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Monday, November 18, 2019

Ambassador Marie Yovanovich

In a country where its leaders are drowing in a swamp of corruption, smears, lies, disloyalty, and duplicity, hearing Ambassador Marie Yovanovich's testimony on Friday was a breath of clean, patriotic, truthful fresh air.

Amb. Yovanovich is everything Donald J. Trump and his corrupt administration is not: Honest, decent, courageous, and working in the best interests of America. 

If she were to run for president, she would win overwhelmingly. She is a model of what it means to be faithful and loyal to the Constution of the United States -- not to a corrupt president and his minions.

There will be more coming forth this week to corroborate what Amb. Yovanovich testified to, under oath, last Friday.

We salute her. Well done!

A bad day for the president, from Roger Stone’s criminal conviction to Marie Yovanovitch’s moral conviction.


Ray said...

All I can say is that when Ambassador Yovanovitch received that unprecedented standing ovation at the end of her testimony, my heart leapt at that moment thinking "Yes! That is my America!"

God that was beautiful.

Rational Nation USA said...

Yes it was. However, my money is creeping ever closer to betting he is reelected.

Ya see, much of America actually believes he is draining the swamp and is really working for them.

Little do they know.

Anonymous said...

Rational Nation sees the light

skudrunner said...

I would agree with RN unless the oppression party comes up with a decent candidate. Kamala is a sinking star and uncle joe is fading. Lying lizzy keeps tripping over her last lie and the bern is not well. He does stand with his original message of the government knows better than you how to manage your life. Cory has caught the bern way of thinking that the American people are to stupid to make decisions but he was an also ran before he ran. Tulsi is impressive but to unknown unless the -H- attacks he again and raises he profile. Not sure a mayor of a small town is the answer and he would have a tough time in middle America even though the middle of the country doesn't matter.

Come up with someone who represents the country not just the special interest groups.

Shaw Kenawe said...

skud, my grandson's pet salamander is better than the criminal the Reopublicans idolize idolize and support. You trash all the Democratic candidates, but the fact is that NONE OF THEM have committed crimes, as YOUR Republican president has. Do you understand that? Therefore, your attempts to smear, lie about, and trash the Democrats is futile because the creature your Republican Party still supports is a damn liar, a despicable cheat, and a traitor to our country. So good luck with that.

anymouse said...

It's almost funny how the right claims that Warren is 'lying lizzy' (unless they use racist names for her) when their orange blob has told more lies than every other president COMBINED. They truly do live in some kind of bizarre alternate reality.