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Tuesday, January 19, 2010



Like David bringing down Goliath, Brown has done the unimaginable. I hope the Democrats--and I'm talking to you specifically, Martha Coakley--understand what you have done. Coakley ran a lousy, uninspired campaign, appearing entitled and aloof, above going out and earning votes. Mike Capuano would have been the better candidate by far.

I'm sorry, Senator Kennedy, for what they have done to your memory. Shame. Shame. Shame

We'll have to listen to the gleeful crowing of the pundits and trolls for a few weeks, then it'll all settle down.

Barack Obama will still be the president, and the Democrats will still be the majority party in the US Congress.

And maybe they will have learned something.

Congratulations, Massachusetts, for voting in our first porn Senator!*


*(Sarah Palin used the term "porn" to describe the photos that the father of her grandchild posed for in Playgirl Magazine, so it seemed appropriate to use her description here.)


From the "OMG! Did He Really Say That?" Department:

In his acceptance speech last night, Scott Brown embarrasses his daughters and himself:

"In case anyone's wondering out there, yes, they're both available," Brown said to gasps from the crowd and his family. "Only kidding. Only kidding. Arianna is definitely not. But Ayla is."

Nothing says class like trying to auction off your daughters to a mob of drunk teabaggers. If you want to take them out, he'll even let you borrow his truck.
Brown also pledged to honor Ted Kennedy's memory--did that mean that he will fight for health care reform and all of the liberal ideals Kennedy stood for?   We'll be watching Brown to see if he honors his pledge. And what better way to respect the late senator's memory and be his "worthy successor" than to carry on the fight for health care.  Here are Brown's words from last night:

"This special election came about because we lost someone very dear to Massachusetts, and to America. Senator Ted Kennedy was a tireless and big-hearted public servant, and for most of my lifetime was a force like no other in this state. His name will always command the affection and respect by the people of Massachusetts, and the same goes for his wife Vicki. There's no replacing a man like that, but tonight I honor his memory, and I pledge my very best to be a worthy successor."


tnlib said...

I hope the woman is through in politics. This was a headline on Huff Post a little earlier tonight:

"Coakley's Pollster: We Were Hurt By White House Failure to Confront Wall Street"

Already pushing the blame elsewhere.

Shaw Kenawe said...

She will forever be remembered as the candidate who lost it for Ted Kennedy.

She was a terrible candidate.

All is not lost, though.

Hang in there.

Patrick M said...

You didn't post Scott Brown's nudie pics?

If you had, at least you'd have had that to console you. He may be hard to listen to, but at least you could probably tolerate him with the mute button.

Pamela D. Hart said...

Shaw: Because you are MY friend I will keep my personal feelings to myself and my blog; but I will say this to you here: I'm sorry for you because I know how much you admired Senator Kennedy.

TAO said...

According to the latest poll Barack Obama enjoys a 75% positive rating on the number of people who like him as a person...

His policies are favored by only 44%.

THAT basically translates into an overwhelming majority of Americans like Barack Obama and he will be tough to beat in 2012 BUT the democrats as a party have to deal with the fact that they cannot legislate and that is driving down the approval rating of of his policies.

The biggest mistake the democrats made was not keeping Dean as the party chairman...

Its time for Obama to become combative and to start fighting congress....Americans don't want compromise and they don't want bipartisanship...they want CHANGE, they want ACTION....

TRUTH 101 said...

When does this seat come up again Shaw. I can't find out anywhere on Google.

It's Coakley's fault. Nobody elses.

Jim said...

Ah yes, best get the excuses rehearsed for the Nov. debacle to come! ;-)

dmarks said...

Waiting for John Ashcroft to show up to hang a blanket over that statue.

TN said: "Coakley's Pollster: We Were Hurt By White House Failure to Confront Wall Street"

The pollster is finger-pointing, but there is something to what he or she said. Do you know if any of the removed regulations which were a major contributor to the financial meltdown have been re-instated. Last I'd heard, back in October, nothing had been done yet.

Shaw: I remember back in Nov. 8, it was the Republicans who were saying that it wasn't the message, it was the bad campaign/candidate. Now, the Democrats are saying the same sort of thing.