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Sunday, November 1, 2009


He really said that.


The Gassiest of Gasbags actually proclaimed that a woman who had been the mayor of a small town in Alaska and who voluntarily QUIT her job as governor of the same state--this same woman who had never travelled outside of the US until just a few years ago--Limbaugh proclaims she's ready to be the president of the United States of America.  LOL! 

NOTE:  Keith Olbermann refers to Limbaugh as a "Comedian Rush Limbaugh."

Oh please, please, please.  Let them nominate her.

Rush Limbaugh isn't endorsing Sarah Palin for president in 2012 but he says she's ready for the job now.

"One thing I do not do is follow conventional wisdom, and the conventional wisdom of Sarah Palin is "She's not smart enough. She needs to bone up on the issues. She's a little unsophisticated. Alaska, Where's that?, [She] doesn't have the pedigree,'" Limbaugh told Fox News' Chris Wallace. "She's the only thing that provided a spark for the Republican Party. This is not an endorsement, but I do have profound respect for Sarah Palin. There are not very many politicians who have been through what she's been put through and still able to smile and be ebullient and upbeat. This woman, I think, is tough," he said.

Because what this country needs is--well, not a really smart person who has met some intellectual challenges through completing a rigorous educational experience--NO!  This country don't need no pointy-headed person who actually can hold two thoughts in his/her head at one time, who can speak in his/her native language, NO!  What this country needs in desperate times is EBULLIENCE! 

You know.  A cheerleader!  You betcha!

Limbaugh says he doesn't follow conventional wisdom.  I think we already know that.  We know what Limbaugh follows--and it has nothing to do with wisdom.  Same with Palin.  What could she possibly have to offer this country at this time?  Her ability to quit a job before it's finished?  That's her legacy:  A small town mayor and a big time quitter.

The Limbaugh/Palin crowd really, really doesn't get it. 


Christopher Russell said...

Once again I see you have written a blog to humiliate yourself in public, you betcha! You just can't seem to help yourself from being so hateful, can you?.

So NOW your hero Oprah is having Sarah Palin on her show. My oh my how you rabid, liberal fans must be in their glory.. hoping to see Oprah give Sarah Palin a verbal what-for, a smack down. Here are the two top reasons they will most certainly be disappointed.

One: I may not care for Oprah’s style, but her business acumen can hardly be argued. The woman does keep one eye on the bottom line at all times. And since this is an attempt on her part to re-engage some of her conservative viewers, disparaging Sarah Palin for the entertainment of the Obamanut side of her audience will not be in Oprah’s money-loving interest.

Two: Despite what the mainstream media tried to spin about Sarah Palin during the presidential campaign, Sarah is very knowledgeable and intelligent. I would love to see how some of you critics, who fell for the smear campaign against Sarah Palin’s intellectual abilities, would have handled yourself given the array challenges Sarah Palin hurdled. The McCain camp treated her like a step-child, while the mainstream media jumped on her like a pack of wolves.
Sarah Palin is smarter and more articulate than Oprah on Oprah’s best day. I hope the formerly a-political Oprah reads up on some American history before she steps on the political stage with Sarah Palin, feigning interest in our country’s future. Sarah Palin was already sharp as Alaska’s governor and she is even sharper now as a free-standing citizen.

Sarah is not afraid of going into the other lions den. Good for her. This won't be Katie Couric's three hours of spliced tape that made her look foolish.. Sarah Palin and the RNC are finally hitting back at the Democrat party for all of their lies and insensitive remarks about her family. .
It seems the left is still scared of Palin!

Shaw Kenawe said...

To CR,

There is nothing "hateful" in my post. And you know it. But like a good little radical, you have to come here and mischaracterize it to make yourself feel important.

You're the one who looks foolish.

PS. I've never watched an Oprah Winfrey show in my life.

Again, you look dumb by stating something that is not true, and saying it with such authoritative dumbness.

Also, if, as you so self=assuredly state that Palin is "smart" why did she NEVER appear on any Sunday talk show during the campaign last year?

She is the ONLY candidate in modern history to have avoided a venue where she could not read her responses.

There is no other politician who was afraid of going on MTP or any other of those shows and showing what her knowledge of foreign and domestic affairs is.

She's a clever person, for sure. But so is my hairdresser.

As for people saying Palin was "savaged" by the media, I have two words for that whine:

Hilary Clinton.

She didn't quit, and look at her now.

Arthurstone said...

Sadly for Sarah Palin and her devoted following, 2012 is a long, long, long way away.

By the time the next elections come around Palin likely well be a question in Hasbros' Trivial Pursuit.

dmarks said...

I'm no liberal, but today's Sarah Palin is one who damaged her resume by quitting her highest-ever office right in the middle of it.

That leaves her highest qualification on her resume as having been mayor of a small town.

That puts her into the pack of "no experience joke candidates" like Alan Keyes, Wesley Clark, Ralph Nader, and others. These buffoons wanted people to believe that the US presidency was a "starter job". And few believed it.

CR said: "Sarah is not afraid of going into the other lions den."

To bad she was afraid of doing her job. If elected President, is she going to skip out in the middle of that job, too?

TAO said...

Shaw, first off WELCOME BACK!

Hope everything is going well for you! At least as well as can be expected considering...

Now, back to our regular program...

Sarah Palin?

What can you say? dmarks pretty much covered one side of it and the other side is that realistically she has no desire and no plans to be President. She just wants to make money and her book deal along with her outrageous fee for speaking engagements will pretty much handle that.

Oprah is actually doing Palin a favor because Palin needs Oprah to sell books and Palin will not help Oprah in any way shape or form; Oprah is on top already and doesn't have much else to prove.

With the stunt that Palin pulled in Iowa she has already shot herself in the foot in regards to any plans for 2012 and actually Facebook is ideal for her: she will have her little group of followers who she will control and sell to the highest bidder...

Her and Levi Johnston have alot in common; they will do anything for a buck...

Arthurstone said...

No experience? 'Joke candidate'? Palin & Keyes for certain.

General Wesley Clark, Ralph Nader?

Nope sorry.

Brilliant. Talented. Experienced. Certainly Naders politics are anathema to the right & they go out of their way to marginalize him but Ralph knows how things work and is absolutely guilty of reminding us of a great many painful truths about our shortcomings as a nation.

Clark? His career in the military & the world of business speaks for itself. A real military hero (John Kerry another) slimed by the reactionary right while draft dodgers and alleged 'pilots' get a pass.

Jackie228 said...

Nothing is better for the Dems long term than an emboldened Sarah Palin.

It would be a huge loss to us if she, Limbaugh & Beck would actually shut up and go away.

The Dems will no doubt lose a few seats here and there. But so long as Palin, Beck, etc. are the face of the Republican party, the Dems will remain in power for the foreseeable furture.

Go Sarah! We like what you're doing to the GOP!

dmarks said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
dmarks said...

"General Wesley Clark, Ralph Nader?"

Yes, no experience and joke candidate. Neither of them has held elective office (unless one of them was a dogcatcher and I missed it)

"Certainly Nader's politics are anathema to the right"

Actually, he scares the left a lot more. He ran a joke spoiler campaign. Twice. And the first time, he made enough of a difference to make Gore lose. Aside from that, he really doesn't know how things work (one great example being his pie-in-the-sky minimum wage idea).

Clark is another scary spoiler, with an arrogant Caesar/McArthur complex.

"His career in the military & the world of business speaks for itself."

Yes, it speaks loud and clear of a complete lack complete lack of political experience. Such a resume might have given Clark a good "in" to be elected to a governorship, or the House of Representatives. But not the Presidency.

"and alleged 'pilots' get a pass."

Sorry, Arthur. Dan Rather's story was fake. Are you the last person in the world who believes that military officials in the early 1970s were writing documents using Microsoft Word?. The actual pilot who received an honorary discharge for completely fulfilling his duty also served two terms as governor of one of the country's largest states, also.

Arthur, I did notice that you only defended the joke candidates on "your side". If you would have defended Keyes (or Buchanan, whom I could have named), I could and would have easily pointed out that they weren't serious candidates just like Nader and Clarke.

But having a complete partisan bias even when it trumps the facts is part of your schtick.

TRUTH 101 said...

Good God Almighty. Okay. Let me explain this.

First of all. Remember who said Palin wa sready to be president. Then he admitted she was unsophisticated. That's Rush doublespeal for ignorant and easily manipulated. That's exactly what he and the right cabal want. An unsophisticated moron that will act as their dupe. Just like George. W. Bush.

dmarks said...

And "unsophisticated moron" is blind partisan doublespeak for "someone not in my party".

I noticed that Tao managed to be quite critical of her without getting into "she's a poopy-pants!" territory like this.

Arthurstone said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Arthurstone said...

Partisan bias?

Are you serious?

Of course I have a partisan bias.

I detest Democrats less than the Republicans.

Anyone running on the Republican platform is, in my view, a 'joke candidate'.

Rolling back civil rights for minorities, women's rights, environmental regulations, a 'defense of marriage' amendment to the Constitution, perpetual war overseas, racist immigration policies, absurd economic policies etc. etc. make the GOP a very bad joke.

That clear enough for you?

dmarks said...

(moving aside from your list of issues which fell far from the mark except for one of them).

When I refer to joke candidates, I'm not referring to some nebulous list of issues they don't agree with me on (that is something you do). I am referring to whether or not it is a serious campaign. Regardless of the list of issues they have.

Jim said...

Let's see now. A small town mayor that is an elected executive position which requires managing budgets, personnel, and service to the public and is subjected to a review by the voters, which also applies to Mrs. Palin as Governor of a major state, as compared to a . . . uh, o yea!, a community organizer that is not an elected position, is not subjected to a review by voters though it may have to deal with a budget and minor personnel issues.

A community organizer with no more experience than that was chosen to lead a nation of 300 million souls.

Mr. Obama's lack of any credible experience (before his election) in finance and foreign policy, not to mention no experience at all of military issues is even more lackluster than Millard Fillmore's! At least Fillmore was able to run the country without a Vice President. Shoot, I guess Mr. Obama is doing that as well. ;-)

Just how is that hope and change working in Afghanistan, in the continuing swelling of the unemployment lines, in the continuing fall of the value of the dollar?

Jim said...

Hey Mr. A, I'm working to be the most detestable person you know. How am I doin' so far?

O, dadgum it, I'm conservative, not Republican.

BTW - just what "rights" are being stripped from women and minorities? Can you be more specific?

dmarks said...

Jim, you are out of date when you match Palin (mayor, governor) against Obama (community organizer). Your arguments were a lot better a year ago.

It's 2009 now. You can already scratch "governor" from Palin's resume, since she flubbed it, and it is more of a liability now.

"Mr. Obama's lack of any credible experience (before his election)"

Do you honestly think that anyone can possibly make an issue out of that at a time when Pres. Obama will have already served 3 years of the Presidency?

And by the time the 2012 election is in full swing, Obama will have 3 years under his belt as President. Obama's resume will be a lot stronger, and Palin's is already weaker than it was a year ago.

TRUTH 101 said...

Just so I'm clear Dmarks. Anyone who is a natural born citizen aged 35 or older is "qualified" to be president. The word that best describes what we want is "capable."

Palin, just as Bush, was capable of being a good dupe. Thus, she is ready to be president according to Rush Limbaugh.

I've been a Democrat since I was thirteen. I've never missed a primary or election since I was 18. I've knocked on thousands of doors. Made thousands of phone calls. Stuffed envelopes. Worked as a campaign manager and committee member for dozens of Democratic candidates.

Of course I'm a partisan.

Jim said...

Mrs. Palin's mayor experience was mentioned first by SK, or did you miss that Mr. D?

Remember, Mr. Obama has less than a year's experience in office, and it is quite appropriate to discuss his lack of experience for that office. You seem to disagree with that.

What makes you think that Mr. Obama's future experience would be an attribute? It could very well make his administration a one-term phenom!

dmarks said...

Jim said: "Remember, Mr. Obama has less than a year's experience in office, and it is quite appropriate to discuss his lack of experience for that office. You seem to disagree with that."

Before the election, Obama did not have as much experience. Now, he has most of a year in the highest office in the land.

9 months leading a nation of 300,000,000 sort of trumps 8 years of leading a town of 6,000, doesn't it?

Sure, you can "discuss his lack of experience for that office", but at least compare him to someone in the same league.

"What makes you think that Mr. Obama's future experience would be an attribute?"

Well, all he has to do is stay in office. Something Palin could not manage for the highest office she held.

dmarks said...

Truth said: "Made thousands of phone calls."

You being a dem, I can handle. But harassing thousands of strangers via telephone something else entirely :)

Jim said...

I did compare Mr. Obama to someone in his so called league, Millard Fillmore!

Come on Mr. D, a year full of screw-ups is certainly experience. But it ain't something you want to toot your horn about, now is it.

Yes, Mrs. Palin quit her job as governor, a job in which she excelled. She was also hounded so severely with frivolous ethics charges that her enemies made it impossible for her to the best job for Alaskans that she wanted to do. She is loved by her Alaskans, I doubt Mr. Obama will have the same love affair with the nation at the end of his OJT in Washington.

dmarks said...

Jim said: "Yes, Mrs. Palin quit her job as governor, a job in which she excelled. She was also hounded so severely with frivolous ethics charges that her enemies made it impossible for her to the best job for Alaskans that she wanted to do"

What Sarah Palin endured as governor in Alaska is nothing compared to what just about any President I can think of has endured.

A lot of governors, too. Blago never gave up, even though the scandals are much bigger with him (and actually substantive).

When the going gets tough.... oh well.

If elected, would she even last 3 days in the Presidency?

Jim said...

Personally, I would have liked Mrs. Palin to have stayed on the job as governor. Her opposition had made it personally costly for her to do so. Not one of the ethics charges against her held up, but that was not the goal. Making her family bankrupt and destroying it was. Not one President had to hire a lawyer and defend himself against a never ending parade of frivolous ethics charges while in office.

Mrs. Palin hasn't abandoned the field. Quite the contrary as she is front and center in the debates on issues. She has more brass between her legs than the thin-skinned occupier currently in the White House. Mrs. Palin doesn't whine and complain about this great country. She and her family have taken the opportunities opened to them and have excelled and made contributions to society. They live their version of the American Dream and want others to excel in their versions of the Dream as well. Unlike Mr. Obama and his friends, who want you to live the version they have in mind for you.

dmarks said...

"Mrs. Palin hasn't abandoned the field. Quite the contrary as she is front and center in the debates on issues."

But surely she needs to do more on that woefully thin resume of hers. Like run for one of Alaska's Senate seats.

Jim said...

I don't see why Mr. D that Mrs. Palin has to buck up her resume. We have as example Mr. Obama who has the titles of experience without any actual practical experience (state senator [present!], US Senator [150 days of campaigning for the Presidency]).

Click here to see what really mattered in Mr. Obama's campaign and to his devoted followers of hope and change.

dmarks said...

"I don't see why Mr. D that Mrs. Palin has to buck up her resume"

Well, she already did *uck it up by quitting her highest job.

Do you honestly think that as President she'd receive less harassment than she did as Governor? Come on now. What her enemies did in Alaska is nothing to what they would be doing if she got elected President.

"We have as example Mr. Obama who has the titles of experience without any actual practical experience "

You keep forgetting that by the time of the next Presidential election, Mr. Obama will have 3 years of practical experience as President under his built. You keep wanting to match Mrs. Palin against the Mr. Obama of October 2008. Sorry, bud, time has marched on, and it will have marched on a lot by 2012.

No doubt Palin's Republican opponents will also have a lot more than her joke resume.

Arthurstone said...

Jim said...

Let me get this straight Mr. D, Mr. Obama's experience as a community rabble rouser was a qualifier to be President and his future OJT experience will be a formidable hurdle and result in his 2nd term in office. NO need to run against him due to his new found experience.

Is this just in contrast to Mrs. Palin or is it in relation to anyone without Presidential experience?

OK, I'm confused. Mr. Obama is President even though he has a resume thinner than MINE. Then again, he does have a cult following and one can't say that about Mrs. Palin.

You are right in that Mr. Obama will have 4 years of experience, assuming he completes the full term. He might, at the end, pull a Lyndon Johnson due to his poor performance in managing a war machine. Time will tell.

Jim said...

Shhhh! Mr. A is thinking again. ;-)

Jim said...

LMAO Mr. A. That was a good one. Guess ya gotta do something in gloomy Seattle. Can't get outside much. Since ya got all this time why not research the "a" tags?

Here's one in use now! You'll get a kick out of this one Mr. D.

TRUTH 101 said...

Dmarks said: "You being a dem, I can handle. But harassing thousands of strangers via telephone something else entirely :)"

Why are you offended by our democratic process Dmarks? Your republican partisan friends make calls and mail letters as well. Do you support a one party system like Cuba's?

Why do you hate America? :)

dmarks said...

Truth said: "Your republican partisan friends make calls and mail letters as well."

Actually, I oppose anyone who doesn't have the decency to follow the federal don't-call list. Political telemarketers aren't required to legally, but it is only good manners not to harass strangers by telephone and respect their explicit wishes not to be called by any telemarketers of any kind.

Mitt Romney, during the primaries, would have cost me his vote by the fact that his campaign harassed me by telephone (if I wasn't already voting for someone else. But the campaign call from him led me to tell others not to vote for him).

It IS possible to get rid of telephone harassment without harming democracy one bit :)


TRUTH 101 said...

There are far more that voted for Romney because they got a phone call Dmarks. The worst thing any businessman or politician wants to hear was "I would have voted, or bought, from you if somebody would have called and asked."

I can appreciate your not wanting to be bothered. But to decide not to vote for someone because he called and asked for your vote is rather silly. I think it's great that candidates are willing to do little things that add up to big results like knocking on doors and making phone calls. It shows committment to their candidacy. It makes me wonder about the rest of your thought process if you're offended by someone working hard to achieve what he/she believes.

dmarks said...

"But to decide not to vote for someone because he called and asked for your vote is rather silly."

But when someone calls after he or she was told not to, shows that he or she is willing to cut corners. What next, breaking into people's houses and planting bumper stickers on their TV screens?

And the Federal do not call list is an actual request not to call.

"little things that add up to big results like knocking on doors"

And what if the door has a sign that says "no soliciting" ?

"I can appreciate your not wanting to be bothered."

You don't really, as you ignore the request not to be bothered.

I doubt there are many here that get enamored of politicians who harass people by telephone.

Walts World said...

dmarks said...

"But to decide not to vote for someone because he called and asked for your vote is rather silly."



TRUTH 101 said...

So you can complain on Shaw's blog till your hearts content, but you can't be bothered to talk to a candidate because you're too busy complaining on Shaw's blog. Way to embrace the process Dmarks. Your interest and concern are to be admired.

dmarks said...

I look up and down for the "can't talk to candidates" comment. I didn't make one. It was probably on other blog, from another commenter.

dmarks said...

Also, I have yet to get a call from an actual candidate. If one of them took the effort to do so, I would probably talk to them. Instead, it is mostly robo-calls, and a few phone-bank drones here and there.

On this blog, I found this comment about the mess:

"State Rep. Mary Still, a Columbia Democrat, said she supports the new rule, and she plans to sponsor a bill that would ban political robocalls completely.

Still said she thinks robocalls make people tired of politics and less inclined to vote.

She said she has never used a robocall in a campaign and has never had them used against her. She said she thinks people prefer to talk directly with candidates rather than with a prerecorded message."

A wise person pointing out that telephone harassment can indeed backfire.

TRUTH 101 said...

I wasn't talking about robo calls. I have no use for them either.

Anonymous said...

Conservative candidate touted and slobbered over by national conservative Republican figures loses: huge win for conservatives!

Jesus Christ, what is wrong with these people?