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Monday, August 22, 2011


Grateful Libyans hold sign thanking the "Fantastic 4," U.S. President Obama, French President Nicolas Sarkozy, British Prime Minister David Cameron, and U.S. Ambassador the U.N. Susan Rice .

David Gergen:

"DAVID GERGEN, CNN SENIOR POLITICAL ANALYST: Well, John, I think there have been a lot of signs here in recent days that Gadhafi is coming toward his end….So I think he’s getting down to his, as I say, I think he’s going down to his final days. In terms of interpreting how this was done, if — Obama took a risk. If Gadhafi had been there for six months, I think he would have lost that gamble and he would have been seen as ineffectual. If he brings him down soon, I think it’s going the other way. John, you know, they got Bin Laden. If they get Gadhafi too, that’s a pretty good summer for President Obama.

….You have to say that if we get him, if he is toppled — and I do think he’s going to be toppled, either dead or alive, I think he’s going down and going down fairly soon. That with U.S. playing a secondary role, one which I have gone the other way, I would prefer the U.S. in a more muscular role, but if the Obama approach works, you have to give him credit for it.

Gergen’s conclusion that he would have liked to have seen Obama take a more “muscular” approach, but if Obama is successful then we have to give him credit, is one Gergen lived up to yesterday when he admitted he had been wrong by tweeting:
#Gadhafi seems finished! If so, #Obama/alliance approach vindicated. Critics (including me, Neo-cons,GOP, etc.) shd give credit."
h/t Politicususa


Dave Miller said...

But they won't...

This just in... President Obama just said the sky is blue...

And almost immediately every GOP Presidential candidate said Obama would have been correct if he had said so earlier, but since he did not say it on his first day in office, he was, in fact wrong...

Gov. Perry said that the sky being blue is just one theory out there...

Shaw Kenawe said...


Perfect parody of the sort of opposition Mr. Obama has faced since before he took office.

It's one thing to attack a president's policies, but the GOP has gone beyond that and engaged in character assassination and racism. The TPs and certain members of the GOP don't like to hear "racism," but when their respected blow-hards--Limbaugh--constantly bring race into discussions about this president [Or-Bam-eo cookies?], I call that racism.

For more on what the Tea Baggers say about Mr. Obama, go here.

Rational Nation USA said...

We shall see how long the "Fantastic 4" is appreciated by Libyans.

I believe we need look no further than historical references to predict realities that are sure to come.

Octopus said...

RN: "to predict realities that are sure to come."

How presumptuous. Another instant, self-appointed expert on anything and everything. At least the people of Libya are willing to do what NO AMERICAN REPUBLICAN CAN ... give credit where credit is due in thanking Obama and NATO for helping them overthrow a ruthless dictator. Nope, you can't even give Obama credit for the decision to get bin Laden.

I'm sick and tired of this hyper-partisan BULLSHIT !!!

Rational Nation USA said...

My observation was not partisan. Irrespective who may, or may not have been President I believe that the Libyans will in the end prove to have short memories.

Just as many before them have.

Oh, and I say this not as a republican, conservative, or any other flavor of the political system.

I fail to understand where you found my comment as partisan in any way.

Octopus said...

You missed the point of Shaw's post. This post is about the heartfelt thanks of the Libyan people for Obama and NATO, not about you or your opinion.

Your puny little world is always about politics, not about giving credit where credit is due. In your puny little world, Obama can never do anything right, and you cannot even muster any little common decency to acknowledge the foreign policy success of a Democratic President who also happens to be Black-American.

On March 25, 2010, one year and two months after the inauguration of Barack Obama, I posted this comment, which said in part:

First, it started with the Birthers, those who sought to undermine the legitimacy of a newly elected President with fabricated conspiracy theories about the authenticity of his birth certificate and the legality of his presidency.

Next came the Tea Baggers, followed by the town hall hooligans, followed by gun-toting thugs at presidential rallies, followed by GOP Congressman Joe Wilson’s outburst of 'Liar' before a special session of Congress, followed by GOP Congresswomen Michelle Bachmann calling for armed resistance against Obama’s legislative agenda, followed by GOP Congressman Trent Franks threatening a Birther lawsuit against Obama and calling him an “enemy of humanity,” followed by GOP Governor Rick Perry calling for Texas to secede from the union, followed by Newsmax columnist John Perry dreaming of a military coup against President Obama, followed by a FaceBook poll asking: “Should Obama be killed?”

For months, we have heard the repeating rhythms of Obama the Communist, Obama the Socialist, Obama the Islamofascist, Obama the Jihadist … and the steady and relentless drumbeats of a GOP run amuck driving us towards civil disorder and insurrection.

So here we are, two and half fucking years later, this PARTISAN BULLSHIT still continues. You have NO FUCKING IDEA HOW MUCH BITTERNESS this has engendered. And if you don't like the tone of this post, then READ IT AGAIN!

Anonymous said...

Pretty good summer for Obama indeed! It doesn't matter how many military, security, or foreign policy victories a Democrat rings up, they'll always be considered soft until they're willing to let their rhetoric do the talking instead of their actions.

Rational Nation USA said...

Octo - I reread your comment, twice. Were I thin skinned I could allow myself to get pissed. I didn't and I won't.

You may define my comment, as well as my world, in any terms you wish. The fact you chose to do only points out differences in perspective.

It proves nothing. Different perspectives are indeed good things. Even when the do match ones own.

Rational Nation USA said...

For me it is not the man who is at issue, nor the issue of his birthplace. Rather it is his political and philosophical beliefs I question.

And while acknowledging there are racists and bigots I resent the veiled implications.

But as they say, rising above it makes one the better person for it.

And so I have.

Octopus said...

RN: "Rather it is his political and philosophical beliefs I question."

... in other words, a more insidious and disguised form of intolerance and bigotry.

Rational Nation USA said...

Octo - You are insufferable.

"... in other words, a more insidious and disguised form of intolerance and bigotry."

You Octo have absolutely no basis on which to make your false accusations.

I have not only worked with many people of color that I respect, I have also promoted people of color in my business life.

I was honored when asked to speak at a black man who worked for me retirement party. As I have been honored to dine with many people of color who distinguished themselves by their character and actions.

In closing, rather than getting angry with your fallacious remark I shall only say it is enough that those who know me... know.

Therefore, I couldn't care less, or give a rats ass for what you think.

Octopus said...

RN: "I have not only worked with many people of color that I respect ..."

In my wildest imagination, I could not have hoped for a better statement of TOKENISM than this. Sure, some of my closest friends are ... (fill-in the blank).

You know, RN. Sometimes it is better to simply shut up than shove your foot in deeper. BWWWAAAAAA!

Rational Nation USA said...

Octo, with all due respect you are a total ---. You can fill in the blanks.

Octopus said...

If you resent being a victim of false accusations and collateral damage in a super-charged, hyper-partisan atmosphere, then welcome to the club. This is how we have been treated for three goddamn years.

How do you like being treated in kind? Did you appreciate having unfair characterizations thrown in your face? Having your words twisted inside out? The constant taunts and verbal abuse? The relentless slash and burn of partisan rhetoric?

Yes, we are bitter. BITTER! I told you so weeks ago, but none of this seems to register with you.

And that is the way it will be unless there is constructive change in attitude from your side of the political divide.

Rational Nation USA said...

Octo - Appreciate your openness with respect to your feelings.

And of course you conclude with, "And that is the way it will be unless there is constructive change in attitude from your side of the political divide."

Hm, a statement that cuts both ways.