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Saturday, April 28, 2012

A Tale of Two Speeches

Watch these two speeches and observe the different reactions from the audiences.  Those poor college kids at Romeny's event.  What did they do to deserve that coma-inducing speech.

h/t Talking Points Memo

I had a troll come by the other day to explain that the reason President Obama's college student audiences are so wildly receptive to him is because he speaks only at "indoctrinated universities" to get applause.

That troll would watch these two speeches and not understand a thing.


Anonymous said...

Wingers can't deal with the fact that PBO has razzle-dazzle and Mittens is booooooooooring.

just look at how happy the students are at PBO's event and how pained they are at Mittens'.

Dave Miller said...

Anon and Shaw... what you all are not understanding is that the crowd at the Romney event was from an indoctrinated liberal university where they favor president Barack Obama.

Of course they would not be happy hearing anyone challenge their dear leader.

Oh, do you mean to tell me that Otterbien College, where Romney was speaking is part of the Methodist Denomination?

Well then, never mind.

I bet Anons heads is exploding trying to get around such a silly non fact supported comment.

As an aside, on another blog today, I was told I ask questions like a prosecutor.

My question, asking for the link from your blog where I have said vile and disgusting things about Lisa and conservatives.

I am still waiting for the links...

Shaw Kenawe said...

Dave, the bloggers who frequent the same blogs that you and I comment on know for a fact that you've always been a considerate, gracious and fair-minded commenter.

You, as do all of us, have your own particular point of view, which you can quite eloquently defend without demeaning the other person.

That is rare on most of the blogs I comment on and most of the blogs I just read.

The reason those commenters haven't linked to any "vile" or "disgusting" comments from you is because they don't, and never will, exist.

Yours is a measured voice of reason and good will.

You reflect so well on the religion you follow. You are among the very few I know who actually live the Christian message.

Truth 101 said...

I could live with, and for the most part appreciate a boring president of good character and ideals.

Mitt is boring but possess neither of the other qualities.

RN is ragging lately. This gives him something to bore us with his now famous response of "yada yada."

Glad to provide some excitement.

Shaw Kenawe said...

TRUTH, RN comes here and makes comments on collectivists and all manner of jabs at progressives.

I commented at his blog that all incumbents talk about their successes during their re-election bids. Bush's team talked about how he kept America "safe" after the 9/11 attack.

RN accused me of "blaming Bush."


The only other thing I said was that his use of the word "shameless" as applied to Mr. Obama's re-election team talking about getting rid of bin Laden, was over the top, since all incumbents talk up their successes.

Anyway, RN doesn't want to talk to me anymore. He's given up on us progressives. We're awful, and he's a poor put-upon libertarian who's been abused by moi.


It's good to hear from someone like you whose skin isn't so thin.

Sheesh. I think I hit some nerve and that's why he went all funny on me.

Anonymous said...
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the nice anonymous said...

the trolls are upset because Obama is doing well. all they can hope to do is paste stupid comments. as if that would do any good. but who said they have any intelligence? Hahahaha!

Jerry Critter said...

It's interesting how the Bushites never talk about how Bush kept us save BEFORE 9/11.

Truth 101 said...

Ron Paul is now the official joke he was before he became official.

Poor RN has nothing left to draw readers except attacking those who speak the truth like you Shaw.

Rational Nation USA said...

Right Truth, so right. Believe your delusions. LMFAO!

Rational Nation USA said...

So right Mr. Truthie, whatever you say.

Rational Nation USA said...

Shaw, you need not worry about my visiting again. I frankly have tired of the bullshit.

Have a wonderful life.

Anonymous said...

Beyonce isn't the most beautiful woman in the world,Mithelle Obama ith,thilly wabbit

skudrunner said...

"the nice anonymous said...
the trolls are upset because Obama is doing well."

At what? Unemployment has been above 8% for his entire term, housing is reentering a slump, he has increased the debt by 40% in three years, people on food stamps are at a record high, gas prices will remain high because he feels cars should run on solar, he has invested the US taxpayers money in scams for his contributors, he has an attorney general who should be in jail for illegal gun running.
His answer to leading the nation blame someone else and create hate groups to divert attention away from his ineptness.

Now we go from Change to Forward, what a farce he is.

Shaw Kenawe said...

skudrunner: "His answer to leading the nation blame someone else and create hate groups to divert attention away from his ineptness."

Seriously? Give us some evidence for that claim. Otherwise, you're doing nothing more than repeating FAUX NOOZ and conservative blog talking points.

Have the integrity to show us where he's "blaming someone else."

And if you link us to where he talks about the shit-hole Bush put us in, that isn't blame, that's being factual. People who don't want to face reality call that "blame."

Shaw Kenawe said...

skudrunner: "...create hate groups to divert attention away from his ineptness."

Creating "hate groups?"

Wow. Got some evidence for that nonsense too? You need to think more and watch FAUX NOOZ less.

skudrunner said...


I will assume you are just joking about Obama not blaming all his failures on others. One thing Obama is very good at is being a politician. Take credit for that which is good, blame someone else when it's not, totally in line with the progressive movements motto of Take No Personal Responsibility.
Lets hate the 1% because there are so many of the 99%. Lets tax the rich because we don't want to change the tax system, lets not present a budget for three years because democrat senators would have to vote and that may not look good. Lets get elected and spend three out of four years campaigning for re-election.

He abandoned Change and now has Forward which is in line with his political views. That slogan will not be around long.

BTW, I never watch Fox News

Jerry Critter said...

"lets not present a budget for three years"

Oh Skud, at least try to make statements that are not so easy to refute. It hurts your credibility when you don't.


"As per law, Obama has submitted a budget for each fiscal year he’s been president -- fiscal years 2010, 2011 and 2012, according to a quick check on the Government Printing Office’s website, where the documents are posted. It’s as simple as that."

skudrunner said...


When was the last time the Democrat Controlled Senate submitted a budget for vote. Obama's farce of a budget didn't even have the support of his own party.

The Democrats have taken the stance of not submitting a budget and attacking anything submitted by the Republicans.

Jerry Critter said...

You said Obama did not present a budget for three years. That is wrong as I proved. He is required by law to do it and he did.

ralph said...


How many budgets have the Democrat senate put up for a vote in the last three years?

Jerry Critter said...

The government cannot operate without a budget. Remember the threatened government shutdown?

For you research-challenged individuals out there, here are some links to:

The 2010 Budget

the 2011 Budget

The 2012 Budget

Obviously, both the House and the Senate agreed, voted, and passed these budgets.

To say that there has been no budget for the past three years is flat out wrong.