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Saturday, December 19, 2009


Thank you to (O)CT(O)PUS and the community over at The Swash Zone for all your support and good wishes while I was away.  I'm feeling better every day, and the excellent news from my docs is that I am 100% A-OK.
I'm back to blogging; but because of the hectic week ahead, will be posting about light, seasonal subjects. ( I do want to say that I think we DO have a health care bill that will pass.  Let's see how that plays out.)

Meanwhile enjoy your families and friends and their good cheer and company during this holiday season.  And thank you all for your friendship and caring.


TAO said...

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow....

Enjoy the holidays!

If you get a chance listen to "Moon Lake" by W.G. Snuffy Walden

Or a classic, "Greensleeves" by Steve Erquiaga

Both are on Windham Hill's "A Winter Solstice - Silver Anniversary Edition"

Tom said...

Glad you are back and feeling good. Take it easy. We need your good thinking to ease the problems we have, but those problems aren't going anywhere.

rockync said...

So happy your are back and doing well. Enjoy your holidays!

Pamela D. Hart said...

Shaw: What wonderful news! It's a Christmas present we don't have to unwrap!

Happy Winter! Happy Days! Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! Happy, Happy, Happy!

(O)CT(O)PUS said...

Welcome back, Shaw. Having you home for the holidays is the best gift of all. Speaking of which, I wait with eager anticipation the arrival of Manta Claus so I can open up the rest of my Fishmas precious.

libhom said...

I'm glad you are doing better.

I hope the wealthcare bill in the Senate doesn't pass. The HMOs and insurance companies have so thoroughly corrupted it so that it will do more harm than good.

The Greens look better with each passing day.

Patrick M said...

Welcome back. I'll be kind enough to take it easy on you (except on my blog). :)

Have a happy Solstice and a Merry Christmas.

Jim said...

Welcome Back! Merry Christmas and Happy Happy Joy Joy!

(O)CT(O)PUS said...

libhom: "The Greens look better with each passing day."

I share your disgust over the healthcare bill and have a feeling of absolute betrayal. Nevertheless, the last time the Green Party siphoned away votes from the Dems, we ended up with 8 years of GWB, which turned into a disaster of historic proportions.

What choices do we have: The dysfunctional Dems or the Palin/Beck Party?

My trip to Washington DC was delayed on account of blizzard. In a few hours, I will try again.

libhom said...

Octopus said:
"What choices do we have: The dysfunctional Dems or the Palin/Beck Party?"

There is so little real difference, I don't even care. (Think substance, not rhetoric.) Until we are willing to vote Green, things in this country will continue to collapse. The Democrats will never take you seriously because they know you will support them no matter how much they act like Bush/Cheney/Palin/Beck/Limbaugh Republicans.

Jim said...

Well, if octopus and libhom and me don't like this horrendous health care bill, though for different reasons, shouldn't we back Howard Dean and others to defeat this thing?

Hey, really ya'll, enjoy the rest of your festive week.