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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Trump's America

The Jewish high holy days start today, September 21.  The horrifying story linked below, about how Jews in Texas have had to be secretive on where they will hold their services, is beyond belief; but in Trump's America, sadly, it is true.

Just last month, Trump made an equivalency between marching neo-Nazis who chanted "Jews will not replace us!" and  "Blood and soil!" recycled chants from Hitler's Nazi Germany and the people who opposed the marchers. Violence against the Nazis was deemed by Trump to be just as bad as the Nazis.

But there is no equivalency. Trump was and is disgusting in his claim that both sides were equally wrong. 

There is no wrong when people march or are even violent against Nazis. One only has to read history to understand why that is true.

Yet Trump continues to this day to place blame on the neo-Nazis and the anti-Nazi demonstrators, thereby showing America and the world that he essentially is a neo-Nazi sympathizer. There is no other explanation. And because he did not condemn the neo-Nazis during the Charlotteville marches, then and there, they have become emboldened to the point that Jewish Americans are fearful of practicing their religion in their own country.

Read about it here:


"The instructions in the orginal email were augmented in subsequent email to add, "Unaccompanied guests will also be asked to provide a Picture ID." Members were further cautioned, "If you arrive without either of the documents (pass or name tag), and the greeter is not familiar with you, you will be asked to provide a Picture ID." This addition arrived with the explanation, "Safety is the number one item on our list, and we ask that you not bring any large bags or packages to the services." 

These documents were not meant for the general public, but if these kinds of precautions are thought necessary for Jewish holiday worship services in America, then the public needs to know. 

Public display of swastikas and anti-Semitic chants are protected by the First Amendment, and in some states it is lawful to bring firearms to celebrations of Nazi nostalgia. All of this is lawful, but there are consequences. 

 The calendar claims this is 2017. 

 The history books claim the Allies defeated Hitler decisively in WWII. 

The President of the United States claims it’s not possible to apportion the blame for deaths and injuries at a neo-Nazi rally between those neo-Nazis and the people who gathered to oppose the rebirth of Nazi ideology. 

That, too, has consequences."


Kevin Robbins said...

Thanks for that link, Shaw. I hadn't seen that.

Rational Nation USA said...

Leonard Piekoff identified the parallels between Nazi Germany and the USA in the Ominous Parallels in the early 80's. Piekoff's focus was the parallels in economic systems. Trump and the neo Nazis are surely extending the parallels. A most revolting and evil development.