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Nigeria has been declared officially free of Ebola after six weeks with no new cases, the World Health Organization (WHO) says.

According to the BBC, the Spanish nurse who was the first person to contract Ebola outside of West Africa has tested negative for the virus (a second test is required before she’ll be officially free of the disease). And the United States has reached an important milestone: the 21-day monitoring period for the 48 people who had contact with Thomas Eric Duncan, the Liberian man who died of Ebola in Dallas, ended on Sunday and Monday. Aside from the two nurses who cared for him, there have been no new infections.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sunday Evening Funny

Why I love the Irish:

(The "culchie" she refers to at the end of the report is equivalent to the US term "redneck.")



Ducky's here said...

I believe this is the Irish equivalent of The Onion.

Shaw Kenawe said...

It scared the shyte out of me, altogether, Lord Jaysus!