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Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Sue of "Hellooooo...Mr. President Are You Listening? has this video up.  In it you will hear Glenn Beck warn his listeners that "...violence is coming from the left..." and:  These are the "...most dangerous two years of our Republic.  In revolutions, the real dangerous killers show up when things fall apart, when nudge moves to shove, and shove doesn't work, the killers show up."

Beck has, no doubt, lost whatever mote of a mind he originally possessed.  And I remind anyone who watches this video to remember what Beck has said about himself:

''I'm a rodeo clown. It takes great skill.''

—Glenn Beck, New York Times interview, March 29, 2009

''I say on the air all time, 'if you take what I say as gospel, you're an idiot.''
—Glenn Beck, New York Times, March 29, 2009

''I could give a flying crap about the political process ... We're an entertainment company.''
—Glenn Beck, Forbes interview; April, 2010

And as I said over at Sue's blog, I would ask Beck's followers these questions:

Is he speaking the truth when he makes those statements? If so, why do you believe anything he says?

If he's NOT speaking the truth when he makes those statements, then why do you believe anything he says?


Octopus said...

Beck is a modern analogue of the charlatans and fraudsters that once characterized the yellow press.

It is a "Gotcha" performance with built-in escape hatches. When we catch Beck in the act of lying and overreach, he reflexively lashes out when criticized, demonizes opponents, or feigns innocence by claiming the mantle of entertainment.

I find it especially galling that liberals pay as much attention to this idiot as conservatives. The bastard trades on liberal outrage. When you feed the monster, you enable him ... when it is best to simply ignore him.

Shaw Kenawe said...

(O)CT(O), it's difficult for me to ignore a man with millions of followers who characterizes me as a killer.

I write about him because I truly don't believe his followers understand what a malicious and dangerous charlatan he is.

I know I get rightwing lurkers here, and they may watch the vid and read what Beck says about them--Beck calls people who believe what he says "idiots." Those idiots are the people who follow him.

Beck says this himself.

My motivation is to give Beck as much exposure as possible and let him choke on his own stupid words.

Nameless Cynic said...

Is he speaking the truth when he makes those statements? If so, why do you believe anything he says?

If he's NOT speaking the truth when he makes those statements, then why do you believe anything he says?

I think that I can safely say, without fear of contradiction, that you are asking for more introspection than the average Beckerhead is capable of.

Dave Miller said...

Great questions Shaw...

But I have found that many are unable, as Skeptic noted, to think along those types of logical lines.

It was the same with Bush. If he did not manipulate intelligence in the run up to the Iraq war, then he was wrong in every major decision relating to our needs [WMD] to go to war there.

Either way, why follow either a manipulator of facts, or someone who was wrong at every turn and is responsible for the thousands of deaths that resulted from those wrong decisions?

But let's not let logic get in our ways of doing the right thing... right?

TAO said...

The reality is that Beck doesn't have to be honest or truthful...neither does Limbaugh....

They do not set out to educate but rather to appeal to a segment of our society that sees themselves as victims...

I refer to them as "..I could have been a contender..." bunch.

They are miserable malcontents with lives that matter to no one and no future in which to be hopeful.

They are constantly all about independence and personal responsibility but in reality they see themselves as the actual victims....

They do not want the truth (you are a failure) but rather they want the soothing balm of pity....and Beck and Limbaugh give it to them....

Its not your fault that you were not a contender...its the liberals...they took it away from you...

Sue said...

thanks Shaw, and I do agree, we need to expose these morons as much as possible. Put them up on our blogs for all to see! If we on the left ignore them they won't disappear. I think we need to keep our eyes and ears on them at all times, they are very dangerous!

Octopus said...

An off-topic warning (spoken with a thick cephalopod accent).

Earlier today, I picked up a memory resident virus. I was reading unmoderated comments stashed in my 'troll' folder, the one that had a Malcontent link in it. Minutes after moderating the comment, I returned to a document I was working on and performed a routine copy/ paste function. Instead, I got a malevolent email address (not the line I copied). Immediately, I shut down my computer and rebooted. No damage done; it was memory resident only.

Bottom line: Malcontent is not safe to be around. Avoid him at all cost, everything about him, including all email, comments, and blog.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Thanks, (O)CT(O) for the warning.

I have to read up on this issue. I don't know anything about "memory resident viruses."

Ahab said...

Beck has said so many false, outrageous things that nothing coming out of his mouth surprises me anymore. Whether it's all an act or the product of a delusional mind, however, is unclear.