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Wednesday, September 16, 2020



‘Just A Firehose Of Lying’: Trump’s Town Hall Widely Roasted As A Train Wreck 

 "President Trump defended his assertion that the novel coronavirus would “disappear” with or without a vaccine on Tuesday, saying the United States would develop what he called “herd mentality.” 

 “With time it goes away,” Trump said during an ABC News town hall in Pennsylvania when pressed by host George Stephanopoulos on his public comments about the virus. 

“You'll develop, you'll develop herd — like a herd mentality. It's going to be, it’s going to be herd-developed, and that's going to happen. That will all happen. But with a vaccine, I think it will go away very quickly.” 

 Trump appeared to mistake “herd mentality” for “herd immunity,” which occurs when enough individuals develop immunity to prevent the spread of a disease.


Dave Miller said...

Well... clearly Trump conflated the two expressions. I for one am willing to give him the benefit of the doubt on this, calling it just a mix up or a mistake. An approach Skud and other conservatives are unwilling to do in relationship to President Obama saying 57 states.

Today though, something interesting happened. The head of the CDC, Dr Redfield, upon questioning about Trump's mask response last night said "masks are the best defense" and maybe even better than vaccines. And that "It has been scientifically proven."

Sounds like a direct rebuke of the Pres.

I assume he's gonna be fired soon. Redfield that is.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Dave, Trump continues to make fun of Joe Biden for wearing a mask, and he continues to hold his rallies without social distancing or masks. Deliberately endangering his own supporters.

I don't understand why they show up and expose themselves to danger. But I forget that what we're seeing is the behavior of cultists.

The Jim Jones cultists drank poisoned Kool-Aid and voluntarily (and involuntarily) killed themselves because Jones told them to.

So, these Trump rallies in the Time of the Covid Plague all make sense now.

skudrunner said...

It will go away given enough time, all viruses do. Even the plague went away. Herd immunity is one way to lessen the time but increases the deaths so it is a trade off.

Rev, there is a lot of difference between saying herd immunity/mentality and the US has 57 states. One is a slip up the other is having little knowledge of our country.

I hate wearing a mask but I do as do most reasonable people. The idea of wearing one while you are alone in a car, walking by yourself or riding a bicycle seems silly but whatever makes you comfortable. I know it is trumps fault as is Sally but it does seem the colleges are full of trump believers because they don't wear a mask at parties.

A harris win will be good for the country in the short run. No riots and little spent on mental health issues because trump won. Over the long term massive tax increases on companies and individuals will result in goods costing more and having less to spend. China is in a tizzy because they will have a manufacturing boom so there is a positive. We can go back to supporting do nothing organizations but we will feel good.

Dave Miller said...

Skud said... "Rev, there is a lot of difference between saying herd immunity/mentality and the US has 57 states. One is a slip up the other is having little knowledge of our country."

Of course there is Skud. Because as a conservative, you're not willing to offer grace, or give an inch.

BTW, there are 57 voting entities that are part of the US once we include territories. Is it even possible in your thinking that Obama was speaking of that?

BTW folks... after Redfield said the science was there to show the efficacy of masks, and that we would not have a vaccine this year, Trump attacked him, saying he was of course, mistaken. Redfield then responded saying no, the science is clear.

This is perfect example of where the US is at. Objective facts or what I believe, or want to be true.

Who should you believe? A proven liar? Or a bunch of dumb scientists, doctors and medical professionals?

BB-Idaho said...

As a retired scientist, I'd go with them. Cook the books, cheat or lie, it is the end of a scientific the same, and it is political success for a demagogue. Science is logic and proof, any mistake deliberate or otherwise is quickly rooted out. So, as is well known, 94% of scientists are Democrats..why
so few are GOP continues to befuddle the pundits. Clearly, Trump is the route to the new Dark Ages. Good bye, progress, hello Inquisition.

Shaw Kenawe said...


"It’s no secret that every time the folks from the CDC push for masks and social distancing, Trump and Bill Barr push back. In fact, after Robert Redfield said if everyone just wears a mask, washes their hands regularly and practices social distancing, we’ll have this virus contained in “six, eight, ten twelve weeks.” He also said he doesn’t expect an effective vaccine before the “second or third quarter of 2021.”
This displeased Trump. He called Redfield to talk it over, then announced an (unscheduled) press conference for later in the day. At that presser, Trump said Redfield “made a mistake,” and that he was “confused.” That that wasn’t what he meant to say." --Bruce Linder

So a reality teevee host who's been bankrupt 6x and has no background in science, medical or otherwise, disputes a virologist's informed advice on how to deal with a novel virus.

The sooner we kick his prodigious orange posterior out of office, the better for America and democracy.

I don't understand the people who are still supporting this lunatic.

skudrunner said...

Masks and distancing will work if people will do it. The young party animals and rioters will never listen to anyone so they just gather in groups and spread the virus. Maybe their parents should take away their allowance until they shape up. Not sure what we can do about the rioters except pull all police and let them burn everything down.

I know this is all trumps fault and botox nan spending all the dems time chasing an impeachment that they knew was going nowhere has no blame. Even when she tore up the SOTU address which mentioned the virus because trump lies. Now it does appear he tells the truth because botox nan, deblagio, cuomo, cooper all believed there was nothing to worry about and said come on down.

What does BLM do with all the money they raise. Do they repair their communities, provide scholarships, provide money for better schools. Seriously where do all those millions go.

What are we doing about immigration reform. All these issues have been supplanted by hate trump and covid.

NALM which is being totally ignored

skudrunner said...

Rev, Good cover on the 57 voting entities even when the swell guy said 57 states.

Dave Miller said...

So Skud... just to close out the thread... you're not willing to even consider the Pres Obama was thinking of the 57 voting entities when he said 57 states, or that he simply made a mistake?

I just want to know so I can apply the same standard to Trump, take back my defense of his "herd mentality" quote and assume he never makes a mistake when he speaks.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Dave, I'm afraid our friend, skud, has a blind spot where it concerns President Obama. Unlike the majority of Americans and the world, he sees nothing good in Mr. Obama, but continues to excuse Trump.

That says a lot about skud.

The Honorable, Esteemed And Distinguished Judge Dervish Sanders (A High IQ Individual) said...

Right. Barack Obama, a Constitutional law professor doesn't know how many states there are in the US. Must be because he was born in Kenya. btw, Dotard does want his followers to have a herd mentality (unquestionably believe everything he says). I think what he said was a Kinsley gaffe. When he tells them to drink bleach or commit a crime by voting twice -- he's testing his control over his followers. That people were admitted to hospitals and some died after following his advice -- I think it gives him a perverse pleasure.

Rational Nation USA said...

There's nothing wrong with reverse herd mentality. IE: Running away from Dotard donnie's Anti American trumpism.