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The U.S. was just downgraded from a “Full” to “Flawed Democracy.”

You can thank President Porn-Star Shagger, the one who praised a murderous North Korean dictator and insulted our closest ally, Canada.


Sunday, April 26, 2009


Remember when the head of the Republican National Committee said this:

"You have absolutely no reason, none, to trust our word or our actions at this point."

Well, Mr. Steele has, again, proven himself to be correct.

The race in New York's 20th Congressional district was finally decided on Friday. Mr. Steele predicted this about that race in an op-ed on the Politico blog:

"Tedisco’s victory will be a credible repudiation of the spending spree that Obama and Congress have been on since January. Even the executive director of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee acknowledged over the weekend that the race was “a referendum on the Economic Recovery Act and Barack Obama’s policies.” Well, the DCCC is right — this likely Republican victory is a referendum on the president. [...]

Well, the voters have spoken, and while the results are still pending, Republicans are confident that the final vote tallies will show those voters have rejected the president’s approach. [...]

The ground has shifted, and is shifting, as the voters become increasingly worried about Obamanomics. [...]

Tuesday’s election was a vote of "no confidence" in the Democrats’ tax, spend and borrow approach. I hope Obama and congressional Democrats are listening."

Before the election, Mr. Steele said this:

"Our game is not up...our message still rings true with countless Americans, specifically with those in the 20th congressional district."

The game IS up, Mr. Steele, the Democrat, Scott Murphy, won in the tradionally Republican district. Kirsten Gillibrand, who was appointed by NY Gov. Patterson to fill Hillary Clinton's vacated senate seat, was hardly a leftist Representative, and the district she represented had been previously represented by a moderate Republican, Benjamin Gilman, for thirty years. The Republicans should have won this race, but they couldn't. I'm beginning to think that damaging the GOP label through repeated blunders is all part of Steele's master plan. He'll wait until the Republicans are further demoralized after the 2010 elections, and then shout into the wind "We've got 'em now!"

Mr. Steele, you are again correct in saying we Americans should not believe a word you, as the head of the RNC, say.


Time said...

Mr. Coleman can take his fight to the federal Supreme Court, but he will lose also.
Another factor that America wants what President Obama is doing for America.
I predict that the federal Supreme Court will refuse to hear Mr. Coleman's case, for lack of standing, or any evidence that would be new since being heard by the Minnesota Supreme Court.
The Republican party is dead, although it could come back.

Shaw Kenawe said...

The Republican Party will come back, but it will have to undergo drastic changes in its leadership and its philosophy of obstructionism and victimhood before Americans look to it as a viable party again.

I don't like a one-party system. A country as large as this should have several parties.

TAO said...

Lets not forget that Murphy is also a 'carpetbagger' having lived in the district for only 10 years and originally from Missouri. While his opponent was a lifelong local politico.

Republicans have satisfied Limbaugh and their base and now they cannot win elections

Arthurstone said...

Several is right. Progressive/Green is my choice.

But as long as the campaign cycle continues as an endless repetition of fund raising punctuated by the occasional election nothing will change.

dmarks said...

The Green party? This last time, they ran someone who blamed "the Jews" for her political woes and rants about insane conspiracy theories. I wonder what the local Green parties thought of her blatant antisemitism, and her close ties to actual terrorist groups.

I talked to one local Green party person, and it turned out that this party leader was unaware of McKinney's hatred of Jews, and he also claimed that McKinney was not even a serious candidate anyway.

Say what you will about Ralph Nader, he was not a racist kook. I hope the Greens revert to some sense the next time around.

Time: I would not call someone who has lived there 10 years a "carpetbagger". That's plenty of time in which to set up real roots in a place.

As for having just two parties, nothing will change until a third party actually bothers to campaign for the whole country. Perot came close in 1992. Otherwise, the third parties are all jokes (willfully not even running serious candidates), representing the interests of at best 2% or 3% of the population and successfully campaigning to win their hearts, while completely ignoring the other 97%+.

Christopher said...

Poor MC Steele.

Can't he get a meaningful job in porn or, at Home Depot in the hardware section?

Time said...


I did not call anyone a carpetbager.

Arthurstone said...


Calm down. Guess I shouldn't have used caps.

I'm not talking about the Green Party as presently configured and certainly Cynthia McKinney is my preferred candidate for the White House.

I'm interested in a party with more progressive politics (less militarism for one) than the Democrats and a stronger environmental angle as well. Lower case p. Lower case g. At least until the imagined party has a real name.

For now I'll remain a Democrat.

Arthurstone said...


I'm not talking about the Green Party as presently configured and certainly Cynthia McKinney is NOT my preferred candidate for the White House.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Whew! Arthurstone. You had me worried for a moment.

dmarks said...

Time: I crossed you with Tao. Big mistake.

Arthur: I didn't think you were in any way behind McKinney. As Shaw said, "whew".

Beth said...
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Arthurstone said...


I know you're devastated Shaw but for our sake be strong. It will take time. A lot of time. But one day, when you least expect, that big 'ol sun'll come shining through.

Beth said...
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Anonymous said...

Shaw, there was a time when I thought that even though we had many and big differences in our political opinions, I did respect you as a person and as a blogger. But you have become so radical that I no longer hold that opinion of you. To be honest with you Shaw, I no longer hold any respect for you what so ever.. You are just like all the rest of the leftist bloggers who seem to only want to disparage anyone with a difference of opinion. And some of your newest blogs are nothing less than disgusting name calling trash

Shaw Kenawe said...


I'm crushed.

But somehow, I'll find a way to get on with my life.

Handsome B. Wonderful said...

And now we have Specter and I don't mind one bit that he's moderate. I like the big tent thing. I welcome all who are willing to compromise and work in a civil way together. The Dems are embracing anyone willing to work together to move America forward.

dmarks said...

Shaw: We differ on many things, but I've never felt that you have desparaged me.

I guess this means you will have to try a lot harder....

Shaw Kenawe said...


I don't know what that "anonymous" poster is talking about. I challenged him/her to find disparaging trash in my recent posts.

He/she didn't. So I assume he/she can't back up the allegation.

You're one of my most frequent commenters. You're always welcome. And you're proof that I don't disparage opposing points of view.

Anonymous said...

I sometimes post here anonymously, but I'm not THAT anonymous person.

Anonymous said...
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