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Monday, February 9, 2009


GALLUP: The American public gives President Barack Obama a strong 67% approval rating for the way in which he is handling the government's efforts to pass an economic stimulus bill, while the Democrats and, in particular, the Republicans in Congress receive much lower approval ratings of 48% and 31%, respectively.

These findings, based on Gallup Poll interviews conducted Feb. 6-7, underscore the degree to which Obama appears to be maintaining the upper hand over his opponents from a public opinion perspective as he and congressional leaders wrangle over the precise form and substance of a new economic stimulus plan. (Recent Gallup polling also shows that a slight majority of Americans in general favor the idea of passing a stimulus plan of around $800 billion, a sentiment that has stayed constant over the last several weeks.)

While we may listen to the Republicans howl and hypocritically condemn the stimulus package (where were they when GWB passed all those spending porkulus bills during the 6 years the Republicans were in charge?), we also understand that the American people are behind their president on this.

President Obama will give a presser this evening where he'll address many concerns over this package.
He's doing just fine. The American people got his back on this.
For the past two months, President Obama has bent over backwards to act in a bipartisan manner to solicit Republican support for an economic recovery package. “The monopoly on good ideas does not belong to a single party,” Obama told Republican and Democratic leaders in a closed-door meeting before his inaugration. “If it’s a good idea, we will consider it.”
True to his word, Obama has gone to great lengths to demonstrate his commitment to bipartisanship
– He attended a House GOP conference meeting to make an in-person appeal, “an exceptional gesture for any president.”
– He then joined a Senate Republican luncheon, spending “two hours and 37 minutes at the Capitol entirely with Republicans.”
– He hosted an inauguration dinner in honor of his Republican opponent John McCain. Obama also invited Republican and Democratic lawmakers to a White House “happy hour” after the House vote on the stimulus.
– He scheduled numerous White House meetings, including “one-on-one meetings” with GOP centrists in the Oval Office.
– Rahm Emanuel “invited a group of moderate Republicans to a private White House meeting.”– Obama even welcomed a bipartisan group to the White House to watch the Super Bowl.
Obama’s actions were more than mere symbolic gestures. He introduced a package with over $300 billion in tax cuts to win conservative support. To win House GOP support, he responded to their concerns by stripping a sensible family planning provision and a jobs-creating provision to restore the National Mall. To win Senate GOP support, the White House and Democratic leaders accepted Republican amendments to the bill, including three amendments offered by Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK).
According to a CBS poll, 81% of the public understands Obama “is trying to work with Republicans in Congress in order to get things done.” Nevertheless, many conservatives refuse to appreciate the efforts. On the Sunday shows yesterday, a host of right-wing Republicans took to the air waves to blast President Obama for not achieving bipartisan consensus on the economic recovery package.
ENSIGN: We should have put the best ideas on the table. This was one-party rule.
CORNYN: This is hardly a bipartisan effort. I think it’s a disappointment, it surely must be for President Obama.
McCAIN: This agreement is not bipartisan.
GINGRICH: The result has been a very partisan process.
They're just plain nuts, and it's obvious they want to be obstructionists so that Pres. Obama will fail.
h/t Think Progress


Patrick M said...

...a slight majority of Americans in general favor the idea of passing a stimulus plan of around $800 billion...,

I believe there was a saying (which I'm too lazy to look up) that when the majority of people realized they could vote themselves money, our country would fail....

As for the GOP, while they're doing the right thing NOW (sort of), they're a little hypocrisy involved, especially concerning the bailout last year.

Lyn said...

Apparently a growing majority of Americans have taken leave of their senses. Support of Obama's spending plan is foolish. I thought we had reached the low point when America elected this fraud.

I hope the polls are rigged. America has to be smarter and better than this. The stimulus plan is a fraud. By the way Obama IS NOT "working with" Republicans in Congress. The article implied that Republicans were to blame for the 800+ pages of this bill. This is a Democratic party and Obama bill. Blame the Democrats and Obama for this stimulus fraud.

I hope Obama fails.

Gordon said...

A "slight majority?" By golly, let's spend more! The people demand it!

It's also worth noting that earmarks during the six years of Republican control were less than 1000 per year. In the two years the Democrats controlled the budget, there were over 20,000.

Arthurstone said...

What do you know. Repubs doing what they do best. Posturing, hand-wringing and much gnashing of teeth. In their world of endless failure 'bipartisanship' means merely the continuation of their failed plans.

Nope. Get out of the way. There's work to be done and as always the neo-Hooverites aren't up to the task

What's new?

Anonymous said...

I went on your blog and WOW, racism is alive and well! Holy crap!
Did you take off your white hood before you posted or do you wear it all the time?

John said...

"I hope Obama fails." - Lyn

Hey Rush - since when did you start visiting this site under an assumed name?

I guess this is part of the "Country First" theme. By wishing that Obama fails you are wishing that the country fails.

Shaw Kenawe said...

To the racist low-life who calls herself "Lyn."

I don't allow racist dung on this blog.

I noticed, when I visted your blog, you do not allow people to post unless your read and approve it first.

You can give it out, but can't take it?

Typical of sniveling cowards--especially racist ones.

I also noticed your rants against interracial marriages--you hate it. I understand--Nazis didn't cotton to it either.

And you also called the California woman, Nadya Suleman, a "mammy" because she had all those children, and you claimed she is black.

I've got news for you, Suleman is as white as you are.

Racist jerks are not welcomed here.

Go spread your ignorant filth elsewhere.

Shaw Kenawe said...

PS. I didn't delte "Lyn's" comment. I decided it's better for everyone who visits here to see that if she/he is a Republican, it really doesn't reflect well on the GOP to have this sort of scum infecting your political party.

Shaw Kenawe said...

This is from "Lyn's" blog:

It is soooooo bad, so rotten, so unhinged, (like crazy eating a double-decker gallium arsenide sandwich with a side of hissing cockroaches) that I'm beginning to think it's satire--no one can seriously be this nuts and still be able to function--run a blog.


But anyway, what do you think? Here's what I got off "Lyn's" blog:

Welcome Back!
Welcome back did you miss me? I left Typepad in the spring of 2008 and have been busy.

Now I've re-dedicated myself to the internet. My purpose is to help educate Whites about the threats faced by our culture. It is not exaggeration to say that black America has polluted our media, ruined our schools, and rotted our cities and communities. And it's not racist to say these things either. It's just the truth.

If fellow Whites are uncomfortable reading this... well, I don't apologize. Those of you who live in communities where blacks are present know about black entitlement and what that costs our businesses and local and state governments. More important you Whites also have to deal with the epidemic which began with the civil rights movement - that epidemic is black-on-White crime.


And here's the link:

Arthurstone said...

My mental image of 'Lyn' is that of a tubby, sweaty laid-off telemarketer munching doritos, swigging pepsi and microwaving frozen beef enchiladas for dinner. Forty-five and suffering male pattern baldness 'Lyn' may still live with his long-suffering Mother.

Gordon said...

He's not one of ours.

Shaw Kenawe said...

LOL! Nobody wants to own Lyn!


I think you nailed him/her/it.

Anonymous said...

I tried to post a comment on it's (Lyn's) blog yesterday and even though I was the first one to comment, I got an email saying that there wasn't any room for my comment! Ha! What a loser!

Dave Miller said...

i am still waiting for my comments to appear on that blog too anon.

Patrick M said...

Wow. I had to see "Lyn's" blog for myself. The idiot posted about Obama's News conference last night.

I'd suggest NOT clicking, as this inbred piece of shit doesn't deserve the clicks.

dmarks said...

I went there and found that the first item was a celebrity gossip piece that could not spell the name of the celebrity correctly.

I stopped reading the 2nd post after I saw the N word.

"Those of you who live in communities where blacks are present know about black entitlement and what that costs our businesses and local and state governments. More important you Whites also have to deal with the epidemic which began with the civil rights movement - that epidemic is black-on-White crime."

That's much more David Duke than Rush Limbaugh.