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Thursday, November 7, 2019


BREAKING NEWS: Donald Trump is told to pay $2 MILLION to non-profits for misusing his charitable foundation

  • A New York judge ordered Donald Trump to pay $2 million to a group of nonprofit organizations as part of a settlement in a civil lawsuit
  • Trump and his three oldest - Don Jr, Ivanka and Eric - were accused of using the Donald J. Trump Foundation for political and personal gain
  • The money must be paid by Trump himself 
  • The foundation was dissolved in December 

Remember how the Trump Cultists howled about the Clinton Foundation?  The Clinton Foundation still exists and does good things all over the world, and it is ranked at the top of charity ratings.

This is just one more incident of how the Trump Crime Family scams people and enriches itself.

Can anyone imagine anything more low-down-dirty, unethical and exploitive than pretending to be a "foundation" and taking people's money for political and personal gain? Well, that's just what the GOP's president and his grifting family did.

How do Trump Cultists live with themselves knowing they support such an unprincipled and venal man like Trump? How do the so-called Christian Evangelicals explain this to themselves?

From the above link: "A New York judge ordered Donald Trump to pay $2 million to a group of nonprofit organizations as part of a settlement in a civil lawsuit against his charitable foundation. The lawsuit alleged that President Trump and his three eldest children - Don Jr., Ivanka and Eric - used the Donald J. Trump Foundation for political and personal gain. 

 The four were accused of violating federal and state campaign finance laws and abusing the Donald J. Trump Foundation's tax-exempt status. But Thursday's order appears to bring the lawsuit to an end."


Dave Miller said...

Well Shaw... of course nothing happens to the Clintons. They always skate because they're libs and libs always get away with it. Because the Deep State covers up for them. Just like they did with all the people they murdered.

I'm sure DJT has some irregularities in his non profit. With all the regulations to follow, it's a wonder everyone does not have issues. But they target DJT. Why? Because he's working for America to take down the Clinton loving Deep State.

That man is a hero to millions of Americans, true patriots, who really really love America, not the America haters trying to rip us apart. Like Cyrus, he's anointed. Thank goodness he's there.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Dave,, you seem to be channeling every Trump Cultist out there in Never, Never Land.

That's exactly how they think.

BlueBull said...

Dave, you scare me when you sound like them. You're too good at it. :)

Isaac said...

The Trumpistas will continue to support Donnie because they believe his lies. They can't think for themselves.

Anonymous said...


Dave Miller said...

Blue... it's a gift. Look, the reality is this... I read a lot of their stuff and I personally know many who are Trump supporters. That gives me perhaps a larger more personal window into their views.

I'll say this... I've not met very many of Trumps supporters who think he is a good man. I've not met very many who are fans of his worst policies, like family separation. The great majority of people who support him would love to take his Twitter account away. But they also believe that he is at his best when he is "giving it to" the left.

Most of his folks see the left, and many people like us as arrogant and dismissive of their lifestyle.

Let me give you all an example...

Early in his tenure, Pres Trump pardoned two ranchers, Dwayne and Dwight Hammond of rural Oregon. I know those men. They are good men, albeit, guys who did something wrong. There was a trial and they were convicted and sentenced. After they served their terms and were released, the US Government said the judge had no right to give them such a "light" sentence. What resulted was a ton of hearings and both of those men, who had served their terms and been released, being rearrested, and jailed again.

Their families asked Pres Obama to help and were ignored. Obama, could have pardoned those men and at least showed that Dems had some inkling of the issues the right deals with. But Trump looked at the case and did what I believe was fair and right.

The people we call extremists, and by we, I include myself, feel like the government is overreaching everywhere and when it comes to caring about people, they feel dismissed, like the Hammond family felt. They also feel that Trump speaks for them and even though he is not always successful, that he is fighting for them.

Are those people overwhelmingly older, white and rural people? Yes they are, but they too deserve a president that speaks for them.

They'd love a "nice" president who advocated for them as Trump does, but who would that be? Look, we can scream all we want about a lot of stuff, but failure to acknowledge a strong economy and historically low unemployment is a recipe for a disaster.

President Trump is the perfect storm candidate for Dems. He's set them up perfectly. Because the only issue the Dems have is we are not Trump.

What happens if the Dems actually remove him? Then what is the argument for a Dem? We're not Pence either? Because then we'll have the same policies with a nicer face. And if the Dems lose the impeachment battle, Trump will announce all day long that he was acquitted and innocent.

As I've said many times... it's a mess.

Sorry to ramble.

Shaw Kenawe said...

"President Trump is the perfect storm candidate for Dems. He's set them up perfectly. Because the only issue the Dems have is we are not Trump." --Dave Miller

Not exactly.

What ALL fair minded Americans take issue with is a law-breaking POTUS who's turning all our Constitutional and Democratic norms on their heads. We have more than one person (the whistleblower) corroborating what trump did: He attempted to bribe and extort a foreign government for interference in our elections to benefit himself. I assume you, like me and many other Americans, expect the POTUS to NOT engage in impeachable crimes while in office.

I don't see how folks who think they are marginalized can feel good about a man who lies, cheats, steals (from his charity), commits adultery and breaks the law by trying to hide his payoffs to his mistresses, and continues to flout the law -- how is Trump going to rescue them from anything? Their support of this lawless man is too steep a price .

We have to stand up to this wreckingball of a POTUS and demand that our laws, our Constitution, our Representative Democracy be preserved or America becomes something else and will cease to be what our Founding Fathers established.

Henry Cabot Hunting Lodge said...

Trump is severaly criticised, –– chastised, castigated, reviled, and condemned –– BECAUSE he is uncommonly CORRUPT! and DISHONEST! He refuses to OBEY THE LAW and he's devoid of all dignity and decency and ao it is OBVIOUS he is not "presidential." He's crooked as Kellyanne's nose.

Dave Miller said...

Shaw... I don't think a lot of those folks feel good at all about Donald Trump, as a person. But they do like what his Admin, by and large is accomplishing. Look, take out the stuff like the family separations, and they see someone at least trying to stem the number of illegal aliens coming into the US. We can argue on how it should be done, but are Dems really in a place where they do not believe the US has a right to control her borders?

If you sit down with DNC officials and the most left of the partisans, even they will admit that the Dems have no plan, none for this issue and worse, that no one will win a primary if he/she says we need to control our border.

How is that possible?

These are the types os issues Trump has Id'ed and Dems are not watching.

I get it... I too think Trump is a terrible person. But we have a huge swath of the US that was/is saying, hey, what about policies to help us too! Look at rural health care. And i know a lot of these folks are against Obamacare, but people are dying for lack of access in these areas as clinics and hospitals close.

Why is it that no politicians are talking about this? At all?

It is true that every modification to our cars that cuts pollution adds to the cost of a car. You can't save up to buy that new car anymore, because it costs more than our houses used to cost. Who's talking about this? Who's talking about bringing the budget deficit under control? Literally no one.

What a lot of those voters said was enough! They want someone, anyone who even partly sees them. The left has not been doing it. Hillary did not do it. Obama did not do it. Clinton did. Carter did. RFK did. Jack Kemp did. Anyone else?

skudrunner said...

Rev, You do have some good opinions and in many of them hit the emotion of the American Taxpayer. Trump is not a good person a liar and a cheat. What he does present is opportunity for the working American Taxpayer which is something the leading democrat candidates don't present. Medicare for all, free college tuition, rollback tax cuts for business, further tax the wealthy, open the border, destroy jobs. Instead of trying to create jobs they want to destroy them. Instead of proposing opportunities they want to make them wards of the government.

Obamacare was and remains a disaster but it was hastily put together and passed with bribes and intimidation. The DNC anointed the -H- eight years before she ran and lost the election. Now she won't go away because she is trying to make Chelsea into a political figure and can't let go of her bitterness toward all the middle class.

No politician will do what is necessary to bring the deficit down because they would have to slash defense spending, "entitlement" programs, government waste and political corruption which will not happen.

Ms Shaw, how did you arrive at the Clinton foundation was one of the top charitable institutions. They are on a list of all of them but to place them at the top is a real stretch. It is a means to fund a lifestyle.

BlueBull said...

Nice Fox News talking points, there Skid. Of course they aren't anywhere near accurate but that never stopped the right from babbling them over and over again.
First, NOBODY is in favor of 'opening the borders." Nobody. Oh sure, it sounds good and it works to scare the uninformed and the lower-IQ dog and pony type voters, but it's just a lie. If you'll notice under President Obama the focus was on deporting those with criminal records and, indeed, President Obama deported more than ANY other president -including the orange blob we're currently saddled with.
2nd - Medicare for all is not backed by all of the candidates. Far from it. What most propose is Medicare for all who want it. The rest an stay with what they have if they're happy with it. Obamacare was far from a 'disaster' and actually saved MANY lives, including mine. It was ruined when the right started trying to monkey around with it. Especially heinous was little Marco Rubio pushing to remove pay-offs for rural areas with one or even no insurers. Honestly, the way the right moaned and whined about the mandate portion of the bill, you'd think they had no say in the bill, at all. But wait - they did and they proposed more than 200 amendments to the proposed legislation. That is until the voting, then they did their usual BS and like a herd of brain damaged lemmings, they (all but 1 if memory serves) decided it would help too many of 'those' people so they voted against it.
The last two tax cuts were both disasters which helped the uber rich FAR more than anyone else. In fact, this last nightmare hurts the middle class far more than it help them. We said at the time that the huge corporations wouldn't invest in mew plants and new staffing (as the right promised). No, we said they'd do stock by-backs and further feather their nests which, of course, is EXACTLY what they did. It's rich for a rightie to be talking as if they're somehow better for the economy after the track record they've left behind these past 30 or so years. 7 of the last 9 recessions have occured with total Republican control. I'd say your side sucks at the whole economy thing.....
If you'd bothered to read even part of the Green New Deal, you'd see that the number of good, high paying jobs created by even starting on part of it would dwarf the minimum wage jobs we've seen for the past twenty or so years.
Finally, the Clinton Foundation has done so much good in Africa and other parts of the world that it is shocking you've not heard of the works they've done. I guess Fox and Drudge don't talk about that, huh? Well, I urge you to do some basic research. (psst -it's called G O O G L E)
A rightie talking like they are good stewards of our economy! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Craig said...

One more thing Skud, Trump's (actually Paul Ryan's) tax cut was going to super charge the economy. Real economists predicted a sugar high. One quarter GDP above 4% in 2018, last 2 quarters below 2%. Just super.

skudrunner said...

Blueballs, First off I don't watch Fox news but since you know what they say I assume you do. I watch local news and PBS for National. ALL the other news outlets are biased and report opinion not news.
Do the democrat front runners object to illegals crossing the border, do they support sanctuary cities, do the support reducing ICE. The answer is yes therefore they support open borders. Most support providing healthcare, housing, food, education to those in the country illegally but they won't take steps to help the homeless in their own cities. The special interest president signed an order to delay deportation of illegals instead of making it permanent or working on a compregensive immigration policy. He would rather pass the massively costly and inefficient healthcare. He was even proud it was named after him until it tanked then it is the ACA.
I am glad obamacare helped you and it probably helped a small portion of the nine million who signed up out of the 30 million who qualified. Somehow that alone shows how bad it was. Probably only cost the Taxpayer a few million per patient as they watched their premiums skyrocket and their benefits dwindle. But hey the good news is we fined the Americans who chose not to participate so we could provide healthcare for those in the country illegally. Great trade off.
Keep in mind that Reagan took over the recession from Carter and Obama was the leader of the last recession. Do a little research and you will learn that the last recession had enough blame and incompetence to go around on both sides. Obama wasn't responsible for the recession just the lack luster recovery.
I will make the assumption that you took some business class in your life and do realize that corporation pass taxes on to the buyer. Of course I am one of those people who advocate for everyone to pay their FAIR share of taxes and enact The Fair Tax system. Of course it won't pass because the politically elite will lose their power to discriminate against the working middle class.

BlueBull said...

I make a point of watching the drivel on Fox at least twice a week. As they say, you have to know the enemy to defeat it. As for your list of odd questions :
Not all the candidates support sanctuary cities and I'm not aware of ANY of them calling for open borders. As for health care, education, etc for illegals already here - well yes, I would like to think that both parties would have enough common sense to back those matters. Do you want sick people running around getting others sick and ending up in the ER, which is FAR more expensive than a clinic or Dr. The right always talks about how 'pro-life' they are except when it comes to feeding and education poor or immigrant children. I guess all that pro-life stuff is just for white kids, huh?
You think the mandate for Obamacare was so that illegals could get it? Are you really that thick-headed to not know that illegals were specifically excluded from the act? So, since I haven't had a car accident in over 40 years, I shouldn't have to pay as much as I do pay? Perhaps I should whine about being 'fined' like you seem to be doing.
You need to get your facts right, SKid. Reagan began the cycle of huge national debt. You won't get away with laying the blame on Carter.
Okay, so your guy Bush breaks all the dishes in the diner and you're upset that Obama didn't clean it up faster? Wow. Under President Obama's wise watch, the economy was pulled back from the brink of depression, the American car industry was saved and slowly people began to get hired, though wages remained and still remain depressed with many of the jobs being created low-wage service jobs with few if any benefits.
Again, it's utterly laughable for a rightie to think they know a thing about our economy after the total mess your side always makes of it.
Still, nice try.

skudrunner said...

Blueballs, thanks for agreeing with most of what I posted. I never said obamacare was established to provide care to illegals but doesn't it bother you that we will not take care of our own but will take care of people entering the country illegally.
You really should spend some time looking up the cause of the previous recession, hint sub-prime.
As to the Carter recession you are correct. He was a great leader because he pushed interest rater to the 20's but he did have fireside chats on TV.
Obama is a swell guy but somehow spending a trillion to create zero jobs and selling off one automaker to a foreign maker does not mean he saved anything. He did do a good job running industry out of the US, giving a government that hates us billions to develop nuclear capabilities, give away millions to join a feel good climate change group with no teeth and slamming small businesses and the middle class every chance he got, another great leader.

BlueBull said...

I don't agree with much of anything you said, actually. So President Obama created no jobs, huh? Then how come the unemployment rate fell every month for 6 years? Nobody slammed small business. I suppose you are a fan of no regulations whatsoever and doing away with the EPA? When President Obama said "You didn't build this alone," he was 100% correct, though your side howled like a junk yard dog in a bear trap. Roads, waterways, airports, sewers, water, electric lines -- all paid for by taxpayers - all of us, not just small businesses. I was a small business owner and I knew that and agreed with him.
The sub prime line again? Really? Don't you righties ever tire of dragging out garbage for the neighbors to see? Oi vey.

skudrunner said...

Blueballs, on trillion spent resulted in a lot of junkers being bought but no permanent jobs or infrastructure improvements.
If you believe you didn't build your business the government did then I guess you are correct. I feel different because all the government did for me was raise my costs and regulations.
You should really read up on the effects of Sub-Prime because there are many sides to the recession and it was a major contributor. Of course some facts are just to much to process.