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Tuesday, January 21, 2020


"Trump and the Republicans clearly want to make impeachment come and go as quietly as possible. They know that if the American public pays too much attention, if they’re forced to listen to the facts and the evidence against Donald Trump, it becomes almost impossible for the Senate to acquit him. As we head into the trial, 51 percent of Americans already think Trump should be removed. Nearly 70 percent think additional witnesses should be called to testify to Trump’s behavior. Trump is losing the impeachment fight; McConnell’s goal is to declare Trump the winner before the loss becomes unavoidable."--The Nation.


Dave Miller said...

Mitch has the votes. Plain and simple.

There will be no witnesses, no additional evidence. The rules will resemble nothing like they did for the Clinton Impeachment.

Trump will be acquitted, and then further crow about his innocence and his "perfect" call.

Dems will be frustrated and then we will wait to see what happens in November 2020.

As I've said numerous times, I believe Trump wins again. I also believe the Dems should pour all their resources into the Senate. Then not confirm a single GOP judicial nominee or cabinet official and they should start 2021 with a slew of subpoenas on Day 1.

Dave Miller said...

BTW... great opening speech today by Sen Schumer.

Best I've ever seen from him.

R.D. said...

Republican senators know that Trump has betrayed the public trust, abused his power and is incompetent. But they fear the wrath of his sycophantic base and are looking for any cover they can get. It doesn't matter that these so-called legal theories are completely bogus: by throwing them out, they are hoping to confuse enough of the public so that they don't risk being labeled spineless toadies (which, of course, they are) when they vote to acquit.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Dave and R.D.

If pwople believe pink elephants can fly, then they are likely to also believe that Trump did nothing wrong and that Democrats impeached him only because they don't like him and want to undo the 2016 election. Most sane, rational people know that elephants regardless of color can't fly. Likewise we know Trump is guilty as sin. He could and perhaps should have been impeached for many more breaches of duty as outlined in the Mueller report. Daily we see a president who's totally unpresidential and is totally unfit for the office he holds.

Trump is a thug, a fraud and a person lacking all human decency. Failure by the Republican Senators to convict him makes them complicit and equally guilty and unfit for office.

No matter how this plays out, and I'm pretty sure the Republicans will make a mockery out of the Constitution, we will never forget how the GOP subverted justice and shamed themselves in service to Trump, an unworthy liar, cheat, and fraud.

Dave Miller said...

Shaw... I'm pretty sure in private moments, most GOP Senators will say Trump was wrong to do what he did. They'd argue that it does not warrant impeachment also. But they can never say that in public because ppl like the passengers on the Mothership and those like Freethinke see any public deviance from the Trump view as treason.

Now... here's another thought.

Over the course of three years, in books and many unguarded moments, we've heard numerous administration officials quoted on a variety of subjects as they relate to Pres Trump. He's been called a moron, uninformed, not serious and much more. It is evident from numerous sources, including the latest book from Philip Rucker, that Pres Trump is a danger to America and many former military leaders and others believe it to be so.

These leaders, men like Mattis, McMaster, Tillerson, Cohn, and John Kelly have a duty to fulfill. They need to either step up and discredit the words attributed to them by the various news organizations, or state publicly why they hold those views. They've all sworn an oath, not to Donald Trump, but to America and her Constitution.

As far as I am concerned, each and everyone of these ppl, absent a public declaration, are cowards, not worthy of the pension we the people are providing them. They are a disgrace.

Either publicly support the President and call the press liars, or confirm their statements and let the public know how dangerously unprepared and unserious DJT is for the presidency.

More than the Senators, who I assume will be political lightweights, these guys have no reason to remain quiet and sacrifice our country.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Dave, what you've written is all so sad and so true. We get to see how Trump supporters think through reading what they say on the Mother Ship. As for FT, I understand, through a friend of P.E., that he's been wishing for the deaths of Lefties. That should alert us all to the depravity that results from Trump worship.

As to the impeachment trial, there is no reasonable defense for Trump’s behaviors because his actions were done on impulse and in defiance of the rules society has established to support mutual trust.

Trump is not stealthy about his disgraceful behaviors. He has no shame and no respect for the duties and responsibilities of the presidency. The people who defend him know who they are defending, someone who they think will give them what they want, but they are misguided. The real Trump is a liar, a cheat, and a fraud, and he has no concern to ever do the right thing by anyone. He’s a one-man show, and he buys his way out of the trouble that results from is recklessness.

Eventually, the Republican Party will find itself disgraced by Trump, and it will reject him. Trump never keeps the companionship of reliable and honorable people. That or the Party will lose the respect that it has enjoyed and become known as a collection of cheaters and liars, just like the deplorable man they support.

BlueBull said...

None of the human hemorrhoids in the Republiscum party have enough backbone to speak against their impeached orange blob. They will, I'm sure, continue to put party before country. Frankly, they should be stropped of their citizenship, imo, for their dereliction of duties towards protecting the Constitution.