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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Irrational Rant from an Irrational Gun Nut (NSFW)

Crazy Guy Yeager is apparently too stupid to know that President Obama cannot ban assault weapons or even close the gun show loophole without Congress.  But Mr. Obama can, if he chooses to,  enforce background checking and limit the importation of assault rifles.  I support this as a rational step toward sensible gun control.

 "By Thursday morning, the video promising violence in response to gun control measures had been removed from Yeager's YouTube page, but the link had not been removed from Facebook. Calls to Yeager and Tactical Response were not returned by the time of publication."  --via C&L

"The editors at The Denver Post have the right idea. They say Gov. John Hickenlooper's call for universal background checks and increased mental health funding is a good start, but a bigger, bolder plan is needed: 

 Hickenlooper's take on ways to prevent violence includes a call to change the state's standards for committing people with mental problems to make it easier to get them help. His proposal would bolster funding for the mental health care system by $18.5 million. Laudable ideas, to be sure. [...] With both chambers of the legislature controlled by Democrats, it's all but a lock those measures will pass, and the state will be better for them. Taken cumulatively, Hickenlooper's address was a reserved exercise that touched upon business and energy themes that appeal to Republicans and other issues and causes that have been supported by his fellow Democrats for some years. As such, he could have taken a bolder stance on gun control while maintaining his reputation as pragmatist." via daily kos


Anonymous said...

This is the reasoning that KP will buy a gun, because the left is wacko about banning certain types of guns, and he thinks the issue is being slanted by the left. Here you go KP, a rational viewpoint on guns, according to you..

S.W. Anderson said...

I think the FBI should get up close and personal with demented Mr. Big Mouth, and without delay. I think they should take him and his gun before a judge and request a mental health evaluation, to be done at Mr. Big Mouth's expense. And, if Mr. B.M. (heh) flunks the evaluation, I think he should be kept in protective custody until at least February of 2017, his gun permit should be revoked and his guns confiscated. If he somehow passes the evaluation, he should be put on a watch and visited early and often to see if there's been any deterioration of his delicate mental health condition. If there's any sign of that, he should be brought before a judge again, evaluated again, sent the bill again. Rnse and repeat as necessary.
After every visit, the agents should take care to tell Mr. B.M., "Have a nice day."

Shaw Kenawe said...

SWA, that is a sensible way to deal with a clearly mentally imbalanced person who owns guns.

Crazy Guy Yeager is the sort of person who gives responsible gun owners a very bad name. Unfortunately, people like him are the face and voice of gun owners.

Rational Nation USA said...

Dudes unstable, fortunately he iss not representative of the millions upon millions of reasonable firearm owners.

Restrictions on semi automate assault weapons, high cap magazines, and more extensive background checks are reasonable. The question is; is this acceptable to the anti gun groups? Or is the goal to ultimately ban ownership of firearms by all non military or law enforcement personnel?

That, is both unreasonable as well as unconstitutional. IMNHO.

Shaw Kenawe said...

"Or is the goal to ultimately ban ownership of firearms by all non military or law enforcement personnel?

That, is both unreasonable as well as unconstitutional. IMNHO".

RN, no one on the left, not one person I've talked to on this subject has EVER, EVER stated that his or her goal is to take away anyone's guns. That people on the right keep bringing this up shows an unwillingness to deal seriously with this subject.

Let me state this one more time:

No one wants to take away your rifles and shot guns or even your precious handguns. But there is room for restrictions in other areas of firearms ownership, just as we have restrictions in other areas in the Bill of Rights.

Western Hero blog has what I consider a fatuous post about firearms posted today, comparing hammers and clubs deaths to firearms deaths.

Then suggesting we ban hammers and clubs because they kill people too.

Idiotic, IMO.

As I commented there, how many bloodied and destroyed little bodies would parents have had to bury had Adam Lanza shown up with a hammer or a club on December 14 at Sandy Hook.

The more people argue like that, the more we understand how crazy the gun culture is in this country.

Rational Nation USA said...

Look into Diane Feinstein's remark on the subject. I can provide link if you like, or check out Western Hero's post today.

Rational Nation USA said...

I may be posting some interesting stats on deaths in America, just to put things in perspective.

Which is not to say we shouldn't address way to reduce firearm violence in America.

Rational Nation USA said...

The NRA, and loud mouth individuals make up but a small number that are indeed what you say.

But rather or not it is true the rhetoric of SOME on the left, Emma comes to mind immediately as well as Diane F., gives the impression that the end goal is eventual banning. Forgive my skepticism but things start small and grow as you well know.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Who is Emma?

Dianne Feinstein is proposing legislation that Republican President George W. Bush promised as a presidential candidate to renew when it lapsed in 2004.

He didn't--not the first or only presidential candidate to renege on a promise.

But it was a proposal by the RIGHT--GWB to extend the ban.

Sen. F. is merely proposing a ban GWB promised to extend.

No left conspiracy there.

Rational Nation USA said...

I'm not going to qibble. She said what she said. Agenda's are agendas, and they, like government tend to grow. Usually limiting liberties further.

But since you fail to recognize my clearly stated position on this issue I have nothing more to say. Except good luck. We'll see where we're at I'm 10 years.

Shaw Kenawe said...

RN: "Emma comes to mind immediately as well as Diane F., gives the impression that the end goal is eventual banning."

RN: I could very well be wrong, but as far as I have been able to determine no one person or group has been advocating a total ban or elimination of 2'nd amendment rights.

Both of those statements are yours.

Those statements are not clear; they contradict each other.

Rational Nation USA said...

Shaw I will put it as clearly as I can

1) My statement you copied from my post is, in fact my position, as it stands now. Conditions being what they currently are etc., etc., etc... (the etc.'s are me trying out being a liberal :-)

2) Emma is a liberal (I believe she has been here) who commented explicitly that only law enforcement and the military should have firearms. Ema is a liberal without power.

I went back and re-read Diane Feinstein's remarks, she was referring to semiautomatic's which were banned from 1994 -2004. I stand corrected. Thank you.

So if you understand the context of both of comments you see they are not contradictory.

If ya want to talk about how people like Ema (There is probably more) can and do influence the more "light of head" we can do that. Thinking liberals like yourself have not called for a total ban.

Shaw Kenawe said...

RN,Thanks for clarifying.

Anonymous said...

A 12-year-old Pleasant Valley, Alabama boy was with his 12-year-old cousin when he went inside to get the 20-gauge shotgun he had received as a Christmas present. He wanted to show his cousin his new gun.

He brought the gun outside and was showing it to his cousin, who was on a trampoline, when he unintentionally discharged the gun and shot his cousin in the chest.

"The injuries were too severe and the young man was pronounced dead at the Jacksonville hospital," said the local sheriff.

BB-Idaho said...

The odd and very angry Mr. Yeager
has had his weapons permit suspended .

Shaw Kenawe said...

What is puzzling about people like Yeager is their extreme anger when anyone even talks about gun control.

He is the type of person, it appears, that one should be wary about where gun safety is concerned.

He apparently becomes irrational and enraged too easily, and, by his own words, is a threat to anyone who disagrees with him.

He also appears to be stupid.

While I don't believe he's a typical gun owner, he certainly is a typical uninformed person, who obviously knows very little about the Constitution and the 2nd amendment.

Rational Nation USA said...

Suffice to say he is a total NUTJOB and he most certainly does NOT represent the MAJORITY of firearm owners.

He should NEVER have the right to own or carry again. Idiots like this guy and Nugent do a great disservice to responsible firearm owners everywhere.

Ducky's here said...

Irony of ironies. He had his concealed carry permit lifted as a result of this bit of lunacy.

BB-Idaho said...

41% of Americans own guns. They
rely on the other 59% to support their views. The 'collateral damage' of high firepower, rapid fire, big magazine weapons and loose background checks seems to be having an affect on the 59% according to a recent poll :
88% want background checks at gunshows, 76% want background checks for ammo purchases, 65% would ban mag capacity greater than 10 rounds and 58% favor banning assault rifles.
A quick review of the figures
indicates at least some gun owners
favor tighter restrictions...which probably why only 36% of Americans have a favorable view of the NRA.

Anonymous said...

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Lee Neidorf said...

The more we understand how crazy the gun culture is in this country.
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