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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sunday Fun Blog

Opera Diva, Renee Fleming, sings David Letterman's Top Ten List:


FreeThinke said...

WItty! Funny! Brilliant! Beautiful!

Adjectives that all apply perfectly to Renee Fleming

... I do not really care whom they push
As long as it is not a another Bush"

stood out as the most memorable.

Letterman, of course, doesn't really get it. High culture -- or even gentle mockery thereof -- is definitely not his forte, but even so he was a pretty good sport. Both of them took it all in stride like the great professionals they are.

Fleming, who must be in her fifties by now, is in amazingly good voice -- and ain't she purty?

Rational Nation USA said...

Delightful, entertaining, as well as funny at times.

Yes, perhaps the best was... "I do not really care whom they push as long as it is not a another Bush"

And Free Thinke, Renee Fleming can, to paraphrase the French mother of an ex girlfriend, "put her shoes under my bed anytime!"

On that note I did you all a farewell. Tomorrow is another day before the shutdown of Leviathan.