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Friday, August 29, 2008


“It was a genuinely outstanding speech. It was magnificent. It is the finest –
and I saw Cuomo’s speech, I saw Kennedy in ‘80, I even saw Douglas MacArthur, I saw Martin Luther King – this is the greatest convention speech, and probably the most important because unlike Cuomo and the others this is an acceptance speech. This came out of the heart of America and he went right at the heart of America…” -
Patrick J. Buchanan

Thank you Barack Obama for your powerful speech. By all accounts you hit a grand slam homerun in a convention that had many hard hitting speakers.

You touched on all McCain's weaknesses and laid out your plan for debating them in the coming two months.

80,000 enthusiastic supporters filled to capacity Denver's Mile High Stadium, wildly cheering your historic nomination and speech.

You didn't overtly mention Dr. King and the annivesary of his "I Have a Dream" speech 45 years ago--you didn't need to because you are the realization, the embodiment of that dream.

You did what had to be done in your speech. You have proven yourself to be a remarkable candidate who came from behind, overcame the mighty Clinton political machine. You have proven yourself to be a strong candidate whose campaign anwers all the ugly smears and swifboat tactics of the opposition party. Last night you made American history.

And the American people love you.

We have a dream, too.

On to the White House!


Patrick M said...

I will give credit where credit is due.

Barack Obama did give the speech he needed to give, with a combination of the rhetoric of his keynote speech and what amounts to liberal red meat. And it was spectacular in execution. It's a spectacle John McCain simply can't match.
I do have to correct you on one point: History was made on Wednesday with the nomination, not Thursday during the speech. You, and Barack, would do well to remember that.

Shaw Hussein Kenawe said...

And today, John McCain made history by choosing someone no one in America ever heard of (except the conservative base) to be a heartbeat away from the presidency.

This woman with 18 months experience as a Governor of a sparsely populated state, has absolutely no experience on the internation scence, defense, or foreign policy.

Your people mocked Obama and his "inexperience."

How do you react to Sarah Palin.

I'm going to watch, because not only have I never heard of her, I've never seen her or heard her voice.

Neither has millions of other Americans.

She's got a little over 60 days to show that she can be the CiC if necessary.

I think it was a Rovian, cynical choice.

Good for McCain, bad for the country.

PS. I'm watching McCain now, and the crowd sounds like a high school rally. Enthusiastic but thin.

Shaw Hussein Kenawe said...

That should be:

no experience on the international scene, defense, or foreign policy.

Handsome B. Wonderful said...

Sarah who??? Exactly. McCain is going about it backwards. He has some experience but picked a V.P. that doesn't in case he dies on us.

Obama did it the right way shoring up the V.P. candidate to be someone who can step into the office in literally a heart-beat.

McCain is losing it.

Patrick M said...

We mock Obama's experience because we know how much of it there is. Even the half-term governor of Alaska has at least more time in her job than Obama did in his.

I will point out that the "Rovian" choice does win elections.

Good luck, you're going to need it.