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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Pig Castrating GOP Senator To Give SOTU Rebuttal

Senator Joni "The Pig Castrator" Ernst to give SOTU rebuttal.

Keeping the tradition of choosing what the TeaPublicans think are their most promising pols, the Gee-Oh-Pee has chosen Sen. Joni "The Pig Castrator" Ernst this year.

Here are some of Sen. Ernst's more thrilling statements and positions on various issues:

1.    She supported prison for Obamacare officials.  Ernst said she'd back a crazy bill to nullify the ACA and jail bureaucrats.

2.    She takes her gun “virtually everywhere” because she is afraid of not only violent assailants but also the government.

3.    She subscribes to the radical, neo-Confederate idea that states can “nullify” federal laws that they deem to be unconstitutional — and even went so far as to suggest that local law enforcement officers can arrest government officials for simply administering federal laws.

4.    She also wants to abolish the federal minimum wage and eliminate federal agencies such as the Department of Education, the EPA and the IRS.

5.     Senator Joni "The Pig Castrator" Ernst  has also repeatedly floated the idea of impeaching President Obama for becoming a “dictator.” 

6.    She supports government intervention when it comes to women’s reproductive rights, sponsoring the Iowa personhood amendment, which would ban abortion in all cases along with common forms of birth control. “I think the provider should be punished, if there were a personhood amendment,” Ernst said, but has since insisted that she thinks the amendment would be purely symbolic.

You go Senator Ernst!  We await your BSC criticisms on the SOTU by President Obama, because we know that a person who's been a US Senator for less than 3 weeks has important and serious insights into the workings of the federal government.  And you don't have to remind us about how good you are at castrating pigs, because you told us many times during your illustrious campaign that your castration experience would serve you well as a US Senator and give you the tools you need to represent your party.  And don't sit too close to any of your male colleagues.  For some reason, they get very nervous when you're near them.  They may squeal with fright should you do so.

Meanwhile, here are some other rebuttals to the SOTU by these amazing GOP super stars.  

Grunt. Grunt.


Rusty Old Ford said...

About the SOTU rebuttal by Ernst:

Why would anyone watch a pig castrator spew pig crap all over the teevee?

TRANSLATION: I won't be watching

Rational Nation USA said...

I for one am looking forward to Ernst's rebuttal, perhaps more than the SOTU addresses. :-)

Time for important stuff now, like hitting the gym to help stave off the need for

When in America it is best to be a joker.

Anonymous said...

Jindal's following a fine Tea Party tradition of making stuff up:

"Following a speech he gave in London Monday that referenced the discredited claims of “no-go zones” for non-Muslims in Britain, Gov. Bobby Jindal (R-LA) continued to defend his point to a CNN reporter who pressed him for evidence.

In his remarks, Jindal said, “It is startling to think that any country would allow, even unofficially, for a so called ‘no-go zone.’ The idea that a free country would allow for specific areas of its country to operate in an autonomous way that is not free and is in direct opposition to its laws is hard to fathom.”

But later, he was confronted by CNN’s Max Foster to back up these claims. “Look, I’ve heard from folks here that there are neighborhoods where women don’t feel comfortable going in without veils,” Jindal said. “That’s wrong. We all know that there are neighborhoods where police are less likely to go into.”

“But you need to have proper, sort of, facts to back that up,” Foster replied, saying he, as British man, has never heard of “no-go zones” for non-Muslims."

Lies and the lying liars who tell them. It's a GOP tradition.

Shaw Kenawe said...

R.O.F., I may stay long enough to watch her make a fool of herself.

RN USA, see above.

Anon, once these folks grab onto a lie they run with it, and facts be damned. You can even find, on a few of the extreme right wing blogs, commenters claiming that the White House was involved in the IRS controversy and that there was a BENGHAZI! scandal, even though GOP House committees havee ruled that there was no WH involvement and no cover-up. Facts don't matter--unless they're "false facts"--to people who dwell in a fantasy land and who spend their lives in wishful thinking.

They wanted so desperately to see Mr. Obama's presidency destroyed, so they've concocted an entire fact-free narrative, and they share that narrative among themselves, nodding their empty little heads in agreement about their fantasies.

The fact that Mr. Obama's approval rating is at 50% must be what a commenter here called "buthurting."

How can their foolish claims that Obummer/Obongo has ruined the country when by all measures, the economy has finally come back from the previous administration's ruination?

The better Mr. Obama's approval numbers and the economy, the louder and more calamitous their wailing.

Swine Times Nine said...

No pistol-packing, castrating Pee Tardy hack is going to touch my balls!!!


Josh said...

I don't care who offers the rebuttal, or even if you can link them to BDSM dungeons of pain and anguish and backdoor entries w/o lubricant. So long as someone hammers Obama's ass on this free community college idea, I'll be satisfied.

So, let's see. Kids today are leaving school ill equipped to deal with today's economy. They aren't in a position to compete in the workforce, and so a few years of community college will prepare them.

Doesn't sound that bad. (Makes "not bad" Obama meme face.)

But...wait...a light bulb might flicker over the heads of some people, while a simple question is asked, "Didn't the government have these same kids for 13 years--K-12--to begin with?"

So, if these kids are getting out of school without the necessary education to achieve success in today's economy, we'd be stupid to overlook the fact that they've been receiving a government education in the first place. But with his magic wand, two more years of free government education is going to make up for what 13 full years could not?

I don't do much on conspiracies, but for those who claim that the public school system is simply looking to indoctrinate kids with the idea of government>person, this nonsense certainly lends support to that.

Kids aren't ready for the economy of today. Kids received their education via government. So, the answer: More government education.

I feel like that kid in Grandma's Boy when he finds out the dude has a karate monkey: "Makes sense."

Brilliant. And how does this "free" education come to pass? Well, people just have to pay their "fair share," whatever arbitrary number success shamers decide to put on it.

Shaw Kenawe said...

"The government," Josh, also trains and is responsible for the military, so would you say the U.S. military sucks?

The problem with schools not performing well is, IMO, the tax-based funding. Wealthy communities have the best schools. In fact, the BEST schools (rated by how well the students are prepared for entering college and university and on their SAT scores), are in the wealthiest communities in Massachusetts.

There are many reasons schools fail their students. It isn't all the government's fault.

Shaw Kenawe said...

S.T. N. Never fear. Your testicles are safe so long as you stay away from the castrating senator.

Josh said...

""The government," Josh, also trains and is responsible for the military, so would you say the U.S. military sucks?"

"The government" provides what is necessary for soldiers to train soldiers.

A soldier and a bureaucrat walk into a bar. Bartender asks the soldier, "What'll it be?" Soldier says, "Give me a shot and a beer." Bartender asks the bureaucrat, he says, "I need to run this by my assistant, who will set up a meeting to form a new committee, and we will work to ensure a fair, inclusive standard, which will be passed through into law, for what you're allowed to serve at this bar. In the meantime, please refrain from serving any more alcohol in these premises."

The soldier knocks the bureaucrat plum out. The world applauds.

Unfortunately, we don't get a whole lot of teachers setting standards for teachers. The blob, micromanagement, public unions, and other obstructive forces pretty much hogtie schools.

As for funding, I'm sorry but I don't buy into the myth that under-performing schools need more money to perform better. The reason I believe schools in better, more upscale locations do better:

1) Typically better parenting in those communities
2) Typically fewer disciplinary problems in those communities
3) Typically less need for the blob to eff things up
4) Typically better attitudes amongst students, better work ethics, and more desire to do well in school and more goal-oriented toward a future

Right now, as we're speaking, there are 60 kids in a classroom with a single teacher, dirty drinking water, no comfortable climate-controlled room, no PCs, no tablets, no 20 assistants to the assistants and counselors and tenured space-wasters -- just an abacus and a cultural belief in education, and they'll kick our kids' spoilt asses up and down the block. They don't need this money pouring into the schools.

Besides, don't make a straw-man out of my complaint. I never said the government sucked at every single little thing they ever did or will do. But they do suck at education.

I realize Obama's practically a saintly figure around here, but all you folks who love to bad-mouth me, box me up as a right-wing member of the "cringe fringe" and quibble with random words out of sporadic sentences, just honestly answer a question. Don't even answer it aloud! Answer it to yourself, in quiet moments.

Q: If the government has 13 years to teach a child, yet that child leaves government schools still unable to compete in today's economy, what business then does government have siphoning off tax dollars to give these kids even more years of free, faulty education? If they couldn't get them ready for real life in 13 years, what makes people think 15 is the magic number?

Emotional heart-string-pulling sophistry.

Anonymous said...

The schools fail because Uncle Sam is taking care of families which gives them no ambition to go out and earn their way especially when their examples in life is mama's new boyfriend sleeping over and mama popping out yet one more baby out of wedlock so Uncle Sam can continue the cycle of dependency.
And they learn how to solve problems with anger thanks to Al Sharpton and white guilt liberals

Swine Times Nine said...

Why live this existence without essence?
From stork to pork is a pig’s quintessence.
We go from piglets to cutlets for a meal.
Everything but the squeal has grill appeal.

Why must my destiny be ham on bread?
Enjoy your glass of Ch√Ęteauneuf-du-Pape.
Remember, I’ve lived this life eating slop.
Why is my lot in life the butcher shop?

Everyone born will eventually die
And go to the great pigsty in the sky.
Please don’t think of me as rasher:
But next time, please, keep kosher!

No castration for this hallowed hog!
I say we alter Ernst in earnest instead
And run Jody-the-toady out of town
Hung upside down from a corn dog.

Anonymous said...

So yes it is the government's fault

Shaw Kenawe said...

Anonymous @2:14, sadly, you are an example of what happens when schools fail to educate their students.

Spouting off with Tea Party talking points may get you points among your blogging friends, but here they get an F-.

You're an example of poor critical thinking skills.

So sad.

Shaw Kenawe said...



But you've taken the swine motif far enough.

Shaw Kenawe said...

"I realize Obama's practically a saintly figure around here, but all you folks who love to bad-mouth me, box me up as a right-wing member of the "cringe fringe" and quibble with random words out of sporadic sentences, just honestly answer a question. Don't even answer it aloud! Answer it to yourself, in quiet moments."

Josh, you haven't been "around here" long enough to know, but no one thinks of Obama as a saint. Just because we don't refer to him as "Obummer/Obongo" and call him a Commie/Marxist/Soshalist/Nazi/Kenyan, that doesn't mean we don't understand that he's a flawed individual. He is. And we acknowledge his mistakes and blunders. We don't trash him like the malcontents on the Tea Party blogs. Their posts day after day after day are nothing but pity, whiney parties for themselves, moaning about how this country has gone to hell. Of course it hasn't. It has changed and we're experiencing the results of cultural changes most people wouldn't have dreamed of even 20 years ago.

What drives those TPers and other malcontents is fear and distrust of their fellow Americans. In their fantasy world, their fellow Americans are stupid ONLY when Democrats are elected by the voters, and miraculously those same voters turn brilliantly smart when GOPers are elected.

Mr. Obama's presidency has turned what was left of their brains after Dubya to mush.

PS. No one's bad-mouthing you here, it's called opposing points of view.

Ducky's here said...

Is Joni going to comment on the deflation scandal?

A Reader Not A Blogger said...

Shaw, some sleazebag stole a photo of a dead young girl from the internet and used it as his/her avatar and commented on the slime blog. Can anyone imagine anything worse than a low-life that would do such a thing? Christ.

That blog earns its reputation as a bottomless slime pit every day.


(O)CT(O)PUS said...

Josh-awash-in-hogwash: “Emotional heart-string-pulling sophistry.

You are OFF-TOPIC! This post about Joni Ernst and the SOTU rebuttal. You are being very RUDE! If you want to comment on eddyoukayshin, start your own blog and post your own topics. Otherwise, you are nothing but a TROLL here!

Shaw Kenawe said...


No one should be surprised. It's probably Radical Redass, he's from Queens, NY, as is published in the profile that uses that poor girl's photo. That's beyond sleaze and slides into cesspoolian territory. It's what they do very well at that blog. Wallow, wallow, wallow. Glug, glug. glug.

BTW, "Ms. Common Sense" also uses the name "My Blog," and "Clif" in other people's comment sections. He's all over the place.

Rational Nation USA said...

I don't know Shaw, it seems too low and depraved even fo RRR (Racist Radical Redneck, aka Radical Redass). But I'm willing to acknowledge I could be wrong.

Josh said...

"PS. No one's bad-mouthing you here"

Not at the moment, here, no. Give it a few posts, though. lol

In the meantime, any prop bets?

What's the O/U on the number of times Obama says "Free" tonight?

I'll say 12's the line, I'm taking the over.

"Fair share" is probably out of circulation, but I'm also predicting the unveiling of a new term to spur millions of bloggers and hundreds of news sites and networks into symmetrical action in using the exact same terminology to push the tax-and-spend initiative with the success-shaming term.

Something like "do more" seems far too simple for such an orator. I'm thinking more like "invest for success," something with a bit of alliteration and zing -- something that rolls off the tongue and is so easy to say no one stops to ask what arbitrary number it could possibly entail.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Josh, do you know what the definition of a cynic is?

It's someone who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing.

Shaw Kenawe said...

RN, I've seen what those two degenerates do for attention on Lisa's Smut Hut, and it's on a par with using a dead girl's photo as an avatar.

But that is a particularly slimey thing to do.

Shaw Kenawe said...


What will she whine about? The economy? The price of gas? The unemployment rate?

The "deflation scandal?"

She'll blame Obama.

Josh said...

"It's someone who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing."

Aww! Vague cutsie colloquialisms!

C'mere, you. I wanna pinch those cheeks.

So, I take it no one's taking the under?

Shaw Kenawe said...

More on the castrating senator from Iowa:

Ernst — and her husband — are no strangers to controversial remarks. For example:

Made comments about a decades-old United Nations treaty, where Ernst said she could see it resulting in “moving people off of their agricultural land and consolidating them into city centers, and then telling them that you don’t have property rights anymore.” She later backed off those statements.

At a forum in 2013, Ernst said that Congress shouldn’t pass any laws “that the states would consider nullifying.” However, states don’t have the power to nullify federal laws or Supreme Court decisions.

During the campaign, Ernst’s husband, Gail, posted a picture to Facebook of Hillary Clinton, saying “Truly more of a hag now than when she was 1st Lady!” Ernst’s campaign quickly went into damage control.

Joni Ernst is also known as Iowa's Sarah Palin.

She's a perfect representation of where the GOP is today.

Anonymous said...

Of course she will blame Obama as she should
Then I guess it's ok to blame Carter and Clinton for the housing market crash

Titan you're famous! said...

Senator CastratOR the best person to speak for the Tea Party?

I tattily DISAGREE!

Rational Nation USA said...

Isn't Sarah Palin better looking?

I suppose it's in the eye of the teacup huh?

Shaw Kenawe said...

Anonymous @5:57, your reading comprehension skills are awful.

I wrote that Senator Pig Castrator would blame President Obama for the "Deflation Scandal." And you say of course she should?

You have no idea what that refers to, do you.

Smarter trolls, please.

Louis O'Sullivan said...


Obama To Address Extremist Group Tonight.

Ducky's here said...

Well, Shaw, remember that footballs are called "pigskins".
I figure that Joni has the experience to expose a notoriously liberal city's football team and its wimpy metrosexual QB.

Anonymous said...

Did you see the clip on the pre-broadcast of the SOTU speech where they showed a bunch of clips of conservatives saying if President Obama gets re elected in 2012 the country will never recover, never be the same, be destroyed, gas will be 6.00 a gallon. etc etc..

That was funny. Useless political rhetoric, to be sure, and completely wrong. Ha!

Rational Nation USA said...

Well that was fun. Not much hope for bipartisan.or cooperation. IOW, status quo.

Joni was well rehearsed, folksy, and sincere. She really does believe in 1950.

Flying Junior said...

The real bummer about the republican response to the SOTU, is, of course, that it's mostly pre-recorded. We have seen that for several years now. There isn't really shit that they can say in the face of real progress.

Let's not forget that Bush II turned the greatest economic engine of prosperity ever known to humankind into the greatest depression since 1930.

We were hurting.

A lot of people will never make it back. They lost their jobs. Businesses were forever closed, never to come back. People have fallen back on their families, their churches and whatever social social safety nets that we had in place. Would you like to be in their place?

Bush screwed the entire United States of America and with it the world economy. Probably much of the blame rests with liberal hero, Clinton. But Bush hammered the deadly spike into the heart of the world economy.

Obama brought us out of that nightmare. Remember the Stimulus Package? Remember two wars with a cost of over four trillion dollars coupled with tax cuts? E-mail me to learn what those federal stimulus dollars did for San Diego County.

Republicans can just STFU.

Apologize! Please!

Anyway, none of this means anything at all. I'm just waiting for somebody else to say something nice about the President's speech.

Pantheon. Great moments in history. Eat you hearts out republicans. Boehner never looked so sad in his entire life.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Flying Junior, see my post for today. I'm bringing a copy of this comment over to that thread.

I entirely agree with you.

Shaw Kenawe said...

RN, with the country now feeling better about itself, do you really think that?

Craig said...

Q: If the government has 13 years to teach a child, yet that child leaves government schools still unable to compete in today's economy, what business then does government have siphoning off tax dollars to give these kids even more years of free, faulty education? If they couldn't get them ready for real life in 13 years, what makes people think 15 is the magic number?

Don't you understand the difference between a high school diploma and an Associates Degree? Take the class valedictorian with a 4.0 GPA from the most prestigious private high school in the country and send them out to "compete in today's economy". How far do you think they'd get?

Your argument makes no sense. The JC program would be available to students motivated to continue their education. They're required to keep a 2.0 GPA and finish on time. What does any of that have to do with "failing govt. schools"?

Maybe you are too young to remember state colleges were virtually free to in-state residences. The GI bill gave a free college education to thousands of WWII vets. Look up the Morrill Act of 1862 that established Land Grant universities to give free secondary education to the 'working class'. You can go all the way back to Jefferson creating the U of Virginia as a publicly funded, free, school.

There's a long tradition of subsidized or free secondary education because it's recognized as an investment with high returns in an educated populace contributing to society through innovation and increased revenue. A lathe operator with an AA generally makes more than a sales associate at Urban Outfitters with a HS diploma.

So, in answer to your stupid (I'm not insulting you, I'm being not PC) question, 13 years of even the best education does not prepare you to compete in today's economy.

Rational Nation USA said...

Think what Shaw? That there was a lot there? Well I suppose there was a lot of "stuff" I guess. Stuff an uncooperative congress will likely pigeonhole. IE: not enact.

See comment on next post.

Shaw Kenawe said...

RN, I was responding to you comment:

"Well that was fun. Not much hope for bipartisan.or cooperation. IOW, status quo."

Rational Nation USA said...

Well in that case my answer is yes.

There will be little if any real cooperation.

Personally, I do believe Obama is orchestrating events with an eye to the long view, beyond just his presidency.

Dervish Sanders said...

Joni talked about wearing bread bags over her shoes. And the Keystone XL "jobs/infrastructure" legislation.

Anonymous said...

Obama calls for civility, then immediately the Republicans taunt him by applauding after he says he won't campaign anymore.

Asshats of the first degree.