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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A Dark Vein of Intolerance


Former Secretary of State and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Colin Powell, angered a number of folks on the far right when he appeared on Meet the Press and gave his opinion on the state of the current Republican Party; and like good little knee-jerkers, a number of conservative blogs called him a "backstabbing lout," among other things, as well as calling for his head.

The old saying, "the truth hurts," applies perfectly well in this instance, thus the howls and caterwauling in  crescendos of pain coming from those quarters.  So what is their response? Attack General Powell!  Call him names, and then say he was never a real Republican anyway.  

Rinse repeat.  

Unable to see what is in front of their noses--actually refusing to see--they stomp their feet, squawking NO! NO! NO! and will continue to do so until, like Rumpelstiltskin, they'll fall through the floor into oblivion.

General Powell did the GOP a large favor when he stated this:

"There is also a dark vein of intolerance in some parts of the party….They look down on minorities…When I see a former governor say that the president is shucking and jiving. That is a racial era slave term. When I see another former governor – says that the president was lazy. It may not mean anything to most Americans. But to those of us who are African Americans, the second word is shiftless and then there is a third word that goes along with it."

Powell, the first African American to be the nation's top diplomat, went on to explain that his intolerance comment was directed at those in the GOP who "still sort of look down on minorities." He also said the Republican Party has to define what it stands for. 

 "If it's just going to represent the far right wing of the political spectrum, I think the party is in difficulty," said Powell, who said he voted for a GOP presidential candidate seven times in a row before voting for President Obama twice. "I'm a moderate, but I'm still a Republican."

Not in what passes as the GOP these days.  Unless General Powell is willing to attack President Obama--maybe even suggest assassination as a way to solve this country's problems--as I actually read on a far right blog--he will never be  listened to nor will his observations allow many on the right to do some sorely needed self-reflection.

Personally, this blog hostess has been attacked by extremist conservatives who have visited this blog and left comments.  The default slandering has always been either racial or sexual--but mostly racial.

The latest example was left in my comment moderation last week, with this cartoon specifically linked to my blog name.

I understand that people who do this are disturbed, and I emphasize that this is NOT the behavior of the several conservative commenters here who can argue their points without resorting to swinish behavior.  

The people who do engage in this sort of harassment either have no self-control, or they get off leaving rot like this on liberal blogs.  What brutish miserable lives they must live.  My point?  Why is the default always to leave racial slurs for these extremist conservatives?

Colin Powell has asked the question; it's up to conservatives who care about where the GOP is headed to answer it.


WaPo: Davidson, a retired software developer in South Carolina, has been predicting for four years that hardcore anti-Obama agitation would dissipate, but it keeps going, driven, he believes, by anti-black sentiment. “I’ve seen more openly racist remarks since the election,” he says. “Before November, they were careful to control the racist language because they were trying to persuade people to vote against him. Now they sort of don’t care.”


Anonymous said...

Their Queen (AC) said gun violence is demographic, black demographic. Gun violence is caused by blacks.

If you deterred SF and RN from being the principle part of your threads, you might lose their minions who attack you. SF loves that his friends are attacking you.

Dave Miller said...

And Shaw, the comments from the conservatives will not, by and large condemn the blogs where these ideas are found.

As Powell asked, when will the GOP leadership take a stand and publicly condemn this type of behavior. John Boehnor correctly points out that he cannot control what others in his party say, but he can publicly condemn them. Failure to do do, is as the GOP has been quick to point out regarding Muslims agreement and an unwillingness to assert leadership.

But all of this assumes that the right desires to deal in reality and/or truth when they do not agree with it.

This morning I visited a blog, as did SF where the blogger was citing widely rebuffed numbers supposedly showing voter fraud across Florida and Ohio. When I presented the actual numbers, from Republican Secs of State, I was basically told to shut up, leave and quit being a stupid liberal.

Silver, how do we have reasonable dialogue with GOP partisans who think like that and continue this type of behavior?

Shaw Kenawe said...

Anonymous, SF does NOT approve of the vile attacks on me. You can believe that because it is true.

I do not close this blog to conservative commenters who can strongly argue their points but not resort to slander and slurs.

If I allow only those I agree with to comment, this blog would be boring.

I hope you can see that point.

The person who linked that vile cartoon to my name is disturbed.

Silverfiddle said...

Dave: First off, thank you for appointing me Official Spokesman and Representative of All Right Blogistan.

The answer is, of course, that I can only speak for myself. I went and read the thread, and you indeed made a compelling case. Perhaps you could have solidified it with some links? Not that I don't believe you; I've heard similar things from other sources that agree with what you said, but I have not found the case for fraud compelling, so I have not pursued it.

I am satisfied that President Obama won the election fair and square, but our ridiculously loose election laws open the door to charges like this.

As for Colin Powell, FreeThinke had a pretty good assembly of the facts today.

as does Jennifer Rubin:

I would not call him execrable. Indeed, I still admire him, and would vote for him for President. In fact, I quit my membership in the American Conservative Union years ago when they forcefully came out against the prospect of his candidacy.

But I do think his comments, at least as portrayed in the media, are lopsided, especially directed at a party that appointed the first black Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the first black Secretary of State (both of which happened to be him!) and the first black female Secretary of State, etc.

So I think the discussion lacks balance, while agreeing that the Republican party has a gigantic image and tone problem. But I don't cry tears over the fallen state of the GOP, they brought it upon themselves.

People on the right seem to be in a state of agitation over Hegel. I could care less. One oligarch at the levers of power is as good as the next. Meh...

Silverfiddle said...

And by the way, Dave, I genuinely like you.

You bring facts and I can see a genuine smile in your words.

skudrunner said...

Both parties have their detractors who make racial comments. Reid with his "light skinned for a black man and his no negro dialect unless he wanted to have one" is not considered racist yet a lazy comment is.

Everyone tries to justify their position and condemning the GOP for being racist is Powell's

Rational Nation USA said...

Shaw, I have largely curtailed my visits here not because of your actions. I have however done so because of the extreme distaste I have for the immature likes of Anon.

I continue to admire Colin Powell, I am sickened by the likes of the cartoon you linked.

Blogging has basically become a point of amusement for me.

Have a great one...

Anonymous said...

So entertaining to hear folks like Skud engage in their mental gymnastics. Oh I'm not a racist! Of course not! They construct elaborate mechanisms to justify their blind hatred.

Dave Miller said...

SIlver, of course you are not the official spokesperson for blogistan...

But is it too much to expect those that call themselves rational conservatives to speak up and be critical of the those that foster extremist views within their party?

As President Obama names his cabinet, he has been pilloried by the left for not having enough people of color or women in important places.

As he has bucked up Wall Street, he has been denigrated by the left for not looking out for the little guy.

liberal commentators like Rachel Maddow, Chris Matthews and many others have been openly critical of Obama, his policies and the way he has carried out his presidency.

This is before we even get to bloggers.

Where have we ever seen the conservative media be critical of their leaders "in the moment?" Where have we ever seen conservative bloggers critical of their leaders, apart from the most recent financial dust up, while they were still in office?

Yes, after GW left office, many people suddenly were not happy with him, but when he was in office? Crickets.

SIlver, this isn't about you, or any other single person. This is about a GOP that is unwilling to moderate their language, tone and lack of respect when dealing with people of color.

I saw the interview. That is what Colin Powell was talking about. The question he, as do I, is why people refuse to do so?

If you and I are talking and you mention that I have been using a term that offends you, wouldn't it be right and proper for me to stop using that term?

Why doesn't the GOP see that. And why aren't their leaders willing to step up to the plate and denounce the type of behavior that is openly disrespectful of others?

Shuckin' and Jivin"? Really... from a GOP leader? Obama is lazy? Again... really? Is any president lazy?

As for the GOP record on cabinet officials, I sadly must agree. The Dems have nothing on the GOP when it comes to putting people of color in high cabinet positions. Or at least nothing on GW, who incidentally received about 35% of the Latino vote.

But as you know, Powell is now persona non grata in that party.

BTW... here's the Sec State links that Geeez says are not as credible as Bill O'Reilly...



Why would some continue to claim fraud when even GOP Secs of State have certified these results? because they belong to that dark vein of which Powell speaks...

FreeThinke said...

A few facts, Ms Shaw:

1. Colin Powell, a Republican at the time, was the first black Secretary of State.

2. Condoleezza Rice, a Republican was the first black- American woman to become secretary of State.

3. The only two Hispanic senators are Republicans,

4. Two Hispanic governors are Republicans.

5. The only current black senator is a Republican.

6. Two Asian-Indian-Americans governors are Republican.

7. The only senator in recent memory with real American-Indian blood in his veins was a Republican.

8. Numerous young of Republican party activists were drawn into politics by the open, inclusive, sunny-natured Jack Kemp.

9. The party’s most recent vice presidential nominee was a former top aide to Mr. Kemp.

10. And we mustn't forget that Clarence Thomas, the only black currently on the Supreme Court, is a conservative Republican who was appointed to the bench by a moderately liberal Republican.

I am not a Republican. I am an Independent with a wide streak of libertarianism in my makeup, but I generally vote Republican as the lesser of two evils, because I am a pragmatist at heart.

These days I am as dissatisfied with the Republican Party as I am with the Democrats. Neither party is serving the best interests of our country in my never humble opinion, but Colin Powell's endorsement of Barack Obama, and his more recent derogatory -- nay defamatory -- remarks about the party that has treated him extremely well are ill-conceived, unfair and uncalled for.

There was a time -- twenty years -- ago when I would have supported General Powell enthusiastically had he run for the presidency. In fact I thought the GOP was downright foolish not to nominate him.

His more recent activities show he has either changed dramatically for the worse, or has finally revealed who he really has been all along.

I prefer to think the former.

Aside from all that it's seems evident that liberals and RINOS will never be satisfied until the majority of Republicans become de facto liberal Democrats.

If we on the right rolled over and played dead for the leftist agenda, you might find us "tolerable," but you'd never really like us. Ergo, in the political arena it's moronic to make any attempt to appease you.

It is the Marxian-Fabian-Socialist-Liberal-Progressive side that is truly bigoted and intolerant, and cannot abide either challenge or compromise.

And face it you dislike us most whenever we DARE to SPEAK UP for OURSELVES and attack OUR political enemies - a great many of whom I am the first to acknowledge live within the ranks of the Republican Party, itself.

I feel like Nathan Hale much of the time -- a man without a country.

Malcolm Bondon said...

I posted about Colin Powell's comments on my blog too. When I watched his appearance on MTP last Sunday, I knew he would catch hell. Instead of listening to him and taking a hard look at what's happened to their party, many on the right would rather shoot the messenger.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Mr. Free Thinke,

We live in a free country where we have the right to speak our opinions.

You lay out the a commendable record that the Republican Party has had with respect to minorities, but at the same time overlook the fact that the southern CONSERVATIVE Democrats, after the signing of the Civil Rights Act by Democratic President Lyndon Johnson--those conservative Democrats LEFT THEIR PARTY--the solidly Democratic voting south, and the south has been solidly conservative Republican since the signing of that landmark act.

Can you explain why?

And can you explain why not one African-American member of the House of Representatives is a member of the Republican Party?

You've named a few minorities that have thrown their allegiances in with the GOP, but the undisputed fact remains that 98% of African Americans identify with the Democratic Party and that a substantial majority of Hispanics and Asians and women ALL voted for Mr. Obama. Not the GOP.

Those are facts, and naming a half dozen minority appointees by Republican presidents and governors doesn't change the perception that the GOP is not welcoming of minorities. A majority of the leaders of the Republican Party also do not embrace equal rights for our gay citizens.

Those are facts, Mr. Free Thinke.

You have the right to criticize and complain about Mr. Obama's policies, but today you wrote in a conservative's blog comment section that you hoped Mr. Obama would suffer the fate that Mussolini and Hitler suffered.

That means to anyone who read that statement, that you hope that a mob of citizens would murder the president of the United States or that he would commit suicide.

It's one thing to dislike a politician and his policies, it's quite another to wish him to be killed by a rabid mob. But those are your words.

You tried walking them back by saying we don't understand your "humor."

No, Mr. Free Thinke, I don't understand that sort of humor at all.

I detested George W. Bush's policies for those 8 horrid years he was the president, but you will not find anything on this blog that comes near to what you said you wished would befall the President Obama.

George W. Bush, in addition to being the POTUS, was a husband and a father to two daughters. I never lost sight of that. Don't let your rabid hatred of Mr. Obama blind you to the fact that whether you like him or not, he does not deserve the sort of sick hatred that hopes for his assassination or death by his own hand.

Shouldn't we all try to be better than that?

Anonymous said...

If you consider lies and distortions pertinent to a serious discussion, continue to hail SF and RN.

Shaw Kenawe said...

I don't consider lies and distortions pertinent to serious discussions, Anon.

I expect anyone who can expose them to do so here.

I'm not "hailing" anyone, I allow anyone who has a pov to give it here and to let anyone who can challenge it to do so.

Otherwise, I'd be hosting an echo chamber.


BB-Idaho said...

Wonder if the GOP will dump-
Jeb Bush and Jon Huntsman
..along with Chuck Hagel, and very probably the voting independent?

Shaw Kenawe said...

BB Idaho,

The party has been taken over by radicals, and they can't see it. They believe their ideology is the ideology the country embraces, even though facts show them to be wrong.

It's difficult to reason with fanatics.

Rational Nation USA said...

There are still some capable good people with realistic conservative principles this country can and one day will embrace again.

Call it the pendulum effect.

FreeThinke said...

"It's difficult to reason with fanatics."

Well, dear Ms Shaw, you will certainly get no argument from me on that. ;-)

~ FT

Silverfiddle said...

Dave, Sensible comments again from you. I largely agree with you.

Shaw Kenawe said...

SK: "It's difficult to reason with fanatics."

FT: "Well, dear Ms Shaw, you will certainly get no argument from me on that. ;-)"

If that's supposed to be an oblique reference to me, may I gently remind you, dear Mr. Free Thinke, that it was you, not I, who ardently wished for President Obama to meet the fate of Mussolin or Hitler.

In anyone's reasonable estimation, that is a fanatical statement.

Dave Miller said...

And now Shaw, the gloves will come off as people strive to frame actions like nominating a head of the ATF as somehow taking away 2nd Amendment rights.

Dave Miller said...

Shaw, and now we apparently have the Sandy Hook Truthers out there claiming the entire incident was staged by Obama and us libs to curtail 2nd Amendment rights... another capillary in the dark vein running through conservative politics...

Shaw Kenawe said...


Any move in the direction of gun control laws is seen as an infringement on the 2nd Amendment rights. The fact is that a majority of the NRA membership agrees with the president.

The Sandy Hook Truthers are insane. That is the only sane reaction to those kinds of people.

Republican Racism said...

At RN's site, he claims Obama using executive order means he is a dictator. Shows what little RN knows about presidential powers, or the Constitution.

Rational Nation USA said...

Only a complete IDIOT would read my posts as you do RR. Nuff said?

Republican Racism said...

Only a complete IDIOT would write the word dictator when referring to Obama's actions on gun control. The words YOU wrote and printed, not mine.

Rational Nation USA said...

Continuing to be the ignorant idiot of the year.