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Wednesday, February 25, 2009


And Jindal absolutely adores Limbaugh? Is this what the GOP has sunk to? A Rhodes Scholar in love with a loud-mouth demagogue?

I am astounded that a man with Jindal's educational background would be so in love with a political hack. And yet it's true.

During his Feb. 28, 2008 radio show, Limbaugh explained that Jindal is among the small group of conservative leaders with the “guts to articulate” right-wing “Rushism” principles.

Right-wing Rushism principles? OMG! Windbag now thinks the GOP worships at his little porcine feet, and what he bloviates on is what will put the GOP back in power in 2012? Keep at it "el Rushbo," I hope you continue to snort and grunt this narcissistic nonsense over the air because it reminds the rest of America--the MAJORITY, BTW, of what a self-absorbed cacafuego you are.

In an interview with Limbaugh in 2007, Jindal gushed that he reads Limbaugh’s books and that he is a “huge fan” of Limbaugh’s program. In addition, Jindal proudly displays Limbaugh’s kind words for him on his campaign website, where there are links to Limbaugh transcripts and articles.

Paul Begala urged Jindal to “dump Rush.” Begala writes, “But if it is Pres. Bush who haunts Gov. Jindal’s past, it is Rush Limbaugh who haunts his future.”

Last night on Twitter, conservative commentator Amanda Carpenter wrote:

"Hackwatch: Conservatives/GOP-ers who try to spin Jindal's performance as anything better than it was..are hacks. Ugh, I have to go to bed."


Ruth said...

Put Mary Mad-alin as numero uno of hacks, she was visibly struggling as she plugged Jindal on Today this a.m. 'Shining light' means a lit firecracker, I suspect.

TAO said...

Conservatives are devoid of ideas....its that simple.

Thus conservative politicians are searching for an audience to appeal rather than ideals to aspire to.

The tail is now wagging the dog.

Anonymous said...

Jindal is a joke, much like Palin.

TRUTH101 said...

I thought Bay Buchannon was the right wing schill charged with ridiculously praising pathetic Republicans. I thought she was going to do some hot lesbian action with Sarah Palin once.

Arthurstone said...

You can't make this s**t up.

Who wants to break it to the stud?

Shaw Kenawe said...

Psst--Rush---babes don't go for ungulated gasbags.