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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Reactions to President Obama's UN Speech

Ron Fournier, National Journal

"It was perhaps the most thoughtful, grounded, and forward-looking speech of Obama's career. Not because he raised expectations with poetic phrasing—he's been there, done that—but because he didn't go there again. Instead, the president offered listeners a bracing, pragmatic road map to the future—a vision that, when moored to reality, was oddly optimistic. 

 The world has a choice, Obama said: Work together to tackle the problems of a new age, or be swamped by them. In the United States, he said, 'we choose hope over fear'—a line that could have been borrowed not only from Wilson, but from other presidents who presided in times of great inflection: Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy, both presidents named Bush."

The New York Times:

"President Obama laid out a forceful new blueprint on Wednesday for deeper American engagement in the Middle East, telling the United Nations General Assembly that the Islamic State understood only 'the language of force' and that the United States would “work with a broad coalition to dismantle this network of death.” 

In a much-anticipated address two days after he expanded the American-led military campaign against the group, also known as ISIS or ISIL, into Syria, Mr. Obama said, 'Today, I ask the world to join in this effort,' declaring, 'We will not succumb to threats, and we will demonstrate that the future belongs to those who build, not those who destroy.'

 'Those who have joined ISIL should leave the battlefield while they can,' Mr. Obama said in a blunt declaration of his intentions."

h/t DailyKos

I wish President Obama didn't have to give this speech, but he did, and he did so by explaining the reasons the U.S. and its coalition must stop ISIS, ISIL, and Khorasan and destroy their "network of death."

Instead of coming together as Americans did after the attacks of 9/11, certain elements on the right are second guessing the president's actions, and even cynically calling into question President Obama's patriotism and motives for those actions.

"The brutality of the militants forces us to look into the heart of darkness." --President Obama

We all have the right to criticize a president's policies, but when those on the right claim President Obama is sympathetic to the Islamic terrorists and "hates and wants to destroy America," that is no longer criticism, but deranged slander, paranoia we'd expect to hear from mentally unstable people.

Those whose every reaction to everything President Obama says or does is to malign and belittle him need to look into their own hearts of darkness and to discover why that is.

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