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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The Debate and Trump's Lies

The first debate featured an unprepared man repeatedly shouting over a highly prepared woman 

The coherence gap between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump was devastating.

From a friend:  "Hillary's debate performance last night was masterful. Trump took the bait every single time. I think at the next debate he will get even nastier, crueler, and viler; because instead of intelligently looking over his performance to see where he needs to improve, he'll blame his horrible performance on everyone but himself.  In other words, he'll be a whiney, petulant, crybaby -- his true nature."


Trump started out strong, and he got some points in during the first half hour.  Then, like the wicked witch of the west, he withered away and melted into a smoldering pile of bile and bluster, shouting,  "I'M LYING, I'M LYING!"

Another friend:  "One fact check site said Trump was on pace to shatter the record for lies told at a presidential debate. Several news organizations reported Trump aides furiously deleting tweets to cover up lies. Trump whining that he lost the debate because someone sabotaged his mike. Several videos of the future "healthiest president ever" sniffling like a coke addict."


Secretary Clinton was cool, calm, and extremely knowledgeable, while Trump sounded like a snuffalufflagus. What was all that sniffing and hacking about? He appeared very tired and very unhappy at the end of the debate, while Secretary Clinton was all smiles, looking pleased. Of course she should have been pleased. She knew what she was talking about; Trump repeated lies that have been debunked over the past 15 months, and everyone knows those same dreary falsehoods.

Here are some of the dozens of lies Trump told at the debate last night:

He said that the public can learn as much from his financial disclosures as from his tax returns. False

He claimed again that Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign started the birther movement. False. 
He claimed that he didn’t support the war in Iraq, when he did. 

He mischaracterized the origins of the Islamic State and the nature of the NATO alliance. 

He lamented the failed economy in Michigan and Ohio when, in fact, both states gained tens of thousands of jobs in the last year. 

He predicted the Fed would raise interest rates if Clinton were elected, which one analysis called a “baseless accusation.”

He said the Obama administration has done nothing to update America’s nuclear arsenal when it is spending tens of billions of dollars on modernization.

Soon after he said that the murder rate in New York City rose after “stop and frisk” was ruled unconstitutional, the NYPD swiftly corrected him: It’s gone down.

  On to the next debate. Or no?


 Trump blasted the format of Monday night’s debate by claiming that the presence of Clinton was “specifically designed” to distract him from delivering his message to the American people. “Every time I said something, she would say something back,” he said. “It was rigged.”


Joan Says It Right said...


Shaw Kenawe said...

And those sources, Joan? Would they be the squirrels in your head?

Thanks for the laugh.

Dave Miller said...

Joan... any links? Can you provide your "sources"? Or are these more of Lisa "False Facts"?

Besides, even if HRC had the questions a year ahead of time, that did not impact or keep Donald Trump from spouting lies as answers. She is not responsible for what comes out of his mouth.

Geez... get a clue!

Anonymous said...

Trump apologist making excuses for what anyone with a spot of intelligence is able to see as an inadequate intellect: "In his own ramshackle way, Trump is an effective communicator."

See. This is how damaged the Trumpistas have become. And how far into the abyss the conservatives have tunneled. They actually are making excuses for a lying noodle brain who can't form rational sentences or ideas. They've actually embraced a world-class charlatan --a serial liar and adulterer, because he became a Republican a few years ago. They're talking themselves into accepting a man who they'd reject out of hand had he placed a "D" after his name. In impolite company, these sorts are called political "whores."

Shaw Kenawe said...

Anonymous and Dave,

Just one look at this headline tells us all we need to know about Trump. He likes to pass himself off as someone with a great temperament, with great skills, with great everything, but once he learned that the majority who watched the debate determined that he was awful, this is how he responds:

Donald Trump After Presidential Debate: My Mic Was Defective

It wasn't that he stunk. No. It wasn't that he was caught in several lies. No. It was a defective mic! Imagine this little sniveler as the leader of the free world: It's not my fault that I plunged the U.S. into another war! My mic was defective! This isn't how a leader leads. This is how a coward who can't defend his indefensible lies weasels out of any responsibility.

You may not like Hillary, but I've never heard her blame defective mics or anything else for any poor performance. She has bigger cajones than Trump can even dream about.

Last night's debate showed Trump to be a sniveling little crybaby. He actually DID snivel most of the night!

Jerry Critter said...

“Every time I said something, she would say something back,” he said. “It was rigged.”

Donald! Look up the definition of debate! DUH!

Ray Cranston said...

He stunk fer sure!

Shaw Kenawe said...


"Hillary Clinton had two tasks for that debate: looking presidential and making Trump look like a fool. Nailed it!"

Ducky's here said...

He was laid out as a person of both low character and low intelligence.

It's been done before but not with close to 100 million viewers.
Now, does the base start to reject this ignorant charlatan.

Should get some undecideds to pick Hillary.

I thought Drumpft's law and order dog whistle and his support for stop & frisk really
helped convince minority voters that he offers a satisfying alternative.

They guy got clocked good.
Hillary was unflappable and reacted to Mr. Orange with humor which really steamed him.

I say she won with everyone but the hardcore BENGHAZI, BENGHAZI, BENGHAZI crowd.

Rational Nation USA said...

Actually Shaw there was no knockout punch by Hillary of Trump. Hillary won the debate, but IMO few if any minds were changed. She must win the next two and the last is critical for her.

Trump undoubtedly fired up his base and Hannity and the rest of the alternative reality folks no doubt believe he won "bigly".

billy pilgrim said...

stick a fork in trump, he's done like dinner.

Bluebull said...

I'm still shaking my head over how much of an idiot Drumpf made of himself during the 'debate'. I especially loved when he told us that Hillary has been fighting ISIS most of her adult life! LOL Does he think she's in her 20's or that ISIS has been around since 1965? Either way, the conman is a moron, clearly.

Hope your days off were fun and relaxing, Shaw!

Flying Junior said...

A glimpse from the other side from the blog Free Thinke. Perhaps three of the higher functioning residents, Silverfiddle, Ms. Pinkbottom and Freethinke himself. Personally, I have a hard time understanding Hillary hatred, because other than her spectacular career as Secretary of State, I have remained largely ignorant recently of complaints about Hillary and, by extension, President Clinton. To me it is as fascinating as it is disgusting. Enjoy.

Lady Pinkbottom
Hillary demonstrated physical stamina – but so did the great actor Yul Brenner in his last performance of the “King and I,” and immediately offstage was given oxygen and led away in a wheelchair. (I take it Yul was strong enough to wheel himself behind the person who was leading him!)
Donald Trump was visibly unprepared for tonight's debate and it showed in terms of missed opportunities to attack Clinton as well as being unable to artfully sidestep issue landmines which Clinton threw in his path. Typical Trump -- believing he is "smart enough" to simply "wing it."
Some of the missed opportunities: Benghazi, Clinton Foundation, Pay-for-Play, Cybersecurity and securing her own email server, and Muslim immigration.

Silver Fiddle
I was jamming with my bluegrass buddies last night, so I didn't see it. Trump wins by not losing--Apparently he appeared presidential to a lot of people who had a different impression of him. If that is true, he wins and gains in the polls. Everybody knows who Hillary is: An old battleship, sails tattered, hull pocked with the scars of a thousand battles, rusting at the waterline, outsize stern sagging from the weight of so many scandals... but somehow she stays afloat, probably by some satanic power.
Comey needs to come clean, resign, and apologize to the American people and to the good career professionals at the FBI. The Clintons pervert and corrupt everything they touch.

Host Free Thinke approves of SF’s message:
Thank you, Silver. Yes it is pertinent, but apparently her died-in-the-wool supporters would still vote for Her Heinous even if she were caught on camera stabbing an infant to death, then butchering it, seasoning it, stewing it with herbs, vegetables and wine, then eating it on camera. ;-)


Rational Nation USA said...

That thought is revolting. Unless of course he would finally be fed to the pigs.

Cok Burger said...

Please show Joan a little more respect. Its a proven fact that anything written online in caps MUST BE TRUE!

Unknown said...

After gathering up Hillary’s ‘notes’ the “cleaner” he tucked them under his arm while staring at the NBC hack moderator, Lester Holt and the 2 met onstage and from the video it appears that Hillary’s goon wanted to hand Holt the papers, which most likely were all the questions and pre-planned answers to Holt’s questions.

The WHOLE story Here:

Ms Pinkbottom said...

Not so fast Billy BOY. The one who is done is not Trump. Do some homework, and stop believing what you read HERE.

Shaw Kenawe said...

To Ms. Pinkbottom,

You are obviously an impostor from the Stench Trench, a/k/a The Smut Hut, The Stink Rink, etc., I know the real "Pinkbottom," and sir, you are no "Pinkbottom," you're more like a rat's a$$!


Shaw Kenawe said...

To "Unknown,"

Like the majority of Trump supporters, you dwell in your own reality bubble. And it has no relationship to the truth. No wonder you support Trump and buy into every manner of conspiracy that you find on the intertubz. There is absolutely no evidence or truth to the lie you are peddling. Is that all you have? If so, you have nothing -- y'know, like what's between your ears.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Cok Burger, Joan is a "he" and he is a visitor from a blog where a lot of their inmates use CAPS to express their "intellectual" ideas. In using that method, they believe it lends more authority to the blather they regurgitate.

Rational Nation USA said...

Not participating in another debate with HRC must, in tRump's alternate universe, be very presidential.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Flying Junior,

The "Lady Pinkbottom" who wrote that is an impostor.

The Lady Pinkbottom who occasionally visits here is the original character who is allowed to leave humorous comments The one you quoted is an escapee from the Stench Trench where stealing people's avatars and names is a religion. The real Lady Pinkbottom to sometimes visits here has more wit and intelligence than the impostor.

Apparently, Trump's supporters admire liars, cheats, and charlatans.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Flying Junior,

From your comment:

"Hillary is: An old battleship, sails tattered, hull pocked with the scars of a thousand battles, rusting at the waterline, outsize stern sagging from the weight of so many scandals... but somehow she stays afloat, probably by some satanic power."

Notice the many misogynistic references to Hillary's physical appearance, for example, "...outsize stern sagging..." Apparently the commenter is fine with the Brazil-sized a$$ that Trump hauls around the campaign stump. One could almost colonize the adipose tissue that hangs around his maximus gluteus, but Hillary is fat and The Devil.

They demonize Hillary while ignoring Trump's serial lying and adulteries and cheating small business out of money owed, and promoting a fraudulent "university," --(these people tend to be observant Xtians, but are quite forgiving when a louche and conman like Trump has an "R" after his name.) If there are bigger hypocrites in this world, I've yet to discover who they are.

Shaw Kenawe said...


This quote from H.L.Mencken describes perfectly Trump's supporters:

"When a candidate for public office faces the voters he does not face men of sense; he faces a mob of men whose chief distinguishing mark is the fact that they are quite incapable of weighing ideas, or even of comprehending any save the most elemental — men whose whole thinking is done in terms of emotion, and whose dominant emotion is dread of what they cannot understand."

Shaw Kenawe said...


Also, D is for Deplorable. And that's what a comment that demonizes half the voting population is.

Lee Arnold said...

"Trump promises change, but change that comes from someone who thinks people who pay taxes are suckers and who thinks he can show up before an audience of 100 million without preparation or real plans and talk about serious issues with no more sophistication than your crazy uncle — and expect to get away with it — is change the country can’t afford.
Electing such a man would be insanity."

Shaw Kenawe said...

Yes, Lee. Trump bragged that not paying taxes is smart. What Clinton should have said is that when billionaires don't pay taxes, the middle class has to make up for it.

Also there's this:

"Clinton came across as calm, relaxed and in command throughout. He repeatedly tried to talk over her – a classic, Trumpian dominance ritual – but she largely ignored him and serenely plowed on through. His attempts to demonstrate his own strength by throwing her off only ended up looking pathetic because she didn't take the bait. And that's putting aside how the image of a bossy man trying to shout down a strong woman will play with the female voters.
And not for nothing, his intrusions often made him look bad. I suspect we’ll see an ad in the coming weeks with her recounting his rooting for the housing collapse and his interjecting, smarmily, “That’s called business, by the way” before she continued recounting that 9 million people lost their jobs and 5 million lost their homes."
--Robert Schlesinger

Shaw Kenawe said...

RN, is Trump threatening to chicken out of the next debates? Is he that afwaid of Secretary Clinton???

Shaw Kenawe said...

NOTICE TO READERS: The link that says Trump threatens to not show up for the next debates is satire from Andy Borowitz at The New Yorker. It is so close to the truth that I'm not surprised some people believe it to be real, not satire.

Dave Miller said...

Shaw... why is it that when rich folks do not pay taxes, it's smart and when poor folks don't pay taxes, they're scum sucking takers?

Shaw Kenawe said...

Dave: "Shaw... why is it that when rich folks do not pay taxes, it's smart and when poor folks don't pay taxes, they're scum sucking takers?"

Why? Well probably for the same reason that the TeaPublicans are just fine with the fact that Donald Trump has been lie-checked hundreds of times throughout his candidacy and found to be the biggest liar of any presidential candidate in the history of presidential elections. That's a lot of lies. And he continued to lie even at lately as Monday night. Bigly!

The TeaPUblicans excuse that as "not expressing himself very well, but his supporters understand him." Translation: Trump's lies are acceptable because he's a (newly minted) Republican.

Massi Caduti said...

The globalist “experts” who have unleashed chaos, spawned global terrorism, broken the economy and wrecked the world endorse Hillary. That says it all. But the fact that Putin, Kim Jong Un, and ISIS love Trump says even more.

Sandra Sweeney said...

Sandra Sweeney said..."A friend and supporter of yours suggested I share the following with you. I wrote it last night and posted it on FB:

I am a former teacher. What I witnessed last night during the presidential "debate" was a candidate so completely unprepared that his presence in that forum was downright insulting, both to his opponent and to the audience of millions. It was obvious from the start that Mr. Trump had made no effort to prepare for this "debate". Teachers can spot that sort of thing pretty easily. CBS' Bob Schieffer made the comment that Mr. Trump was "the king of winging it" and Mrs. Clinton was the "queen of homework". Well, I'd rather not have the leader of the United States "winging it" in international summits or meetings with heads of state. Maybe it's just an educator's bias, but I much prefer the student who actually takes her classes seriously, prepares by completing her homework, and is able to participate intelligently in class discussion. Mr. Trump, your lack of preparation, your behavior during the program, and the utter disregard and disrespect for those who watched the "debate" last night was deplorable. Such behavior in my classrooms have warranted serious social skills instruction and behavior management implementation.

I'm no businessperson. I even cringed a bit selling Girl Scout cookies. But I thought about what I saw of you last night and imagined you in my world. I would not want you to be my child's teacher - sarcasm, lack of preparation, disrespect have no place in education. I would not want you to be my principal, for the very same reasons. You think you can just bluff your way through a faculty meeting? Hardly. You think you can just "wing it" as the year progresses and expect your school to achieve great scores in end-of-year standardized tests and produce exemplary students? Nope. I would not want to have you serve as president of our PTA. What kind of productive coalition could possibly come about as a result of your incredibly self-serving focus and bombastic behavior?

I look at you, Mr. Trump, like I have looked at my students. And my third grade students could teach you important lessons about things that seem foreign to you. Accountability. Responsibility. Apologizing when appropriate. Humility. Encouraging others to succeed. Building others up. Kindness. Cooperation. Admitting when you've made a mistake.
My students learned those things in my classroom, Mr. Trump. Somehow, those important life skills passed you by. I want students of all ages to be able to look upon their presidents' behavior, manner of speech, and embrace of scholarship and see excellent role models.
You, Mr. Trump, are no role model for my students. And if I were to give you a grade for last night's "debate", it would be an "F". You failed. All by yourself. You can pass the buck - you're pretty practiced at that - and blame whomever you wish to blame, such as the moderator, the microphone. But it is you, Mr. Trump, who failed yourself, who failed your campaign, and who failed to meet the high expectations of the forum known as The Presidential Debate.

You showed quite clearly that you are not fit to be the President of the United States."

Shaw Kenawe said...

It is clear why Trump complained and whined about the mic:

Dan Portland: "I understood the microphone problem immediately. The microphone was turned on, and conveyed to the audience the words that Mr. Trump was saying, as if those words represented Mr. Trump's thoughts."

Bluebull said...

Standing up and applauding Sandra Sweeney and her great letter!!!

Shaw Kenawe said...

Bluebull, the bottom feeders are spamming this blog, using other people's names, copying other people's texts, and spreading internet rumors as though they were fact. They are the embodiment of Trump's deplorables. Liars, bullies, and exceptional numbskulls.

Sandra Sweeney is the antidote to the intellectually challenged Trump supporter who believes bluster, bullying, and telling lies will make America great.

Shaw Kenawe said...

We have it on good authority that Trump is indebted BIGLY to Russian financiers. If the Trumper is elected, he'd be the first president in America's history to be indebted to a country hostile to the United States of America. This is why Trump isn't giving us his tax returns. It's better, he believes, to withstand the rumors of his alliances with America's enemies than to turn them over for inspection and show that those rumors are true:

from TIME: "The truth, as several columnists and reporters have painstakingly shown since the first hack of a Clinton-affiliated group took place in late May or early June, is that several of Trump’s businesses outside of Russia are entangled with Russian financiers inside Putin’s circle.

So, yes, it’s true that Trump has failed to land a business venture inside Russia. But the real truth is that, as major banks in America stopped lending him money following his many bankruptcies, the Trump organization was forced to seek financing from non-traditional institutions. Several had direct ties to Russian financial interests in ways that have raised eyebrows. What’s more, several of Trump’s [once] senior advisors have business ties to Russia or its satellite politicians."

Those who attack Hillary but accept this anti-American conman are among the worst hypocrites this country has produced.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Here's the link.

(The story in the above link has not been refuted with any facts from the Trump campaign.)

Talk about a crime syndicate. Trump is a billionaire who makes the Clintons look like small potatoes. His connections to murky foreign financial hoods is there for anyone to read. Banks in the US were finished with lending Trump's failing businesses more money, so Trump turned to Russia -- with greed.

Anonymous said...

Here's a telling quote from the Trumper:

Donald J. Trump > Quotes > Quotable Quote
Donald J. Trump
“You know, it really doesn`t matter what (the media) write as long as you`ve got a young and beautiful piece of ass.”

Hey Trump supporters, you got a daughter? How lucky you'll be to have this guy as POTUS and to be remember by USA and the world for what he thinks about women,can anyone imagine Obsma saying that and the hypocritical religious Trumpistas would have reacted?

Flying Junior said...

Apparently, a lot of guys are saying that Trump did well the first thirty minutes of the debate.

In the interest of avoiding political correctness, let me just say this:

"You're all a bunch of pussies and dumbasses!"

Allow me to reprint my impression of the first one third of the allotted time, my tweet from 6:39 p.m., P.D.T.

Great fun watching Donald sniffle and yell his way through his ticket back to private life. The faces are priceless. Can't wait for the compilation video. Now that the first half hour is over, he seems to be comfortable talking about himself. Basically, he can barely shut up long enough for anyone else to get a word in edgewise. He can hardly stand to hear the moderator say a single word. "Excuse me!," he bellows. He steps over just about every word that Hillary says. She bravely keeps talking while he is losing his mind on the national debate stage. I would suggest that he medicate before the next debate. Perhaps one blue valium and one to two percosets every twenty minutes thereafter. Hillary is a paragon of self-control. Her face shines with her more than ample sense of humor. Meanwhile she makes more sense than any other candidate in this race has made for two years.

Flying Junior said...

Taking bets as to how soon Trump will dump Melania after Hillary completely destroys him November 8th.

I say before Christmas.

Flying Junior said...

This was my follow-up comment at the end of the debate.

She really did show a wonderful and up-to-the minute command of the issues and ideas that matter the most to Americans. Her thoughts on race relations and police shootings were very progressive. I noticed that she lamented the incarceration of Black and Latinos in NYC under Giulani's, "Stop and Frisk," law for non-violent offenses. I guess it would not have been very prudent to mention that the majority of law enforcement issues with this policy were over simple marijuana possession.

Trump, OTOH, trumpeted the virtues of, "Law and Order," in essence rubber-stamping every police shooting of the last however many years.

Clinton very ably defended her negotiation of the Iran nuclear agreement. She refrained from outright ridicule when Trump accused her of not having the stamina to be president. I believe that as SOS, Hillary visited more countries than any of her predecessors.