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Thursday, December 31, 2009


Today is my big sister's birthday, and it falls on a blue moon!  She's very special and it is only fitting that her very special birthday is the same day as a blue moon.

Love you, sis!  Happy, happy birthday!

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dmarks said...

Make sure to serve this at the party.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Mmmm. Blue Moon ice cream! But what does it taste like?

rockync said...

How cool is that?! Happy Birthday Shaw's sister!
When my husband told me we were having a blue moon I was all excited because I got a new hot camera for Christmas and thought I could get a picture of it.
Then he informed me that the moon isn't actually blue but that it is called that because it's the second full moon in the same month and is rare.
Sometimes I'm very Gracie Allen...

TAO said...

Yes, Blue Moon Ice Cream...that was my favorite for the year when we lived in Michigan....

dmarks said...

It's really good, but I can't remember the best way to describe it.

I have had it from here, voted the best ice-cream in the country