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Wednesday, June 24, 2009


What is reported in the MSM and what is reality are two different things. Take for example the noncontroversy over President Obama's position and reaction to the Iranian crisis. All expert on the Middle East and on the internal politics of Iran agree that Mr. Obama handled the situation correctly--like a true statesman.

And now another misperception bites the dust:

"Obama Leads Republicans By Over 20 Points — On Terrorism!

A year ago, when the conventional wisdom held during the campaign that terrorism was a weak point for Obama, would you have predicted that he would come to hold a 21-point lead over the GOP on the issue?

Seems obvious to me the reason Republicans lost their edge is Iraq. The day Bush claimed that we invaded Iraq because they had WMDs, and tried to link Al Queda and Saddam, was the day the Republican advantage on terrorism began to disappear.

Regardless of whether you agree about why, that's quite a shift in the numbers... more than 50 points in seven years. Make a note of it. You may need it one day to correct some conventional wisdom."


libhom said...

Obama is starting to lose his credibility on foreign policy by trying to drag the Iraq War out forever.

Ruth said...

Since the terraism is a winger invention, no doubt they will forever need to perpetuate it, so only Pres O. will ever try to end anything approaching actual terrorism. Q.E.D.

Thayer Nutz said...

Obama has proved that he is a careful and a wise statesman, for sure.

As Reza Aslan said last night on the Daily Show "I thank God every day that Barack Obama is the president!"

I agree.

Anonymous said...

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