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Thursday, January 14, 2010


He's the Republican candidate running against Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley, the Democrat, in the special election on January 19 to fill the late Senator Ted Kennedy's seat, and he is closing in on Coakley in the polls.

Lots of people call Massachusetts the bluest of the blue states.  But is it?  It is true that in local elections and presidential elections, we consistently vote for the Democrat, but since the 1850s, Massachusetts has had 33 Republican governors and 17 governors from the Democratic PartyWe have also had 15 Republican senators and 9 Democratic senators.  I think Massachusetts is more of a violet than a blue state.  The Mass. state legislature is decidedly blue--local elections--but other than that, we've sent more Republican governors to the State House and the US Senate than we have Democrats.  In 1984 Massachusetts, along with the rest of the country, except Minnesota, helped Ronald W. Reagan win a landslide victory.

Scott Brown may very well become the junior senator from Massachusetts next Tuesday.  No one knows for sure what will happen.

Here is a review of Brown's positions on the relevant political issues set out by Joan Vennochi of the Boston Globe:

He is allegedly for health care reform, except he doesn’t support the historic health care reform legislation that is on the brink of passage in Washington and was Kennedy’s life quest.

He supports Roe v. Wade, except that a prominent anti-abortion advocacy group backs him as a “pro-life vote in the Senate.’’ 

He dispatched his 21-year old daughter to attack Coakley for stating the truth: In 2005, Brown sponsored a legislative amendment that would have allowed medical personnel to deny emergency contraception to rape victims if it “conflicts with a sincerely held religious belief.’’ The amendment didn’t pass, but Brown owned it. It was attached to a bill that he ultimately voted for, which required emergency rooms to provide contraceptives to rape victims. 

Recently, Brown told the Boston Herald that gay marriage “is settled law. People have moved on.’’ Not long ago, though, he wanted to put it up for a referendum. 

Brown bristles at Coakley’s persistent efforts to tie him to the Bush-Cheney years. But, he supports Bush-Cheney policies, from taxes to torture. 

Brown is a lawyer and also a judge advocate general, sworn to uphold the Geneva Conventions, who insists water-boarding is not torture. With that strange argument, he clashes with John McCain, the GOP presidential nominee who endorsed him.

One other thing.  If Brown is elected, he will be the first senator from Massachusetts who posed naked in a national magazine.  Imagine the howls of disapproval had a young Martha Coakley done the same!


TAO said...

A Porn Star in the Senate...and I thought that only happened in Italy...

He seems alot like John Kerry and the philosophy of "...I was for it before I was against it..."

TOM said...

A typical politician.
As the public winds (sentiment) blow, so does his stance on the issues.
I don't mind a porn model as a politician, but he won't have much political strength when he tries to stand behind the typical "family values" of the Republican party.
Of course it probably won't hurt him, nothing new about a Republican hypocrite.
I did see the clip of him making a statement I do agree with. "This is not a Kennedy seat, it is a Senate seat from the State of Massachusetts."

TRUTH 101 said...

At least we get a chance to see what he'll be sticking to us in case he wins.

Pamela D. Hart said...

Whoa! Eye-candy for the Senate!

Tom: I like the "It's the People's seat" comment, too. That's why I wrote a post on it.

Although, I have a boring video, NOT a pic like THIS!

My bad...

dmarks said...

" but he won't have much political strength when he tries to stand behind the typical "family values" of the Republican party."

That would depend on how he has treated his family and all, not on photos.

TOM said...

Is porn now acceptable to Republicans? It hasn't been for as long as I have been around.

TRUTH 101 said...

Naked people are fine with republicans as long as they say they're pro life and for lower taxes and less government.

Of course they don't have to mean any of that stuff. Just be good at saying it.

TRUTH 101 said...

How dirty can I get with this thing Shaw?

Shaw Kenawe said...


Go for it.

Brown is, without a doubt, one hot Republican stud. The GOPers seem to go for pretty faces and hot bodies over brains. LOL!

Pamela D. Hart said...

Naked people are fine with republicans as long as they say they're pro life and for lower taxes and less government.

Truth: Think about it. You have to be NAKED and ALIVE to do Porn and those pesky taxes and government laws just hinder those good old-fashioned industries.

TRUTH 101 said...

You and Pamela are quite enamored with that dudes naked pic. You naughty, naughty girls. Perhaps you two need a good "spanking."

Yes. A gooooooooooooood spanking.

Pamela D. Hart said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Pamela D. Hart said...

Truth: Will it be performed by Scott Brown...shirtless?