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Thursday, April 2, 2009



sparkycat said...

I have expressed my disgust many times over the years with the Bush administration’s kowtowing to Saudi Arabia.
But Obama kissing up and "BOWING" to the King is a disgrace. I can’t remember seeing any president perform a gesture like that to anyone. What an EMBARRASSMENT it was. It was Sickening to see it. It’s no accident he gives the Brits gifts from Costco and is ready to go full Lewinsky for the Saudis

Shaw Kenawe said...


Why don't you go find something important to get hot over, okay?

If that's all you've got, you've got zero.

The fact that Mr. and Mrs. Obama are popular with the American people and, apparently, with the world has rotted your brain.

You wouldn't like Mr. Obama if he brought you bin Laden's head on a pike, so, please, spare me your indignation.


PS. Mr. Obama is wildly popular with the British people, unlike the last president, whom they detested.

Arthurstone said...

It's refreshing to see the kiddo's response to our First Lady.

I recall watching kindergarteners flinch when Barbara Bush entered the room.

TAO said...

Arthur, are you Bush 41 is disguise?

I watched the BBC tonight and even the Queen and Prince Phillip were giddy to meet the Obama's..

Arthurstone said...

Tao wondered:

'Arthur, are you Bush 41 is disguise?'

No but I sympathize with Senior. Can you imagine bedding down every night with the roughest, toughest, most ruthless Bush of them all, Barbara? He must have lain awake all night waiting for the Red Phone to ring and give him an excuse to deal with something much more pleasant.

Lynne said...

sparkycat, jealousy is sooooo ugly. The Obamas are adored all over the world and we all know it.

Can anyone imagine the Queen of Faux Pas, the lovely Sarah Palin, with the Queen of England?? I can just imagine her winking at her like Bush did, which by the way got Bush an angry stare from her highness.

William of the UK said...

Lynne said...
"sparkycat, jealousy is sooooo ugly. The Obamas are adored all over the world and we all know it"

I was appalled the way Michelle hugged the queen and then handed her a i pod. how ghetto is that? i am an American from Liverpool and disgusted the lack of respect this American president has had for our country. from dvd's to ipods.
I'm an Amrican that's spent the better part of my life in Commonwealth assignments - Michelle Obama's faux pas was not one of friendship but one of familiarity.
The only word that applies is "gauche."

Lynne said...

William of the UK: You are a very sad and twisted individual.

Arthurstone said...

William of the UK projected:

'The only word that applies is "gauche."'

Actually a great many words apply William.

I choose 'warm'.

And the only 'lack of respect this President has had for our (!!??) country', is a product of your over-heated imagination.


Shaw Kenawe said...

William of the UK wrote:

I was appalled the way Michelle hugged the queen and then handed her a i pod. how ghetto is that?

WofUK, I'm going to type this very, very slowly so it will penetrate your willfully thick skull.

The Queen put her arm around Michelle Obama FIRST. This is what Buckingham Palace reported. Now either you're too stupid to read and comprehend, or you're just a run of the mill malcontent, willing to visit blogs and spread rightwing lies.

It ain't gonna work this time, pal, because the facts are out there, and they were put out there by Buckingham Palace.

Your indignation over this non-event is caused by the fact that the Obamas have been well received with unusual personal warmth by Queen Elizabeth. Your ugly contempt for this couple has slammed up against the hard reality that you are most definitely in company with a tiny, disturbed minority that wallows in the putrescence of hate and fear.

For your health and sanity, I suggest that you climb out of the sewer and into the bright sunshine of reality.

dmarks said...

This is a non-issue. The queen is just this lady, ya know. Short of punching her or goosing her, how can anything be "outrageous"?