News are thinking?

More likely they're republicans claiming to be independents.

Shaw Kenawe said...


That is so ture.


I've said that about FAUX viewers many times.

TRUTH 101,

That's what I think, too.

S.W. Anderson said...

Actually, Republicans aren't half the electorate. They're more like a third. Democrats are about a third and so are independents/nonvoters. So, the alienation of most independents from Republicans' chief source of bile and pap is an encouraging development.

Thom Hartmann interviewed a man with a Southern accent yesterday. I didn't catch the intro, but got the impression the guy is a tea party Republican blogger. It was painfully obvious the guy is thoroughly steeped in Faux News/GOP propaganda, conservative memes and Limbaugh rants.

The man came off as someone detached from reality, almost like someone who'd fried his mind on meth or sniffing spray paint, or something, except he was able to articulate (regurgitate) his skewed notions more clearly than a brain-damaged drug addict could.

It sometimes seems more of these people are degenerating from a hard-core, ideologically framed and highly politicized world view to some kind of cult belief system utterly removed from truths deemed inconvenient and facts they don't want to acknowledge.

That's kind of scary.

Shaw Kenawe said...


More than scary.

I hold FN and hate talk radio jocks like Limbaugh responsible for the destructive divisions in this country and the inordinate contempt the Teapublicans have for Mr. Obama.

It is my opinion that a lot of FAUX viewers are weak minded and too lazy to seek out more than one news source, so they defaul to FAUX on all things, and therefore, a ususally ignorant on those things.

Malcolm said...

If Fox didn't lie/distort so much and admitted they weren't fair or balanced, I'd respect them. There's nothing wrong with promoting a conservative point of view. However, when you have to lie and distort to support your beliefs, there's a problem. The fact that Fox's audience is eroding does give me hope. Debunking right-wing nonsense can be time consuming. :-)

Luckily, I had just swallowed my coffee when I read that tweet because it would have wound up on my computer keyboard.