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Wednesday, August 10, 2011


How's that "Hopey He'll Fail-ey Thing-ey"  working out for you Sarah?  Rush? Glenn?  Conservatives?

And how's that "Amerik-ey Don't Like-y Him Thing-ey" going?

John Boehner got 98% of what he wanted and was REAL happy, then his poll numbers went south, along with poll numbers for the Republican Party.

And who came out just fine?  The man whom the lunatic Tea Party and Mitch McConnell said they wanted to defeat, destroy, impeach, send back to Kenya, or whatever they hoped for in their sad little wet dreams:

"Despite widespread anger at Washington over the last month’s debt ceiling negotiations and a week of brutal financial news, several polls this week have suggested that Obama and the Democratic brand are hanging tough for now.

A look at Obama’s approval ratings across all 50 states released on Monday showed him gaining ground in a number of critical states since the Democrats’ disastrous midterm election.

A CNN poll on Tuesday showed the Republican party more unpopular than ever in the wake of the debt ceiling fight while Democrats are holding steady.

 And here’s that CNN poll, which has really bad news for Republicans in the wake of the debt ceiling fight. 

Republican unfavorables in the CNN poll have surged to 59 percent, with just 33 percent favorable (Democrats are even at 47/47.)

Meanwhile, the tea party is in even worse shape, with their numbers under water 51 percent unfavorable, and just 31 percent favorable.

In other words, the tea party is down to its core supporters only, and nothing more.

Hostage taking has its price.

In the poll, only 41 percent of respondents said their congressman deserves re-election, with 49 percent saying no mas. And just 25 percent say most members deserve to be re-elected, with a whopping 70 percent saying they do not.

Democrats are at 38/58 don’t deserve/deserve re-election and Republicans are at 31/64."

President Barack Hussein Obama:  Never, never, never underestimate the guy who beat the Clintons, got health care passed [when presidents have been trying to pass it for 100 years], and got bin Laden. 

He's eating the TPers' lunch, and they don't know it.  They're too busy listening to FOX News' lies.  LOL!

h/t The Reid Report


Sue said...

It's all good... we have the smartest man in the room on our's all gonna work out just fine.

Watch the thugs and teabaggers for the next yr... the more they feel threatened by our superior intellect the crazier they will act. What a joke they are...

Leslie Parsley said...

It's very good news, of course, and it gives me some much needed hope. Just wish there was some good news from the detractors on the left.

squatlo said...

It helps me to come over here for a reassuring group hug from time to time... especially when it looks like our prez is going to play Rope-a-Dope for his entire first term in office. At some point we need to toss a punch or two, ya think?

Keepin' hope alive, nonetheless.