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Friday, October 2, 2009


Name stealing seems to be a habit some people on the fringes of the right can't resist.  I exposed this a few weeks ago when some rightwing blogger came to my blog and used the name of a Las Vegas DJ, ScottyBoy, and posted his opinion under that name.  I went to the link the poster used for ScottyBoy and found it was a Facebook account.  I wrote to the email on that account and asked if that account was the one posting on my blog.  The real ScottyBoy said that he DID NOT post on my blog and that someone had stolen his identity.

At another time, I caught "Bits by Bob" stealing other people's writings and posting them as his own on his blog and on mine.

And today, some clown used the name "CherryTink08" to post comments in the post below.  It didn't smell right to me, so I did some investigation.  I actually found the REAL CherryTink08 and wrote her an email to tell her what was going on.  I posted my suspicions on the comment section below, and the FRAUD "CherryTink08" wrote this comment:

CherryTink08: said...
wow, you really are a compulsive nut.
You really do have a problem with issues. you've got a lot of rage in you and you seem to be in a imaginary world. like everyone is out to get you. but really, you need to read you comments out loud before you hit that publish button. maybe you'll realize how nutty you sound.
October 2, 2009 9:05 AM

To the FRAUD who wrote this comment:  You are a cheat but you have the little balls to come here and call me a nut because I found out your disgusting cowardly deceit:  that YOU stole someone else's identity and then hid behind it to attack me!

Behold what some fringe wingnuts are about:  Lying, cheating, fraud.  They really don't have the cajones or the courage of their convictions, so they steal other people's identities and then slander people from their theft. These are the same people who call President Obama a liar.

I don't know who the real commenter is, the one who stole CherryTink08's identity, but I do know he or she is a major pathetic creep.   

When you get up in the morning and look in the mirror--understand what you're looking at:  A dastardly craven poltroon! [You'll have to look up that word, because it's a sure bet you don't know what it means.  Have fun!]

It has been written that if you seek the truth, it will free you.  Unfortunately, in your case, it condemns you.

Here is the answer to my email from the young woman who really IS CherryTink08:

[-] CherryTink08 2 hours ago
sry that was not me
Shaw Kenawe
[-] Shaw Kenawe 11 hours ago
Hello CherryTink08,

I left you a message earlier this morning about someone who came to my political blog and posted under your name. If you actually posted the comment, no problem. But I have discovered people who steal other people's identities and post comments with those stolen identities on my blog.

All I ask is that you confirm that you posted the comments today on my blog. Here are the comments you (or someone using your name) placed on my blog today:

CherryTink08 said...

I just got turned on to Glenn Beckand so I sampled a little more today and he seemed like a different Beck but I'll get to that in a sec. So they made fun of him on SNL, that show is so lame and so well past its prime that unless Tina Fey was involved it doesn't even merit a blip. OK so today Beck was talking about the federal government may force your kids to get the new Swine Flu vaccine and he was talking about all those mothers who say HELL NO!! So Beck and his sidekick were hashing this out, this massive distrust of the government thing. Beck said it's not healthy and he divided the mistrustful into two main groups: those who think the government is incompetent and those who think the government is up to something nefarious.

FOLKS, Beck ain't immune to criticism either, he's human and by taking on a kind of fringe element here that even he disagrees with he looks moderate and reasonable by comparison. Point of this blog is not to say Beck is extreme himself but that's the common assumption and perception that's out there thanks in large part to the media although he does use actual quotes of people in making his case, Obama's past statements in interviews about the Constitution doesn't address income redistribution for instance, that's a pretty Marxist thing to say and no SNLer can bury it with parody. So on today's radio show if you just tuned in for the first time and had no clue as to who Glenn Beck is Right on. He's the real deal.

October 2, 2009 7:26 AM

And here is the link where the comments, using your name, can be found:

My blog is here:

my email is

Sorry to bother you, but I think people need to act responsibly and NOT steal other people's identities when they make political statements.

All I ask is that you either confirm or deny that you are the CherryTink08 who commented on my blog today.


Shaw Kenawe


(O)CT(O)PUS said...

This happened to Captain Fogg (co-blogger at the Zone) just a few weeks ago.

Thayer Nutz said...

The FRAUDULENT CherryTink08 appears to have turned tail and gone into hiding. Typical coward.

good detective work, shaw. what fools/nuts they are.

Shaw Kenawe said...

I also notice that the FRADULENT CherryTink08 has been conspicuously silent after posting his/her laughable scold to me for sniffing out a cheater.

The real CherryTink08 contacted me again yesterday and thanked me for warning her of the identity stealing rat that came to my blog.

I don't know if the creeps who do this sort of thing realize that they drag innocent people into something they did not choose to participate in.

Again, a reminder: These sorts of people are the ones who denigrate President Obama and Liberals, while worshipping at the feet of other FRAUDS like Beck and Limbaugh and committing fraud themselves.

Anonymous said...
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