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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

These Are The Folks Who Booed Mrs. Obama and Dr. Biden

NASCAR attendees booed Michelle Obama and Jill Biden:

Michelle Obama and Jill Biden  

And Rush Limbaugh says these folks don't like Mrs. Obama because they think she's "uppity."

Rush Limbaugh insulting the FLOTUS again? And water is wet.

Rush Limbaugh is a talk radio hate jockey, and Michelle Obama is the First Lady of the United States of America.  She lives in the White House.

Rush Limbaugh was involved in an illegal drug scandal where he had his cleaning lady score drugs for him since he didn’t have large enough testicles to do it himself.

Rush Limbaugh humiliated a 12-year old girl on his national teevee show when he compared Chelsea Clinton to a dog.

Michelle Obama has degrees from Princeton and Harvard Law School.

Limbaugh dropped out of college, and his own mother said he even failed ballroom dancing.

Rush Limbaugh lost his job with ESPN because of his racist remarks about a football player. Rush Limbaugh ALWAYS brings Mr. Obama’s race into discussions about the president.

Michelle Obama has never said an unkind word about the disgusting sack of fetid fumes that goes by the name of Rush Limbaugh.

Should we get angry over Limbaugh’s description of Mrs. Obama as “uppity?” Or should we just ignore the swine?

I say we go for the latter rather than the former. 

Personally, I just can’t get angry over what a talking pig says.


Truth 101 said...

Lard ass is playing to his viewership. The republican base of bigots, homophobes and closed minded fools Shaw.

I find it tragically hilarious that 99% of the people that buy into Rush's bullshit are part of the 99%. They think the Koch brothers and Dick Cheney are their friends and allies when the reality is they are stooge foot soldiers in a war against themselves waged by the wealthiest people in the world.

These nuts look the other way as long as the mouthpieces for the wealthiest spout racist and veiled racist comments and proclaim to love Jesus.

Their employer just moved their job to Thailand and robbed their retirement fund but they vote republican because Rush makes fun of the black lady.

mary b said...

Truth 101~
I have to disagree. I doubt very, very much that the 99%er's are listeners of Rush. That is one of their complaints. That the hateful, violent, lies are spewed across the Public Airwaves.

Nope. It's the Tea Bagger's who make up Rush's audience. And the know-nothings, the kind that follow Palin, Beck & Fux News.

Other than that, I agree with the rest of your comment.

Rational Nation USA said...

Shaw - Are you saying these folks are Neanderthal types?

Cause if you are I'm insulted. I have tattoos too!

And Truth - I remind you that there are many good, rational, reasonable, thinking, intelligent, and yes non wealthy republicans.

If you with to get their ear you should try less to offend and belittle them and more to engage them with reason.

The hyperbole and platitudes does get tiring and ultimately people shut down to it.

Rational Nation USA said...
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Shaw Kenawe said...

RN: "Shaw - Are you saying these folks are Neanderthal types?

Cause if you are I'm insulted. I have tattoos too!"

There is absolutely nothing in my post that says that. It is you who make that claim.

My insults are directed at Limbaugh. Go back and read my post.

It's interesting, though how quickly you were offended at what YOUR description of those folks.

But keep in mind how all the folks attending OWS are characterized by the Right as dirty, lazy, trouble makers who defecate and trash everywhere they occupy.

Shoe, meet the other foot.

Rational Nation USA said...

@ Shaw - My, quite sensitive today. My comment was intended as a joke. Life is too short to always be serious. As to Michelle and the other Biden, got no problem. As to OWS, well, there is truth to both positions. Never, always, everyone, no one, etc. are words best left at the curb.

Shaw Kenawe said...

RN, the problem with making comments on comment boards like this is that there is no way to perceive how the written words are intended. I can't hear the tone of your or anyone's voice.

Maybe if you stick on a winkie or a smiley face at the end of your comments, I would then understand that it's a joke. ;)

Lisa said...

No Shaw these are the folks who booed them:

Shaw Kenawe said...

What a patriotic, flag-loving American you are Lisa! Running around the internet showing a foreign news reader insulting our American president and thereby insulting America!

Normal Americans who love their country would find that degrading to America, but you think it's great.

Well, at least we now know you're so deranged with bitterness feelings of inadequacy that you are compelled to promote a foreign country's hatred for America's president as something you're proud of.

Lisa of "Who's Your Daddy": Loving the Russians, Hating America!

You Go Girl!

Да здравствует Лайза и Россия!

Lisa said...

Hey I'm just trying to show you how you guys used say now that Obama is president the rest of the world loooooves us.

Shaw I found a great Blog for you to read:

Shaw Kenawe said...

"Hey I'm just trying to show you how you guys used say now that Obama is president the rest of the world loooooves us."

In your mind, Lisa, "the rest of the world" is one Russian news reader?

Seriously, that's all you have? And you think that's "the rest of the world?"

Look, Lisa, I really feel sympathy for you. In your embarrassing need to denigrate Mr. Obama, you're making yourself look rather silly by posting that link.

But since your brought the subject up, I actually have a chart that shows Mr. Obama's efforts, at least with Middle East countries, are paying off. Those countries actually do look more favorably on the US since Mr. Obama has been in office.

Your little Russian link proves absolutely nothing.

Neither did the insane rant by Thomas Sowell that was posted on your blog. If Sowell really wrote that pile of overblown rot, then he's dumber than a bag of toenails and an embarrassment to anyone who values rational thinking.

Truth 101 said...

I remember Sister Toldja. She was one of the many incarnations of the Long Beach NY crew.

Whatever happened to "Professor of Life" who's picture was taken from a website for lonely weirdos Lisa?

And there was a "chick" who called herself Redhead. As well as Heil Helga. TAO's old girlfriend who called herself Right is Right.

Thin Blue Line was perhaps the most despicable of the creations. There was also a girl with a funny hairdo whose moniker I forgot. Conservative chick with a mohawk. You remember that one Lisa?

Shaw Kenawe said...

TRUTH101, there was one called "Debbies Choice," a blog that went to Asian porn sites for its photo of the blog's "Debbie."

Those were all fake blogs, and most of them have been deleted, thanks to The Blogging Sleuth. The Thin Blue Line is still in existence, I believe--although I haven't checked lately.

That one was the worse, since the low-life jackass who set it up used a photo of a real cop who died in the line of duty. You can't get any scummier than that.

Lisa said...

boohooo I only found that blog today. I don't know of any of those others mentioned.
Well god for Mr Obama,I still don't like him going around blaming everyone else for his failed economic policies.
Not that you care what his policies are going to do when they all kick in. But I am sure you will rewrite the history books and blame Lincoln.
He acts like he is protecting the middle class yet his tax increases and rising fuel prices is going to hit the middle class in their pocketbooks.
A leader inspires,he cotinues to beat the drum of gloom and doom.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Lisa. Stop.

Obama making it worse?

You're wrong as you boringly are.

Here's proof. This job chart shows the number of jobs going INCREASING since Mr. Obama took office. Do you know how to read charts or just make inaccurate statements supported by nothing?

How is increasing the number of jobs "making things worse?"

Only in your upside down universe is that so.

GM makes a profit for 7th straight quarter. Yes, that GM. The one conservatives wanted the government to let fail and put many more thousands of Americans out of work. That's a win. A BIG win for Mr. Obama.

And a FAIL for you, Lisa.

You're obviously a FAUX NOOZ fan and that's why you're so tragically uninformed.

I've already pegged you as someone who cheers on a foreigner who insults the US President, and now you come here with your misinformation babbling about things you know nothing about.

It's really very tiresome.

Rational Nation USA said...

Shaw - Understood, and now a belated ;)

S.W. Anderson said...

Michelle Obama is a class act. Limbaugh is a fat-assed bully with a big mouth. I've never heard of him doing anything for anyone but himself.

Let Limbaugh spew his effluent. Decent people won't let themselves be affected by it, and the ones who feed on it will poison themselves over time with it.

dmarks said...

Truth: If there was a union involved, they are a much likely place to look for to blame for the company moving to Thailand (the union forcing the company to close-leave) than blaming the Koch brothers for it.

Shaw: Did Limbaugh really use the word "uppity"? Wow. That word is way too steeped in racist and sexinst connotations.

Shaw Kenawe said...

dmarks, yes he did.

The recording of it was all over the internet and on cable news.

dmarks said...

Shaw: I suppose nothing should surprise me with Limbaugh any more. He's also faded into the background, and probably feels the need to hit the "outrageous" button from time to time.

I wonder if he is still claiming Pres. Obama is a Muslim. He did that all year last year.