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Friday, June 5, 2009


I'm posting this so we will understand what the anti-choice movement is all about. They're not just against abortion; they are against birth control--family planning--and equate using the birth control pill with murder. The American Life League is sponsoring "The Pill Kills Day" on Saturday, June 6.

They wanted to roll out this campaign to coincide with the anniversary of the Roe v. Wade by the Supreme Court, which date would actually be on Sunday, June 7, 2009, but they are holding the start of this campaign on Saturday, June 6, instead, the day Dr. Tiller's family will hold services for him and bury him.

Feministing writes:

On June 7th, the anniversary of the Supreme Court decision that gave married people the right to use contraception, the American Life League, along with Pro-Life Wisconsin and Pharmacists for Life International Associate groups want you to join them in protesting in front of facilities that distribute birth control products. The national day against contraception, Protest the Pill Day '08: The Pill Kills Babies, was started to convince the American people of a simple and imaginative idea: attempting to prevent abortion is abortion too.

The campaign basically says that birth control pills kill babies (yes, seriously) and that pro-choice groups and health care centers like Planned Parenthood are only touting birth control to make lots and lots of money.

I'm actually kind of relieved by this campaign, because at least the anti-choice movement is showing its true colors. For so long, they've been trying to claim that it's all about "saving babies" by ending abortion, when their true agenda was simply to end women's control over their own reproductive future. They want to make birth control illegal. They don't even think married people should use it. And, of course, they're willing to push that agenda even if it means lying to women. You need to look no further than the campaign's talking points to spot the bullshit. Here are a couple of my favorites:

The birth control pill does not reduce the number of abortions. The only difference is that you are killing the baby earlier.

[T]he pill and other contraceptives can stop a tiny child's implantation in his/her mother's womb because the pill irritates the lining of the uterus so that the tiny baby boy or baby girl*cannot attach to the lining of the uterus and the newly formed human person is aborted and dies. This is called a chemical abortion.


* Embryos are genotypically boy or girl from the time of conception, ie. the chromosomes they inherit make them either XX-a girl or XY-a boy. However they do not start to differentiate into sexes until about 6 weeks of gestation. The gonads and tubes are undifferentiated at first and could become either male or female. So there is no differentiated tiny baby boy or tiny baby girl just before implantation--when the morning after pill is used.

When using a birth control pill, there is no fertilization involved, so there is no blastocyst and there is no murder.

These people are lunatics.



Forgive my bluntness Shaw. What the f$$% is wrong with this psycho woman? By her way of thinking, each time she menstruates and an unfertilized egg goes down the toilet, a woman has committed murder. And a man was an accomplice because he failed to fertilize.

Jesus. Women make us feel guilty enough for the privilege of having sex with them. Now we're murderers as well as filthy slobs.

The Griper said...

where does it say that the pill kills babies?

i read this;
"The birth control pill and similar products can and have killed women, not only in the United States, but all over the world."

from what i read, their argument is far different then what you portray it to be. now, i'll admit i can be incorrect but you're going to have to prove it to me.

Arthurstone said...


Incorrect you are indeed.

ALL links to a bit of hysteria called (catchy) where that particular group of fanatics explain all.

Anonymous said...

Griper, you pick and choose.
You had to skip this:
"On Saturday, June 6, pro-lifers across the country will be participating in the largest protest ever against the birth control pill and other birth control products. Last year, participants across the United States shared the facts on exactly how the pill kills babies."
to get to the part you quoted. How you could miss it is beyond comprehension.

Beth said...
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Christopher said...

The attack women's reproductive rights is really an attack on women.

The radical, rightwing loons, who oppose all abortions -- even in the case of rape by a family member, are mostly led by white men, carrying a Bible.

Back in 1993, when Dr. David Gunn was shot and killed in Pensacola, FL by anti-abortion lunatic, Michael Griffin, he was represented in court pro bono by Joe Scarborough before he ran for the U.S. Congress or had a program on MSNBC.

It should be mentioned that Joe Scarborough's campaign was largely funded by anti-abortion groups located in Pensacola.

Shaw Kenawe said...

The Griper,

You missed this statement, too, taken from the link provided:

And, of course, they're willing to push that agenda even if it means lying to women. You need to look no further than the campaign's talking points to spot the bullshit. Here are a couple of my favorites:

"The birth control pill does not reduce the number of abortions. The only difference is that you are killing the baby earlier."

She just shakes her head and walks away.

Arthurstone said...

It gets worse:

The Griper said...

yup, you caught me. but considering that pro lifers believe that life begins at conception not when pro abortionists believe it does then you'd have to be misleading the readers about their stance.

quote from source:
"It also changes the lining of the uterus. This makes it difficult, if not impossible, for the five- to seven-day-old baby to attach to the lining, where he/she would receive the nourishment needed to grow. If the baby does not successfully attach to the lining, he/she dies and is expelled from the body during menstruation. This process is known as a chemical abortion. The fact that it can occur as a result of taking birth control pills is why the pill is referred to as an abortifacient."

now, whether or not you agree with that is irrelavant. what appears to be relavant though is that you make no mention of their claim that it kills women which was the main idea of that source you used to give credibility to your post.

pro-abortionists and pro-lifers may debate as to when life first deserves protection but there should be no argument about the well being of a woman.

Anonymous said...

Griper, every pill has side affects, and unfortunately you can probably find several instances of deaths involving many medications so that point is ridiculous. My brother-in-law died because his doctor prescribed depakote and didn't do the required liver tests. People die from using accutane, a medication for acne.

Anonymous said...

P.S. You can die from taking Viagra also.

Shaw Kenawe said...

The Griper typed: "...what appears to be relavant though is that you make no mention of their claim that it kills women which was the main idea of that source you used to give credibility to your post."

Peanut butter kills children. We don't stop selling it.

Plus, one has to look at the millions and millions of women who use the birth control and DON'T die.

I assumed you undertood this and did not have to have it pointed out.

Anonymous said...

Shaw said:.."Peanut butter kills children. We don't stop selling it."


rockync said...

As usual, the right wingnuts like the Griper try to spin their baseless misconceptions into whole fact.
First birth control pills; from sites such as WebMD as well as BC packaging comes the whole story of how "the pill" works:
{The HC (hormone in the pill) usually stops the body from releasing an egg from the ovary. HC also changes the cervical mucus to make it difficult for the sperm to find an egg. HC can also prevent pregnancy by making the lining of the womb inhospitable for implantation.}
So, in fact, no fertilization usually takes place.
The other offensive right wingnuttery is their deliberate campaign to misalign "pro-choice" supporters with the misnomer "pro abortion."
I am pro choice because I'm old enough to remember the horrors of back alley abortions. I am not pro abortion; I would like to eliminate the need for abortion clinics - not through hysterical name calling, bombings and murders but with meaningful programs that both educate young people while helping to elevate their self esteem. Of course, this would require participation by the whole community, something I've seen precious little of from the right.
And here is some other sobering statistics: "The abandoned infant population increased 46% from 11,900 in 1991 to 17,400 in 1998. In 1998, the abandoned infant population became more widely dispersed throughout the country, accounting for much of the increase in the abandoned infant population. The number of abandoned infants in the rest of the country increased 64%.
So, Griper, how many of these babies are YOU going to adopt? Now that they are in the world, somebody has to look after them!

bluepitbull said...

So, Griper, how many of these babies are YOU going to adopt? Now that they are in the world, somebody has to look after them!


A typical left-wing nut theory. You loons teach that it's no one's fault when the woman gets pregnant. It absoves the man and the woman or turkey baster or whatever you can provide an example of.

Here's an idea: Women, keep you're legs closed and then we won't have to worry about it.

I think that rape is abominable and that is a case for abortion. Barring that, some women (and men) use it as a form of birth control. Either way, we shouldn't have to pay for it, and it should not be covered in health insurance.

WOMEN said...

"Here's an idea: Women, keep you're legs closed and then we won't have to worry about it."

We'd be happy to, as long as yOU keep your little peckers in your pants.

Typical macho male over compensating for his inadequacies, blames only women for unwanted pregnancies.

That attitude worked in the 1950s, but most men grew up, matured, and realized they have responsiblities NOT to put their inadequacies where it will make them daddies.

bluepitbull said...

So basically, you're saying that the woman has no power in this situation, it all hinges on the man? Since that was an anonymous comment, I'll pretend that wasn't real person and wait for the big people to speak.

Arthurstone said...

It matters not at all why a woman chooses abortion. It's her choice.

That's as it should be.

bluepitbull said...

Look, when people start talking about who is going to adopt, then it isn't as simplistic as that.

Absolving people of their responsibilities by making murder an acceptable alternative is wrong. There has to be consequences with actions and you are implying that there are none. Yes, men should be just as responsible. My point is that I shouldn't have to pay for you're choice.

The Griper said...

had to grin when what you wrote only confirmed what i wrote but in different terms. i thank you for that. just one more thing tho;

"...misalign "pro-choice" supporters with the misnomer "pro abortion."

this shows just how shallow your thinking is.
the debate is about abortion and whether or not it should be legalized. and as in any debate there is a pro side and and anti side in relation to the issue in question.

you are for maintaining the legality or/and morality of abortion therefore can be declared as an pro-abortionist while those apposing the legality or/and its morality are considered as anti-abortionists.

the fact that someone is pro-abortion does not take away anything in regards to the idea of choice. it declares it.

if someone has a problem with the idea of being pro-abortion then i'd say they ought to think about it a bit more. there must be something about the term in your mind that contradicts what you say you believe in or a term to be ashamed of in your mind. whatever your excuse is, it is illogical.

rockync said...

bluepitbull - whether that baby is born and abandoned or that baby is aborted, you are going to pay so it is a piss poor argument.
Most abortions are NOT used as birth control. They are heart wrenching decisions best left to a woman and her health care provider.
You're right,when we start talking about abandoned babies and who will care for them, the situation is seen as much more complex than just outlawing abortions.
I know it is a lot more work than most right wingnuts are willing to expend to actually work with young children so that we have a healthier society to start with but that is where a lasting solution to the abortion dilemma begins. Attacking women at the clinic doors makes you years too late.

Shaw Kenawe said...

bluepitbull typed:

"My point is that I shouldn't have to pay for you're choice."

But that's how a democracy works.

There are Quakers in this country and other pacifists who don't believe in war, but they pay for war and all the death and horror it produces with their taxes. That's not their choice.

I'm sure there are people in Texas and other capital punishment states who don't believe in that either, and as tax payers, they shouldn't have to pay for people who choose to kill people. And there is plenty of proof out there that shows innocent people being killed by the state.

This post is about the birth control pill and the crazies who say it KILLS babies, which is absurd.

The pro-life people lose all credibility when they make idiotic claims like that.

Birth control helps people plan pregnancies and allows families to have the number of children they can support and educate.

The people who are against that are nuts, usually religious extremists, and interferring loons.

rockync said...

This is quite simple Griper, I uphold the existing legal right of women to choose what they do to thier bodies. I do not advocate the use of abortion as a form of birth control or as a convenience solution to a situation a woman is a willing party to.
I am pro choice and the use of pro-abortion is a term you right wingers use to continue your harassment of rational people like me. It is both ignorant and offensive.

Wolfman Matt said...
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