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Saturday, May 12, 2012


Oh my!

This is an example of the head-exploding berserk-a-pa-looza going on in various anti-Obama, anti-gay blogs on the internet.  This particular rant (h/t/ daily kos) embodies, in my opinion, everything the right gets wrong about gay marriage, or anything to do with gays.  It is poignant, in a perverted way, that this person's religon, which is supposed to be based on love and tolerance for all, has managed to twist him/her into a writhing mass of egregious ignorance and howling hatred. 

I've put this disturbed ranter's prose into verse, because I believe the poetic form better conveys the emotional anguish he/she (I believe it's a "he") is unnecessarily suffering because of what he believes an omnipotent being expressed to some Bronze Age desert dwellers thousands of years ago.  He would rather rail against losing control of a centuries old, hand-me-down hatred than see what is real, what is authentic, what is right in front of his nose. 

For no one who actually has known, lived with, or loved someone who is gay could ever, ever write such mendacious rot.

Welcome to Gomorrah - population OBAMA

So now the satanist-in-chief
has finally decided to officially
commit to supporting sick perverts
over actual people.

No more pretense
of being a "Christian"
and now it's an alliance
with Satan. Sick sick

deranged perverts are the preferred
class of citizen in this new
USA of ours. It began
with the forcible injection

of homosexualists
in the formerly moral US military.
Now it is a celebration
of the sickest forms
of homosexual pedophilia

What is next? Drug-fueled sex parties
in the white house
in front of tv cameras?

Does the president already have
his own personal homosexual lover
for who he buys cocaine and expensive champaine
(with taxpayer money)? Will marrying raccoons

become legal? Or marrying 10-year old boys
(as many homosexualists arre already arguing)?
AIDS was brought on us by GOD
as the gay plague and it is gays

who spread it. Without gays there would be
almost zero drug use. Do you understand
that the kind of sick diseased mind
that engages in homosexuality also

enagages in every other form of crime
and immorality? We cannot and should not
become a nation of sodomites even if
the president tries to force it on us.

Why don't you open the Bible
and see what God thinks of perversion.

be bought with filthy homosexual money
from Hollywood deviants! God will not be bullied
by fascist homosexualist thugs! For every pro-pervert

propaganda speech your president makes
God will send down a hurricane or earthquake!
Obama is now the American Caligula
and his twisted sex-mad regime will be swept

away by the hand of God
and a new president will enter office
this year and he will be a moral predient!
Obama will be remembered

as the most degenerate pervert
to stain the white house and then forgotten!
Vote for Obama is a vote
to make your children watch homosexual

orgies in schools etc
in the name of "diversity".
You keep reading gay porn magazines
and Mein kampf and I'll read my Bible.

We'll see who wins in november. God
is on our side and Satan is on yours.
Who wins?
Seems clear.


This is Willard's base.  They want to "take back the country,"  and the above rant is an example of where they want to take it to.

GO HERE to read Andrew Sullivan's post on what a GOP pollster is advising the Republicans.   Essentially he's saying that the GOP had better come into the 21st century and abandon their gay bashing and anti-gay stance, because it is a losing position.  I don't know what Mitt Romney will do now that he has "severely" come out against gay marriage AND civil unions.  The GOP pollster advised GWB in 2004.


Dave Miller said...

God also struck down the couple who lied and did not give the proceeds from selling their land to the Apostles to redistribute to those in need.

I bet we won't hear this clown or any other right wing extremist bringing up that passage any time soon...

Rational Nation USA said...

That aside Dave this dude or dudette, whichever the case may be is one extremely sick and hateful individual who without a doubt is in need of serious emotional evaluation assick
he or she is one sick person.

Infidel753 said...

It always worries me when these slavering nutbars go off the apocalyptic deep end like this and start ranting about Satan and Caligula and so forth. It's the true Bible-based world-view coming to the fore, with no room for any influence from reality (Obama endorsing gay marriage becomes "celebrating pedophilia" and forcing us to "become a nation of sodomites", plus whatever that raccoon thing is about). Anyone who's so deranged and infuriated would very likely feel inspired to attack whatever's upsetting him so much.

I hope the Secret Service is paying close attention.

KP said...

Shaw, first time poster but admirer from other blogs.

In your view, am I close to truth when I say that about 10% of actual voters are far right and about the same percentage far left?

And that about 80% of actual voters don't want to be labeled as part of either group?

Even if it is only 70% that don't want to be part of the ideology, who is going to be first to seek to secure the greatest percentage of these Americans?

It seems the closer we get to election the less discussion there is on war, trade, banking reform, health care reform, tax reform, job creation, education, energy and environment.

I'm wondering if anybody else is getting worn down by dogs and evolution?

Infidel753 said...

Where is the "far left" equivalent of this? Where are the leftists who foam up with this kind of insane ranting about Gomorrah and raccoons and divine punishment at the mere suggestion of, say, equal civil right for fundamentalists?

If such people exist at all, they're far less than 10% of the population. 0.00001% maybe.

I doubt that extreme rightists like the nutcase Shaw quotes are 10% of the population, but 4%-5% wouldn't surprise me.

Asserting an equivalence between left and right in hatefulness and insanity may seem like a moderate middle-of-the-road position, but it isn't even close to reality.

Infidel753 said...

Oh, and dogs and evolution do matter. The Seamus story tells us something significant about Romney's character defects, and a major political party rejecting the most solidly-established fact in all of human knowledge is legitimate grounds for concern.

Dave Miller said...

Interesting thought KP... I used to comment on some of the blogs where I am sure you found Shaw and I have a question for you that no one on those blogs would ever answer because they called prosecutorial... What does an extremist on the right look like?

Maybe you could give it a try. It's hard to dialogue with a group that says there is no extreme right position because people on the right are... wait for it... right! Yep, that was the answer I was given.

For a long time I thought like you did but at a 20% number. But I just don't see an equivalency here. Help me out...

okjimm said...

Wowzers! That was quite a screed. Somebody's been smoking drano again!

Course, someone once told me the homosexual agenda is responsible for excessive mosquitoes, too.

KP said...

@Dave Miller -- Thanks Dave, I appreciate your thoughtful response and will give your question the same level of thought in the next day or so.

Today, I am BBQing with my two adult daughters and their mom, my wife. Happy Mothers Day to all mom's here. Cheers.

KP said...

Dave, great to see the work you do at the non profit missions agency. My wife of 26 years has worked at a non profit for severely mentally and physically handicapped adults for nearly twenty years. We will never be wealthy but it sure is rewarding. Good on you. My oldest is 25 and my youngest is 21 and graduated university last weekend.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Dave, I'm always perplexed by the selective quoting from the Bible that goes on in some religious sects. I also have heard that the NT is a clarification, by the Son of God, Jesus, of what is written in the OT. The OT states that men being with men is an abomination unto God, but, as far as I know, there's nothing about this in the NT. Jesus is mute on the question of homosexuality. Does that mean that if Jesus says nothing about all the rules and prohibitions in the OT, that those rules and prohibitions stand? There are so many interpretations by so many scholars and experts.

Perhaps people could avoid starting wars and misunderstandings by adopting the most important idea in the Bible--"Love One Another."

Infidel753, IMO, there is no equivalent on the Left with the fanatics on the Right. Once, perhaps in the upheavals of the late '60s and '70s, but I see nothing like that now. The extremists on the Right are dangerous and wholly out of touch with reality.

And I agree that how one treats one's pets is a reflection of one's compassion, and how one would attack and mock someone different, as Romney did to that young man during prep school years, is an indication of character.

okjimm, did you get the blast email on how to get rid of mosquitoes with Listerine? BTW, it's false. LOL!

KP, welcome and thanks for your comments. We're friendly here as long as no one personally attacks a commenter. Go after any idea you disagree with.

PS. My niece works for the Heifer Project, one of the best, IMO, charitable organizations on the planet.

KP said...

@Dave Miller said:

<< What does an extremist on the right look like? Maybe you could give it a try.>>

Dave, I have a given this question quite a bit of thought. I also asked myself what an extremist on the left looks like. They are two interesting questions. They seem to be easy to answer at first blush, but on further consideration I am struggling.

What I keep coming back to is that the far left and far right seem to demonize each other. That is how I know I am dealing with the extreme right or extreme left. They demonize one another. And when that happens we are just left with two sides competing against one another.

I asked a couple of my brother and a close friend (both attorneys and both Dems and they couldn't answer either. Perhaps if one has an easy answer that is a clue :-)

As David Byrne wrote "same as it ever was".

KP said...

@Shaw << welcome and thanks for your comments. We're friendly here as long as no one personally attacks a commenter. >>

Thanks Shaw, I will be mostly listening to see if I can learn from people like yourself and Dave Miller. I am not an ideologue but am quite motivated to see our government work more effectively. Espescially locally. In my view, gerrymandering, pandering and outright unlawful behavior is responsible for a Congress that is no longer functioning. That really hurts us at the federal level. How do you see it?

PS. My niece works for the Heifer Project, one of the best, IMO, charitable organizations on the planet.

KP said...

Nice work at the Heifer Project!!

Shaw Kenawe said...

"How do you see it?" --KP

I see it as discouraging and depressing. We are all Americans who face the same problems. It would be to our advantage if we could come together to solve our problems. I understand we have differences on how to approach the solutions. But these problems are man-made, and so they can be solved by us.

Too bad we didn't change the terms of presidents when we changed how many terms they could serve. If each president were elected for a 6 year term, then we wouldn't have to put up with the first four years of election politics!

Also, if we limited by Constitutional amendment the terms of the presidetn, then why can't we limit senators and representatives?

Lobbyists? A poison on our politics!

KP said...

<< If each president were elected for a 6 year term, then we wouldn't have to put up with the first four years of election politics! >>

So true! Our Presidents only serve two years of the first four!

<< if we limited by Constitutional amendment the terms of the presidetn, then why can't we limit senators and representatives? >>


<< Lobbyists? A poison on our politics! >>


Shaw Kenawe said...

KP, I see that you are an endurance coach. Good on you.

I was a runner for many years. Never did a marathon, but did a half marathon, and many 10Ks and other races--8 to 10 miles.

Don't run now. Knee problems. But I'm a fast walker. I also biked and did cross-country skiing.

Best years of my life were the years I ran. I loved the feeling of being able to run and lose myself in the experience, of never wanting to stop--going on and on. It was a real runner's high.

I'm also very interested in nutrition and healthy eating. No commercially prepared food--ever! I'm lucky that I live in an area where I can get freshly baked whole grain bread, whole fruits and veggies, grains, nuts, and seeds, any time, all within walking distance. I live in the city, don't use a car, walk everywhere, take subways, buses, trains or planes when I need to travel, and rent a car on the rare occasions when I need one.

KP said...

Good for you, Shaw! I have raced twenty Ironman triathlons (2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, 26.2 mile run). I advise both newbies and professionals athletes on several continents. It is quite the crucible of lessons learned when it comes to human behavior. I combine that expertise with thirty years of experience with sports injury rehab as a chiropractor and nutritional counseling.

It was a food post of yours that ultimately sent me to your blog. As you know, always invest in your health via nutrition and exercise. That will make you most valuable to yourself and others long term.