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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Paranoids and Slanderers

Larry Klayman Sues Obama Again, Says He 'Views Himself Primarily As A Muslim And Acts Accordingly'

Nutty, eh?  Well Crazy Old Larry isn't alone in thinking, believing, and sharing these absurd ideas about our American president.

Lots of conservatives/baggers believe and obsess on these very special, very cockeyed notions about Mr. Obama ("Ovomit" or "Obummer" to them).  But these people have yet to look within their deeply troubled souls to understand why they so eagerly embrace this sort of idiocy.  

For a glimpse into their "Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul," read these actual statements by people who are offended by the term "bagger:"

August 29, 2014:  "Now we have managed to elect Barack Obama, who is one of the Moslems who seek to destroy America. 

Since 1992, we have been at war with people who wish to destroy America. That is 22 years of foolishness, courtesy of a people who vote with their heads up their asses. Now I grant you that it is difficult to criticize the people for electing George Bush when their alternative was Al Gore and John Kerry, but it does remind us that this country appears to be in a downward spiral. Frankly, I am not even sure we can save it. More than this, I am no longer certain America is worth saving. You see —the enemy is also us. 

We elected Barack Obama, who told us beforehand that he was an active communist —a man who fooled us into thinking that he was one of us. There is nothing American about Barack Obama.

August 29, 2014:  “I believe the destruction of America is eminent because we no longer have the will to defend that which we have fought and died to preserve for more than 238 years.” Maybe it is eminent, but I believe there are still millions of us willing to stand shoulder to shoulder in defiance of this inevitability with no quit in us. “Let’s roll!”

August 29, 2014 - 16:36 · Right. I used to think that too, ***** … but then Barack Obama was either overwhelmingly reelected (when no one thought his reelection was possible), or the Obama machine effectively stole the election away from the American people —and all those people who are ready to roll did absolutely nothing; not even a single demonstration."

August 29, 2014:  The cowardly “potus” tells us that the border is secure. DHS tells us the same lies. The BP themselves say it’s BS too. Inasmuch as Ovomit has already given ISIL the go ahead and green lighted an attack on us, by telling them and the entire world….we don’t have any specific plans to deal with ISIL…He should have just picked up his damn phone and called them himself. Don’t kid yourselves any longer that this quisling isn’t a danger to the country. Not with CAIR and the MV entrenched in the WH. He needs a high school in Detroit or Ferguson named after him…but nothing else to remember this dirt bag by. He and Carter ought to come out of the closet and get married. And Moochele can tell us that’s she really a tranny and can bench press 300 pounds with her adams apple.

Ah, free speech!   The freedom to be uncompromising paranoids and slanderers!

And then there's this from one of FAUX NOOZ's "fair and balanced" racist talking hair-dos.: 

 Fox News commentator calls Obama a 'skinny, ghetto crackhead' on air 


Anonymous said...

This is why we can't have nice things, shaw. Too many pant-wetters and sponge-heads running around pretending they know better than Obama.

They don't. Just read th garbage they write.

Jerry Critter said...

Clearly there is no law against stupidity, and no lack of people willing to take advantage of it.

skudrunner said...

It is a little difficult for any rational person to place a lot of faith in the current administration. He has been wrong about so much and right about ???.
ISIS is the junior varsity, when Romney said Russia was a threat the leftist and obama scoffed, now obama said Russia is a threat. al-Qaeda is on the run and one of his biggest, there is no corruption in my administration.

The MSM is as much to blame as anyone because after they got him elected it is hard to publish much against him, makes them look bad kinda like those who can't see beyond his color and admit he is incompetent.

Duckys here said...

A Muslim ghetto crackhead?

Who listens to these morons?
How can you completely tear the fabric of reason again and again?

Rational Nation USA said...

Bozell is an almost clueless and classles prickhead, and please excuse my descriptive choice of words.

Obama can be criticized for his economic policy, foreign policy, or any other policy issues or philosophy he espouses without the disrespectful bullshit and personal invective shown by Bozo Bozell.

sick of scudrunner said...

"...kinda like those who can't see beyond his color and admit he is incompetent."

Kinda like those who can't do anything but see his color and who keep calling him incompetent, skud. All you do is piss all over this administration. your constant carping, whining, and partisan yapping shows your ridiculous biases unable to see the good in anything this man has done, and he has done plenty of good.

why shaw posts your whiney ass rants is a mystery to me.

Ann Adamsapple said...

Speaking of pant-wetters, they're jumping around like hyenas over the ISIS problem with "OVOMIT SUCKS!" as their solution to everything.

Their level of discourse is just like drunken street scum who know how to solve everyone's problems but their own.

Duckys here said...

skud, the "mainstream media" didn't elect him so much as McCain and Romney did.

Remember Sarah Palin? The right thought she was a qualified VP. Own it, bro. They should have looked through Mittens' binders full of women.

Own it, bro.

As for Ukraine there has been a mistake. Making noise about Ukraine joining NATO is certainly going to agitate Putin. This is no different than it was 20 years ago.

Yeah, in some ways he does have feet of clay, just as your hindsight is 20-20.
But the Teabags have yet to demonstrate they could have handled this any better. If he can be faulted mention Libya where there was a clear fumble but don't try to lay this all on his administration.

It's hard to publish much against the Muslim ghetto crackhead? Want to rethink that?

okjimm said...

hmmmmm.....I guess old Skud thinks GWB did a whole big bunch better job Iraq and Afghanistan.

.....and I always like the way certain folks exclude Fox from the MSM....or maybe Fox elected Obama too.

sheesh, get a clue.

skudrunner said...


I agree that the gop put up the wrong person with mccain and palin was just a get the women vote that backfired.

Romney was not a good choice, I support Huntsman, but given what is going on now from foreign relations to weak economy and lackluster job growth, he certainly would have been better than who sits there now.

I never call obama disgusting names he is just not up to the job which makes him incompetent

okie, you may consider fox msm but most consider it fringe media. Lets see, Liberal media, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC. Conservative, Fox. Guess your right couldn't be the msm who elected him.

Jerry Critter said...

Liberal is not anything to the left of you.

Jerry Critter said...

Actually, that should be

"Liberal is not EVERYTHING to the left of you."