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Saturday, June 20, 2009


Some of you may be aware of the imbroglio that has played out between me and the person who is represented by the sign in the upper right-hand section of my blog. If you're not aware of it, then just skip this post, it's not worth your time to read about it.

Thank you to all who have come here to encourage and support me. But as I said in the comment section below, I do not wish to talk about the person or the blog involved ever again. The reason is evident: the more we talk about the person and his blog, the more enraged he and his followers become, and the invective, accusations, and threats increase. This has to stop.

I am, therefore, asking you all not to mention or even refer to this person here on my blog; and by this prohibition, I hope to end the drama that should never have begun.

I will keep the sign up as a reminder.

For anyone else who is subjected to this sort of harassment, complete silence in the matter and permanently blocking the person from commenting on your blog is the only way to stop the nonsense.

Happy blogging,

Shaw Kenawe


Dave Miller said...

Por fin Shaw.

Anonymous said...

Amen sistah!

(O)CT(O)PUS said...

The unmentionable, and some of the unmentionable's cohorts, will never be mentioned again. Promise !!

Thayer Nutz said...

Good going, shaw. I agree with this.

rockync said...

A wise course...

Ruth said...

Good plan.

Publius said...

Pax blogulus!

Thayer Nutz said...

Hey shaw!

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. You are being copied and imitated and your post is being used.

He who must not be mentioned is doing it again!

You are a true leader.

Others are only pale imitations.

All hail Shaw!

amused said...

Thayer Nutz said...

Hey shaw!

"Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. You are being copied and imitated and your post is being used.

He who must not be mentioned is doing it again!

You are a true leader.
All hail Shaw!"

And shout "Sieg Heil! ..

Helen of Troy New York said...

Okay, shaw.

I agree.

You've got class.

ex DLB said...

Not aware of the imbroglio, but my best to you for a firm resolution of it.

Erin said...

Bummer. But I'm with you on this shaw.

Keep blogging. We need your voice.

Cugino said...

Ciao bella!

John said...

Some grade school bullies never grow up or wise up. Glad you're taking the high road against these trolls!

Anonymous said...

you are the real deal. and yours is the real last word.

Anonymous said...

The Mentality Of A Violent Man

On How It Is OK To Be Violent

Bluepitbull (a right wing blogger) is a violent, angry man. He spends his time going from blog to blog, trolling and inciting angry debate.
He is a cowardly bully, not willing to stand and fight, but runs away.
The following is his post (unedited) about Perez Hilton, and pit's opinion of physical violence.

"So Perez Hilton who confronts people in all sorts of obnoxious ways while dressing in horrible, unflattering clothes, finally gets his comeuppance.

Apparently, Perez thought he could get away with badmouthing people to their faces since he gets away with it under the protection of his blog. Turns out that he was wrong. He insulted one of the members of the music group Black Eyed Peas and either one of the members hit him or a bodyguard. Whatever the case, it's kind of funny.

OK, some of you think that we are above this. In fact, most of us wouldn't catch ourselves in this sort of situation. The point is, words have consequences. In some cases real-world ones. We as Americans live in relative comfort and under many laws and protections that the rest of the world doesn't. However, we don't always stick to them. Some people let reptile brain get the better of the higher thought processes and we have what happened to Perez.....SMACK.

Yeah, I think he deserved it. Did he deserve more? Nah. Did he learn a lesson, probably not. If you have ever demeaned yourself enough to look at his site, he has all kinds of strange supporters out there, so he lives in a relative fantasy world. But, I think it's pretty safe to say that he won't go near the Black Eyed Peas again anytime soon. It could have only been made funnier if Fergie would have clean the floor with him.

Words mean things, folks. A hundred, hell, even fifty years ago, calling someone a derogatory name would have at least ended in fisticuffs, maybe even gunplay. Yes, we think we've evolved, but relatively few of us have been in a situation where it was either fight or flight. Which one are you? Hopefully you never have to find out. Just don't think that you are above this sort of action. It could come out at any time. We are, after all, mammals."


Yes, pit thinks it's funny to give a guy a black eye.
He yearns for the days of yesteryear when a guy could slug someone and it was OK.
He even longs to be able to use gun play (he thinks that's one word) to solve his disputes with people.
He says yes, the guy deserved it (getting slugged).
According to pit, the consequences of free speech, is a punch in the mouth.
We, as a society, have evolved pit. Only you are stuck back in the thinking and behavior of a stone age man.
We may be mammals, but most of us also have a brain and the discipline and control over ourselves, that make us superior to animals.
"Fight or flight, which one are you?", pit asks. Pit runs! Pit lies! Pit doesn't back up his words, he leaves.
So lets see, we have an angry, right wing, elder white man, who threatens and promotes violence. Should DHS be alerted?

Arthurstone said...

One of the greatest strengths as well as one of the greatest weaknesses with the (as former Senator Stevens would say) internets is the ability to post anonymously which provides what tiny backbone the Blue one possesses. Face to face he/she/it would barely make eye contact and certainly never approach the 'candor' anonymity provides.

dmarks said...

"(as former Senator Stevens would say) internets"

Al Gore invented it, or so he said (and would a politician ever lie?). He said he created "the Internet", not "the Internets". So I will go with the inventor's usage.

Arthurstone said...


'So I will go with the inventor's usage.'

And you've been doing so well lately.

Oh well.

Anonymous said...

I'm late to the thread, but i have to say youve shown remarkable dignity considering that the knuckle draggers are still trashing you on their blogs and don't understand how low-class that makes them look.

you shine.