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Sunday, September 26, 2010

COULTER SPEAKS: Like a True "Trou du Cul"

Coulter To Gay Conservatives:

'Marriage Is Not A Civil Right. You're Not Black.'
I am so glad she's not one of ours.
How embarrassing for them!
" a more serious note, she parroted the losing arguments of the lawyers supporting California's Prop 8 and told the crowd that the reason she opposes (and they should oppose) same sex marriage is that it is strictly for procreation."
Sure Coulter, tell that to post-menopausal women who marry, and to couples who are sterile.  You are not only cruel, but wrong AND stupid.

"In one of a series of racially insensitive remarks that pervaded her speech, Coulter added, "Marriage is not a civil right. You're not black." It was part of a larger argument on which she later elaborated, telling the crowd that the 14th Amendment only applies to African-Americans and that it does not, in fact, apply to women, LGBT people people or other minorities.

Despite the laugh lines, Coulter's arguments against same sex marriage were not well-received by much of the crowd: for instance, the question and answer session after the speech was dominated by Homocon attendees grilling her on her position on a range of issues, including whether opposition to same sex marriage was really in line with the conservative principles of limited government and whether she personally believes that homosexuality is a choice -- a question she declined to answer. "

Coulter, you are on the wrong side of history on this issue.  And just because there are people in the media who continue to cover your idiotic, self-aggrandizing statements on this subject, it doesn't mean you have any credibility on it.  You don't.  You are mean-spirited and vicious.  At some point in your wasted life, you will regret the pitiable inanities that dribble from that vulgar maw,  and perhaps you'll come to your senses and beg forgiveness from those who are most assuredly your betters.
But I'm not holding my breath.

Oliver Willis blogged this as well.


"In her speech on Saturday, Coulter says that "not only can gays be conservative, you pretty much have to be," because they are the "highest income demographic," because "gays are too stylish to work for the federal government," because radical Muslims want to execute them, and because "once [scientists] find the gay gene, guess who's getting aborted?"

This is the same Coulter, of course, who is comfortable with the word "faggot," wrote that Rick Santorum's comparison of gay sex to bestiality is an "indisputably true point," told an interviewer that sexually active gay men should "feel guilty about it," and mocked the "irritating lesbian" teenager in Tennessee who wanted to bring her girlfriend to senior prom."


Anonymous said...

Do people really pay that has been money to make a fool of herself?

Most women her age are having fun with their grandkids. She apparently has fun trashing minorities.


Sue said...

there are no words to describe this person...Thankful she is not one of us is an understatement!

I guess she'll be on Larry King saying Palin has more clout then Obama? I saw it on a commercial..sick puppy

tnlib said...

You know something? That woman is one piece of shit - in all categories.

K. said...

Mercifully, she's single.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Coulter needs to be "controversial," otherwise who would pay her any attention.

She's squandered her expensive Ivy League education for fame and notariety. She's done nothing to lift this country out of the homophobic muck that is so much a part of the GOP. I doubt she believe even half of the provocatively stupid things she says.

Jess said...

The people at NOM and Focus on the Family and some other places are back to being happy with Ms Coulter after she gave the GoProud people this talk. Just the week before, Farah from WND was dogging her about going there, but now he is happy because she took it to "teh gheyz" while she was at their convention supposedly.

I will never, understand how a gay man or lesbian can be a member of the republican party when they just hate. Goproud is just as bad, bunch of self loathing gays that according to Chris Barron, he is their head man, they have done more since they have been a group than the rest of the LGBT organizations. He is a smarmy little man who left messages on Twitter about the gay taliban on the left after this convention. First of all, way to demean yourself by calling it Homocon and the rest, well I have nothing.

Shaw Kenawe said...

The majority of the GOP is anti-gay. I don't understand the Log Cabin Republicans.

And as I remarked earlier, why would anyone want to belong to an organization that has Coulter as a member?