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Saturday, December 19, 2015

Trump's Supporters

The TeaPublicans are now talking themselves into accepting a Donald Trump nomination for the presidency of the United States. These are the people who support Trump and think he'd make a great president. They are beyond disgusting. 

Trump supporters are what any civilized society hopes to overcome and leave behind. But they will drag this country back to its darkest days of racism, anti-semitism, and bigotry. 

Here are what Donald Trump's supporters had to say about Dana Milbank, a journalist at the Washington Post.

 Trump's supporters:

"Trump may well be a bigot and a racist, but one thing is certain:  The only thing missing from your photo is a [vulgar word for penis' in your mouth, gay bastard."

“Let’s not mince words, Milbank is an anti-white parasite and a bigoted kike supremacist.”

Various Trump defenders derided Muslims as “Muzzies” and “Mo-slimes.” One reader informed me that “Muslims worship a man who f----- a 9-year-old.” They spoke of the “sociopath Hussein” — President Obama — and his “Islamic butt buddies.” But mostly they zeroed in on my Judaism, which they discovered from Internet searches. “You are a kike communist,” one informed me. Another called my girlfriend, who has a common Jewish surname, a “Gross Jewess.” Still another sent me a Nazi-style cartoon of a big-nosed Jewish man with a skull cap and bad teeth.

 “Jews are 2 percent of the population, but 60 percent of the people calling whites ‘racist.’ Once you notice it, you can’t unsee it.”

My Post colleagues Carol Leonnig and David Nakamura and others have documented the racial violence at Trump rallies, including the video of Trump’s personal bodyguard punching an immigration demonstrator in the head. At a Trump event in Las Vegas this week, a Black Lives Matter demonstrator was dragged from the rally as Trump supporters shouted at him: “Kick his ass!” “Shoot him!” “Bitch!” and “Sieg heil!” As one black protester was being removed by security guards, one of those in the crowdshouted: “Light the motherf---er on fire.” As another protester was dragged away, a man screamed: “He’s a Muslim guy!”

Dana Milbank:

"I write this not out of any hope of changing the minds of Trump-backers, nor to reinforce the prevailing view among liberals that Trump has unleashed ugliness. I write this to conservatives of conscience: Is this what you want conservatism, the Republican Party and America to be?"

Donald Trump isn't giving a "middle finger" to the electoral process" or to the GOP establishment.  Donald Trump is giving a big EFF YOU! to the American flag and what it stands for. He and his supporters are, in effect, spitting on it and defiling it. His supporters, those who cheer him on, are an American nightmare.


Dave Miller said...

I saw him yesterday in an interview...

He shared this very article...

And yet, the Tea Party folks, and many other conservative voters/bloggers have made a decision to support him anyways.

To them, a person who is racist, misogynist, nationalistic admitted Communist loving blowhard is better that any Democrat.

And why should we be surprised?

This is the same crowd who agreed that even a 10 to 1 spending cuts ration was to liberal in the 2012 election.

The more extreme, the better for a growing majority of folks on the GOP side.

Rational Nation USA said...

There must be many conservatives of high ethical standards. Unfortunately few seem to be speaking out and denouncing his anti American, bigoted, and neo fascist positions. The fact his poll numbers rise a little with each pathetic utterance from his verbal orifice is quite troubling.

While it is very unlikely Trumpf will be elected president the fact so many support him should be a cause of great concern to true patriotic Americans. Including conservative with a conscious.

Anonymous said...

Right, RN is a conservative with a conscience. Laughable.

Anonymous said...

This is getting a bit scary.... Trump's poll numbers keep rising even with his incendiary comments. God forbid he gets nominated and Hillary has another stroke prior to the general....just picture a president Trump.

We need to keep the pressure on The Donald, let America know what he really is.

Anonymous said...

Its hard to say, but Hillary may have really screwed up when during the debate she said ISIS was using a Trump video for recruitment. Whoever gave her that line to use should be fired. Over 50% of the voting public already think she's dishonest, she really doesn't need this additional baggage.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Anonymous concern troll,

All the fact checking organizations have found that Trump is an habitual liar, but all you're "concerned" with is Hillary saying Trump's a recruiting tool for ISIS? Thank you for your concern and your complete disregard for the abject liar that Trump has proved himself to be.

Dishonest? Where are Trump's "people" he sent to Hawaii to find out "amazing things" about Mr. Obama's birth certificate? Remember him bleating that out over all the medea in 2012? Do you possibly think he was lying about that?

Shaw Kenawe said...

Compared with Trump, Hillary is an Angel of Truth.

The ‘King of Whoppers': Donald Trump

He dominates our annual review of political falsehoods.

Titan you're famous! said...

Ronald Reagan's Daughter: My Father 'Would Be So Appalled' At Today's GOP Presidential Candidates

Patti Davis says her father, the late president Ronald Reagan, wouldn't even be welcomed by today's Republican Party.

Today's Republican Party is unrecognizable. Imagine they're so degraded that they actually support a slobbering liar, anti-woman, anti-every culture, but PRO-Commie dictator, Putin? The party has embraced a real fascist.

Sofa King Conservative said...

Wha? The grungier and creepier he gets, the more we TeaCons love the bastid!

Donald Trump! White Supremacists forever!

Anonymous said...

Patti Davis would know what her father would think better than the Tea Party Trump supporting morons that make up the current GOP today. The wackos in the Tea Party would chase Reagan out of the party faster than you could say Trump's Schlong!