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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

White Opinions Bingo: Ferguson Edition

via Squatlo Rant

 And let's bury this dumb GOP meme that Mr. Obama is the vacation president:



Jerry Critter said...

In the case of republican presidents, the more time they take off, the better it is for the country. They spend less time screwing things up and there are fewer things that the Democrats have to fix.

Dave Miller said...

Couple of thoughts... while there is a virulent strain of anti-vacation ranting out there, a great deal of criticism of the presidents leisure time centers on his devotion to golf. While we bring up Bush and his golf course follies in light of 9/11, it is important to note that after the backlash about the incident that provided the video you posted, he gave up golfing because he did not believe it projected him in a good light with the public.

Now, to the rest of your post... I am not sure how to make this into one of the bingo squares, but here is something I've noticed.

After the Rodney King beatings, King's defenders said all you had to do was look at the video tape. And those who sided with the police responded that the videotape only showed part of the incident, that it lacked context, that Stacey Koon and the rest of the officers were being railroaded without everyone seeing the evidence and a fair trial.

Few of the people calling this young man a thug are standing by that view now and you can be sure many were supportive of officer Koon and his men back then.

Maybe the square goes like this... "We reserve judgement when we identify with the person in the tape, we condemn on scant evidence when we don't"

Either way, I wish folks on all sides would shut up until the facts come out. At this point, everyone is simply getting all lathered up on pure speculation and heresy.

FreeThinke said...
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Duckys here said...

Can you be certain of the facts, Dave?
A kid was shot for jaywalking.
One point of view.

And maybe when it comes out there was a reason for the officer to shoot. I have serious doubts and I doubt we'll know.

More important is the level of pent up rage in black neighborhoods that simply feel abused by the police and we need to focus on those root issues.

Duckys here said...

I think a big issue with vacations is that the black guy is golfing at expensive courses and that just rubs some of the right wing base raw.

Dave Miller said...

Free... sometimes it is easier not to argue with a "smart" phone.

Ducky, I tend to agree regarding the underlying issues... interestingly, that is exactly what I heard Rand Paul say in an interview Sunday.

From my perspective, many of these underlying issues are themselves creating the metrics for the problems we have.

For example... black kid uses rock cocaine, because it is cheaper and more prevalent in his area. white kid use powdered cocaine because it is more prevalent in his area.

White gets a misdemeanor on his record. Black kid gets a felony. Same drug, different sentencing guidelines.

Anyone want to guess at the ultimate outcome? Yep, because it is a felony rap, the black kid, and many more like him, do hard time, which negates a real second chance at life.

The white kid gets probation, and goes back to his job at Burger King, stays in school and moves on with life.

Wanna guess why there is pent up rage in the system?

You're 100% right Duck... but let's not discuss those issues because it is so much easier to call someone a thug and be done with it.

Rational Nation USA said...

I think a big issue with vacations is that the black guy is golfing at expensive courses and that just rubs some of the right wing base raw.

Bullshit Ducky, I for one believe the President should spend more time on vacation and the golf course,

Eh Jerry! :-)

Anonymous said...

The only pent up rage is from white liberals going against anything deemed white or black conservative

Anonymous said...

the president doesn't pass legislation

Rational Nation USA said...

Apparently neither does Congress pass much substantial legislation these days either.

Kicking the can down the road.

Anonymous said...

What does another president who held office over 25 years ago and his relaxation habits have to do with anything this 21st century president does?

Rusty Old Ford said...

But Reagan loved this country and obviously Obummer doesn't! /sarcasm'